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A game for 1-4 players blending retro run-and-gun gameplay with roguelike elements. (PC/Mac/Linux/WiiU)
A game for 1-4 players blending retro run-and-gun gameplay with roguelike elements. (PC/Mac/Linux/WiiU)
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    1. Paul Zakrzewski on

      Thanks for the clarification. From what I understand - if I don't want to wait - any more that I've been waiting (your promised delivery was August 2015) I can buy "early" on Steam. Kickstarter is a risk, I and others took that risk - what you are saying is that we can take another risk by buying another copy. Versus you delivering what you promised in reality late - but "early".

      Let's move on - please clarify this:

      "Let's talk about $20, $25, and $30 tiers - these generous folk have paid more than what you will be charging for early access (19.99) and still not able to play. " Please clarify - either charge Steam for Early Access $35 or give those folk codes. What's the logic here? Is it - we don't want to screw up our Early Access launch by charging $35 - but for some reason we don't want to deliver codes (which you get any requested amount from Steam - free of charge - for those who aren't aware) to those who paid a higher price.

    2. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      To clarify. I never asked you to buy the game on Early Access. I only meant to suggest that if you don't want to wait, you have that option and that your KS rewards such as the skin would transfer over. Other backers may have a similar question so I wanted to make sure that was covered.

    3. Paul Zakrzewski on

      Let's forget about me for a second - I backed at the $15 tier.

      Let's talk about $20, $25, and $30 tiers - these generous folk have paid more than what you will be charging for early access (19.99) and still not able to play.

      Now - neither me nor you know what the $35 plus folk think - so why not ask them. If they say that their contributions would be devalued - then I'll drop my argument. But I somehow doubt that.

      I've backed many projects and been a project creator. In my first project - I was in a similar situation and chose to send out Early Access keys to all "get the game" backers. No higher tier backers complained - backers want the game to succeed but more importantly to be treated with respect. Asking to rebuy the game to play it early - while having it backed early isn't respectful, some may chose to do that, but asking of it is innapropriate- in my opinion.

    4. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Paul,

      I have backed several Kickstarters below the Early Access tier and ended up buying the game on Early Access when it became available as a further show of support for the developers. I was so excited to play Darkest Dungeon, that I ended up buying it on EA and giving away my launch key to my brother. You could do similar, and it would help us continue funding the development of the rest of the game, and end up giving your launch key to a friend. (Your Kickstarter special rewards/skin will be redeemable seperately, so no worries there). I'm sorry you feel mistreated, but there are many backers who paid extra for early access, and it would be a "slap in the face" to devalue their contribution as well. I hope you can understand the situation this puts us in as developers. Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

      Matt D.

    5. Paul Zakrzewski on

      Ask yourself how you would want to be treated - and treat your customers the same way.

      You didn't anticipate the year delay - it happens and most likely a large percentage of that was outside of your control. What is up to you is how you handle Early Access. Give Steam keys to every backer that pledged at the get a game tier - and have a larger player/tester/feedback base - to be better prepared for launch.

    6. Paul Zakrzewski on

      So as a reward for backing early and waiting nearly an extra year - those of us who didn't pledge at the alpha tier (the majority of your backers) get to wait while new comers can buy the game on Steam's Early Access...

      That sounds a bit of a slap in the face rather than a thanks.

      I'm only saying this because I've been looking forward to this game for a while - and was happy about you getting things going - now finding out I have to wait some more.

    7. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      @epmode thanks for the links! We will certainly give them a look. And thanks for being so cool and understanding! We certainly have the best community of supporters out there!

    8. epmode on

      I understand the position you're in. The revenue from an Early Access release will be useful and you're tying not to burn backers that spent $35 for alpha access. ..but I'm disappointed in the decision to keep publicly available Steam keys from backers until the game leaves Early Access.

      I've seen two other Kickstarter campaigns handle the same situation differently:

      -Divinity: Original Sin provided Early Access keys for all backers even though betas and alphas were only promised to those that paid $95 or more. Larian discussed their decision here:

      -Elite: Dangerous had publicly available alphas and betas but they were always priced to match what their upper-tier Kickstarter backers paid during their Kickstarter campaign.

      I prefer Divinity's method but both options make more sense than keeping your earliest supporters out of an open Early Access period.

    9. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      @epmode Yes, it will be available to non-backers for $19.99 on July 20. So your buddies can join the fight even if they weren't backers.

      What those non-backer players won't get is the other KS perks such as the Backer Bundle (which comes with the exclusive KS Jumper skin) chance to name a jumper, game credit, among other things.

    10. epmode on

      OK, will the Early Access version be available to non-backers? If so, how much will it cost?

    11. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      @ iqSoup - HELL YES! THANKS!

      @epmode - $20 GAME + BACKER BUNDLE backers will get their key when the game is fully released later this year. EARLY ACCESS KEYS will come to ALPHA ACCESS TIER which is $35 and above.

      Thanks for your continued support, everyone!

    12. iqSoup on

      Awesome update! I can't wait! Things are looking really outstanding! I'll be playing the crap out of this on July 20th!!!

    13. epmode on

      I'm a little confused. Will those of us at, say, the $20 tier get a Steam key when Hive Jump is up on Steam Early Access?