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The GreenAdvisor app will empower consumers to pressure businesses and institutions to be greener and to reward those that already are.

The GreenAdvisor app will empower consumers to pressure businesses and institutions to be greener and to reward those that already are. Read More
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Michele Orzan
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Michele Orzan

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About this project

GreenAdvisor will be an innovative, socially-driven mobile and web-based application that will help protect the global environment by empowering consumers across the world to directly pressure businesses and organizations to operate in a more eco-friendly manner.

This is a first-of-its-kind application. Until now, consumers have not been able to exert sufficient pressure on businesses to influence them to act more responsibly. However, there is power in numbers and GreenAdvisor can unite people around a shared interest in a cleaner planet. Its simple design is intended to galvanize those who have never taken environmental action before.

With GreenAdvisor, users will be able to:

  • Find and patronize businesses and organizations which act in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Instantly locate any business or organization that has already been rated, either good or bad.
  • Rate the green performance of businesses and organizations to pressure and incentivize them to act greener.
  • Hold businesses and organizations accountable if they fail to live up to their green potential.

By mobilizing large numbers of people to “vote with their feet and wallets”, GreenAdvisor will reshape the way consumers can influence businesses to act greener. GreenAdvisor seeks to democratize the green movement in much the same way that TripAdvisor has democratized the travel industry. Hence the name.

GreenAdvisor will position consumers to rate businesses according to the following types of indicators:

How GreenAdvisor works 


As you will notice, we have carefully designed our Rewards in the spirit of the GreenAdvisor project. They are crafted to have a minimal impact on the environment.

About us

GreenAdvisor is being built by GREENWILL — a non-profit, environmental initiative with presence in more than 100 countries.

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Michele Orzan

Michele Orzan is a former Italian entrepreneur with an eclectic past that blended business, political science & economics. His love for sustainability led him to found GREENWILL, the worldwide nonprofit movement for a green globe. He is the president of EuCham - European Chamber and the head of the Advisory Board of JEUNE - Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, besides being involved in the NGO, nonprofit and social business world. Realizing that individuals were not having enough power in rewarding or sanctioning organizations, with his eco-social mindset Michele designed GreenAdvisor, envisioning critical competition between eco-friendly companies :)

Tom Norring

Tom Nørring is the Danish Ambassador to Hungary. Prior, he served as the Danish Ambassador to Greece, where he initiated the Green Embassy movement which was adopted by embassies of Denmark worldwide. He is a passionate supporter of environmental causes, sits on the GREENWILL Board, and helps GreenAdvisor with its knowledge of environmental impact strategy of nordic countries in general and especially with his country's known green approach, acknowledged worldwide: creating a green and sustainable society is one of the key goals for Denmark.

Kenty Richardson

Kenty Richardson is the Director for International Relations and Strategic Development at the Regional Environmental Center - - an international organization established in 1990 by the United States, the European Commission and Hungary, now with the governments of 30 countries as members. Prior, he led the Department in charge of the environment within the Catalan Government for more than 15 years. He was founder and chair of Natura Foundation (now AccioNatura) working in the field of biodiversity and corporate social responsibility. He is on the GREENWILL Board and serves as an environmental advisor to GreenAdvisor.

Tiberius Soltesz

Tiberius Soltesz grew up in Sweden where he studied Political Science and has a Master’s degree in Economics. After working as a trade commissioner for The Swedish Trade Council he joined Kinnarps, Europe's biggest supplier of office furniture. He helped start 3 foreign subsidiaries of Kinnarps and is now the country manager of Kinnarps Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Tiberius, a key member of the GREENWILL Board, is strongly committed to develop green sustainable practices in the business world.

Scott Abrams

Scott is an American writer, consultant and entrepreneur. He is an expert in strategic planning, communications and business development. Scott currently works as a consultant to international organizations, is a published author and director of GREENWILL.

An international team


GreenAdvisor will be a social enterprise, an organization that applies market strategies to maximize improvements in environmental well-being, maximizing social impact rather than profits. That's why, in order to maintain its independence and neutrality, everyone's contribution is precious and valuable.

