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£3,483 pledged of £120,000 goal
By Punchbag Entertainment
£3,483 pledged of £120,000 goal

Looking to the Future


Hi everybody!

Jun and I have discussed it and we've decided to postpone the Kickstarter for now.  It's a shame because we really wanted to start full time development right away, but we're just not getting the exposure we need - despite everybody's best efforts.

It's not a gloomy outcome, though, as we've learned and gained a lot and haven't lost anything to the process. Thank you to everybody who gave us feedback one way or another and an even bigger thanks to those who pledged. Whether it be the mountains of positive or the small portion of critical, nearly all of the feedback was constructive and we truly appreciate that!

What We Did Right

The game - We really felt like we had a good thing with Gravia... Now we know it! The feedback, enthusiasm and interest we've received throughout the campaign has been really inspiring. We're honestly so grateful to you all. Thank you so much!

The Kickstarter Page - We're proud of the page and the great feedback we got. Thank you all!

The honesty - This is a big one for us, we wore our hearts on our sleeves and everybody made us feel really glad that we did. We're lucky to have met some of the most awesome people the internet has to offer.

What We Missed

A Demo - We should have released a demo of the game alongside the Kickstarter. We didn't, because it hasn't been robustly tested on multiple systems and we didn't have the time to perform that kind of Quality Control, but we should have found a way. A demo would have put us on Let's Play streams, more news sites would have picked us up and you - our amazing and growing community - would have had something tangible to get even more excited about!

Handheld Support - We see PC, Mac and Linux as our first targets. We've always wanted to play a game like Gravia on a HD monitor using a mouse! What we didn't anticipate is just how enthusiastic people are about playing tactical games on their handheld consoles like the Vita. Quite a few of you got in touch telling us the Vita should be a stretch goal. We've definitely heard you, and we've planned accordingly.

The Big Idea

So that brings us to the exciting bit, how we're moving forward!

Well, the first thing we're doing is migrating from our custom engine over to Unity 3D. There's a lot yet to build in our custom engine that Unity already does out of the box (cross-platform [including Vita!], great hardware compatibility, etc.) and we'd really rather be building gameplay than technical support. Gravia is written as carefully abstracted modules in C#, so a lot of the code will directly port into Unity without needing extra work. We've already re-constructed the basic elements of the battle demo in only a couple of days!

Straight after migrating to Unity we'll be working full steam on a feature rich battle demo which will be available to all for free. Then, we'll be creating a page that lets you play the demo and give us feedback, we really want to hear your thoughts about it!

After this feedback phase we have our eyes on a Greenlight campaign built around the playable demo and then a potential return to Kickstarter.

Thank so much you to everybody who took the time to get in touch and tell us how you feel about the project. You've helped fuel and focus our efforts and we literally couldn't be more grateful.

If you aren't already then follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to stay tuned into what we're up to and to get your hands on that demo as soon as it's ready. Be sure to hit us up in the comments section below if you have any questions! 

Thanks so much everyone!

Steve Lillis


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    1. Punchbag Entertainment Creator on

      @Joshua No worries, this is a turning point rather than an end :)

      That's a great idea regarding development videos. We'll come up with some cool ideas!

    2. Joshua Hubert on

      sorry that it didn't work out guys.

      Also another thing you can do to get the more exposure to the game, is to do some videos about the game's development.