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Aftermath is a miniatures and fortifications pack for the zombie board game Zpocalypse and miniature enthusiasts.
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Dice Tower Review and Hospital Zombie update

Posted by Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games (Creator)


Direct from the Dice Tower with the Chief comes a review of our game. Our favorite quote was "This game to me comes out a little bit Darker. This to me feels more like what a real zombie apocalypse would be!"

For anyone that might have missed our previous review from Undead Viking we also wanted to give you one of our favorite quotes from there. "Its a wonderfully tense and exciting experience. I can't recommend it enough if you are a thematic game lover, if you like tactical combat, if you like immersive storylines, and if you totally dig zombies. This is a must buy."

Hospital Zombies Update:

Ricky finished a new concept sketch last night of a Zombie female patient. We are really excited for this set of zombies and hope we can rally during these last few days so we can unlock them!

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    1. Steve R. Bullock on

      How about a zombie wearing corrective footwear?
      : )

    2. Harvey Blunderfield on

      A torso only zombie in a wheel chairs sounds quite amusing

    3. Arsonor

      I think a wheelchair zombie would just flop out and be a crawling zombie.

    4. Steve R. Bullock on

      @ Andrew
      Perhaps a zombie in a wheel chair? Or on crutches?

    5. Arsonor

      @Andrew - perhaps if the zombie had 1 foot broken off or broken at the ankle and dragging behind her?

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tran on

      @cameron I like my apocalyptic horrors to be as plausible as possible. If a zombie has a broken leg or severed leg muscles, I expect it to be limping with unerring determination towards a victim to feast on while completely ignoring any pain or exhaustion it would experience if it were living. Why have limping or shambling zombies at all if they can just ignore physics by moving without muscles?

    7. Roeland on

      The artwork is so sweet that were they not so gruesome and undisplayable I would want to buy them to frame them. Artwork add-on book anyone?

    8. Jacob Green on

      Please god.. let us reach 155,000 Goal.. and when i play, i will be attacked by these amazing/scary looking zombies. :P the drawing look amazing btw.

    9. Jamie on

      @cameron, maybe she is walking like an amputee would on erm 'fake legs' forget the right name for them now.

    10. Harvey Blunderfield on

      The dead have risen to terrorize the living and your concerned about how they can stand without calves? When the Zpocalypse comes, I will pray for you.

    11. Steve R. Bullock on

      I will paint mine wearing nothing but slippers and hospital gown. ; )

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tran on

      I'm really hoping we can reach that hospital pack stretch goal. We're gonna need more publicity in order grab some more new backer support.

      No offense, but I'm not really feeling the female patient concept art. Body posture looks silly and awkward (not in a good way), and how is she standing upright with both calves chewed to the bone?

    13. Arsonor

      I want hospital zombies!

    14. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      Why should I play Zpocalypse if it is not DARK ? This is what I love about this game. If I only want killing zombies, I could just play ZOMBIES !!!