€50,000 - GreenAdvisor can begin testing the application in more and more cities

€100,000 - Will allow GreenAdvisor to setup and maintain a high-profile verification system and hire initial dedicated staff. A more robust awareness raising campaign will increase the platform’s overall impact.

€250,000 - Will also enable the full development of the GreenAdvisor app and its web version, and its launch on multiple platforms besides iOS and Android.

€500,000 - Allowing GreenAdvisor to hire a professional, international staff, operate the platform in world's major languages, offer first-class user support service, and have local representation across all continents.

€1,000,000 - It will also enable GreenAdvisor to quickly expand to cover the entire world for absolute maximum impact.

Delivery schedule

GREENWILL will build, test and launch the beta-prototype version of the GreenAdvisor platform, upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign. The initial funds would be allocated for programming, design, testing, database purchases and some basic preliminary marketing in a pilot city.

The approximate schedule is:

  • Programming and development: 8 months
  • Testing: 1 month
  • Initial marketing in a pilot city: 3 months

Total time: 12 months

Additional notes:

As GreenAdvisor grows, GREENWILL will preserve a majority share in the platform to ensure its mission — the proliferation of environmental sustainability — remains constant. We aspire to propel GreenAdvisor towards becoming a staple resource for consumers the world over. Whether it remains a stand-alone platform or merges with other existing platforms in the future is an open question. GREENWILL’s sole interest is to maximize the environmental potential of GreenAdvisor.

More information

1. We can rate what we see, but how do we know what’s happening behind the scenes?

There is almost always something that can be reviewed (e.g. the use of LED lights, climate control, recycling facilities, the presence of a Green Policy, etc.). Sometimes consumers will be armed with a lot of ‘evidence’, and other times less so. Employees can also anonymously report back using the platform with an insider’s perspective.

2. Can any business or organization be rated?

Yes. Regardless of whether it wants to be rated or not. We also hope that more and more responsible businesses will suggest that their clients rate them, showing their commitment for a healthier world.

3. Will GreenAdvisor be free?

Absolutely. 100% free, nonprofit and socially-driven.

4. Can users upload attachments / pictures to support their review?

Of course.

5. Let's say I have a company and I want to be more competitive in my sector, couldn’t I just give my competition bad reviews all day long?

No. To prevent cases like this, we will introduce algorithms and safety measures preventing abuses and reducing malicious activities.

6. ...but let’s say I once rated a specific business negatively, however, they recently made a lot of changes and are now much greener. Will I be able to rate them a second time?

Yes, this is possible. Our system will only prevent mass reviews.

7. Will GreenAdvisor be connected to other social media sites?

Sure, users will have the option to instantly share their reviews via Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms.

8. Can I use the application offline?

You will be able to use most features of the application even when you are offline. However, the reviews or any other modification you make will go online when you are connected to the internet.

9. Will users be able to interact, e.g. ask questions, provide comments and suggestions, with the location owners/management?


10. I am a business owner, can I introduce my own business to be rated?

Yes. You can create a profile for your company, but you will not be able to review your own enterprise.

11. I just went to my favourite business. I would like to help them to be greener. Will I be able to share some tips with them on GreenAdvisor so that they can improve themselves?

Definitely! In fact, this is one of the best features: businesses will be able to see your suggestions and use them.

Campaign launched with the help of Crowdfunder

Risks and challenges

GreenAdvisor is presently in its conceptual and design phase. With your help we can collectively build and deploy this world-changing tool. The biggest challenge is to collect enough support, financial and technical, to build a good platform.

GreenAdvisor will allow consumers to offer their perceptions of how eco-friendly businesses, products and services are. Nobody will want to be ranked last, or near the bottom, in their category. This will push them to improve environmental practices. Customers, employees, partners and anyone else will be able to rate the business using GreenAdvisor. We recognize, as with all socially-driven review platforms, perceptions will vary and are imperfect. We trust that the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ will speak with a clear and loud voice:

Furthermore, we are aware that GreenAdvisor can only exploit its full potential by reaching the critical mass of users. We will engage green enthusiast (members of WWF, Greenpeace and all other environmental organizations) bringing them in as early adopters, in order to start rating and building the necessary database.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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