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Rule Book Revision Coming Soon!

Posted by Gray Wolf Games (Creator)

Hey folks!

It has been a while and I just wanted to give you a quick update. I've been doing some testing and reworking of Wu Wei: Journey of the Changing Path. This has been a very difficult process and something akin to pulling teeth. Everything has been reduced and simplified. Precious broken mechanics have been abandoned. With the exception of the randomly generated board, all random elements have been removed from the game leaving a sleek strategic challenge. 

I'm gearing up to do a ton of play testing but for the first time in a long time I'm feeling very confident that the game is ready to roll. I am currently working on a revised version of the illustrated rule book but I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the upcoming changes. Thanks for your patience. This has been a long process but I think it has ultimately been worth it to make the best game possible.




1. Reduce levels to Disciple (2-5 players), Master (2-5 players), and Emperor (3-6 players) -- cut Initiate and Founder Levels  

2. Disciples now need to get 1 of each animal in any order you want (numbers on animal cards eliminated)  

3. Reduce element and direction cards to 5 each.That's now a total of 14 cards for all the circle, square, and triangle decks.  

4. Reveal all square tiles at the beginning of the game.

5. Add three additional square tiles (1 double-sided square, circle, and triangle) to place above each deck to show which tile affects each deck.  

6. Make the square tile the temple and the triangle the palace (switch the shapes because the player pieces look better starting on the square spots and it makes more intuitive sense)  

7. When a player goes to a circle, they change the active element to the element that they landed on (rather than a random element as before).  

8. Players must go to the triangle space matching the color of the direction they want to put a wall. As soon as a palace has been used to build a wall it cannot be used again until another palace has been activated (this helps to avoid abusing one direction to block in a player or mess with the emperor).  

9. Change Animal Cards from Poker Cards to Mini Cards (to distinguish from the Town, Temple, Palace cards.)  

10. Give each animal card a special power (costs 3 chi of the current element to use each power once per game)
a. Snake (octagon symbol) - Pass through one wall space (rather than destroying it)
b. Dragon (square symbol) - Immediately go to a specific temple as one move
c. Tiger (triangle symbol) - Immediately go to a specific palace as one move
d. Leopard (circle symbol) - Immediately go to a Town matching a specified element as one move
e. Crane (yin & yang symbol) - Immediately go to either Yin & Yang tile as one move

11. When receiving the Dragon, Tiger, or Leopard cards, you may choose from the available elements. This ability to choose removes every random element from the game.  

12. During gatherings you can only use chi from the current element (alchemy is allowed). The gatherings are a sharing of chi. The player that shares the most chooses the next first player.  

13. Cut the player mats/player screens  

14. Players no longer receive chi on octagon terrains  

15. MASTER LEVEL RULES: Rather than rolling Lineage Markers every turn, Masters receive 3 chi of their native element at the end of each turn. The numbers will be removed from the 4-sided dice and replaced with animals like the player markers.  

16. MASTER LEVEL RULES: When a master loses a lineage marker, it must be placed on the corresponding triangle spot (the masters start on the square spots and the lost lineage is now on the triangle spot). The narrative is that the master somehow lost the lineage and must go and reclaim it from the fancy palace school and return it to its roots in the modest temple.  

17. MASTER LEVEL RULES: Pushing and pulling has been simplified. You can push characters of the same rank and pull characters of a different rank. 3 chi is required to push/pull. If a player doesn't resist, they receive whatever chi is spent by the aggressor. If the player resists or the other piece is a non-player or you control the other piece, all chi in the exchange is spent.  

18. EMPEROR LEVEL RULES: The Emperor only appears in the Emperor level and will have the option to select negatively or positively charged Generals or an Empress. This allows for more variety in tactics for the Emperor.  

19. EMPEROR LEVEL RULES: Generals can conscript players. Negative Generals remove Lineage Markers from Masters. Positive Generals steal cards from Disciples.

20. EMPEROR LEVEL RULES: With all the new animal powers, the balance must be changed for the Emperor. Towers cannot be destroyed (this makes the Emperor always a threat).  

21. EMPEROR LEVEL RULES: Reduce towers from 5 to 4 (I only had 5 for crazy numerology reasons)

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    1. Gray Wolf Games 2-time creator on

      Hey Jerry!

      The core mechanics for movement, etc. have not changed. The cards and added powers have only refined the game.


    2. JKP

      Starting to fear that this won't be the same game I fell in love with.