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A game for 1-4 players blending retro run-and-gun gameplay with roguelike elements. (PC/Mac/Linux/WiiU)
A game for 1-4 players blending retro run-and-gun gameplay with roguelike elements. (PC/Mac/Linux/WiiU)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Florian on

      So I backed this including alpha and I will only be able to play it on a decent OS, i.e. Linux some time (long?) after EA release? meh

    2. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Tyler, please send us an e-mail at if you want to switch platform. Please include your name, e-mail address linked to kickstarter, and how many keys you want on which platforms. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hunter on

      Since the Wii U version won't have multiplayer.... Am I able to switch to Steam? I feel like there was something early on where we had to pick our version, but I might be confusing this with another project.

      Not to mention I've moved since initially backing the project and it works a little better now to game on my PC than the Wii U.

    4. Michael Reichelt on

      Thanks for getting back to me and answering my question! I remain excited to play the final game in local co-op with my friends.

    5. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Unfortunately we can't gift copies across platforms. It gets pretty complicated because the platform holders want their cut of each sale on their particular store, etc...

      We've sent you a direct message with some options for your particular pledge level, etc...

      Thanks for your continued support!

      Matt D.

    6. Rodrigo Cardoso Rocha on

      I plan to get my copy on Wii U, but I would love to test the Early Access Mac version when that is available, is that possible?

    7. iqSoup on

      Awesome update! I'm very excited for Steam early access! Keep up the great work!

    8. Zane

      The online is minor to me since the WiiU has been all about local coop for me. It's our go to console for get togethers and I can't wait to add this to our game rotation.

    9. Marc Woeckener on

      While online play on Wii U isn't happening, I'm still very much looking forward to the exclusive features in that version of the game. I do appreciate the explanation as to why it wasn't feasible for you guys, and who knows? Maybe I'll get it on Steam later to play with my friends anyhow. Looking forward to the Alpha and the launch of the game!

    10. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael,

      There are no planned Steam Workshop features at this time. We were at one time considering a level editor, but the design constraints necessary to create modules for our procedural generation system make creating levels an exceedingly painstaking and time-consuming task. At this time we don't plan to pursue a feature like this, or any other Workshop-related feature. If this changes in the future, we will let you know.

      As far as content updates goes, there is a possibility that we could release additional player skins or even environments and bosses in the future, and we would attempt to replicate those content additions across all platforms as either free or paid DLC. Since we haven't proven out those pipelines yet however, we can't say for sure. I hope you understand why we can't make a firm commitment on that yet.

    11. Laurent Mercadal on

      Yes I followed the project and I perfectly understand the reasons that there was no online mode on the Wii U Version
      But I am disappointed like many involved in the project.

      I will gladly play on Wii U because it is very interesting to me but you lose my support for your next projects, sorry.

    12. Josh Wise on

      As a Wii U owner, I personally don't mind about the lack of online multiplayer. Local multiplayer is the best way to go for this game on the system. Can't wait to try out the Early Access in July!

    13. Michael Reichelt on

      Hive Jump has always seemed like a local co-op game to me anyhow, so I'm not terribly disappointed by the Wii U's lack of online multiplayer and I'm quite pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Amiibo support. However, I'm curious as to the likelihood of updates after the Wii U version's release. I don't want to pick the Wii U version only to have a cool PC only content patch come out 6-12 months later. The struggle to pick which version I want is real.

      Related: do you have Steam workshop support planned?

    14. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Laurent,

      I'm sorry you feel your trust has been misplaced. We tried to be as honest as possible about the risks of development during the Kickstarter campaign. We even had a special FAQ answer regarding Online Multiplayer on the Wii U which specified that there were many details to work out and that we couldn't guarantee the inclusion of Online Multiplayer on the Wii U. You can see our initial comment by checking out that FAQ section or here:

      Again we're sincerely sorry if you feel your trust has been betrayed, and we're open to hearing ideas for how we could be more transparent in the future. Your support means a lot to us.

    15. Laurent Mercadal on

      Same very disappointed with the promise of Graphite Lab on the Wii U version...
      I have known I have not participated in the financing of the game and expected it to be on steam :/

      Such very disappointed with the promise of Graphite Lab on the Wii U version of ... I have known I have not participated in the financing of the game and expected it to be on steam ...

      I'll take it anyway on Wii U for the single player mode but with great disappointment on the trust of your studio in the future.

    16. Graphite Lab 2-time creator on

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your thoughtful response. We are bummed about having to make that determination about WiiU multiplayer too, but there are certain time/economic realities we can't avoid as a small indie studio. Thank you for your understanding on the matter.

      I'm happy to say we've also made great strides in making the single player experience a lot more balanced and fun as well. For instance, in single-player mode the backpack enters a hover-mode when the player dies, allowing them to re-position the backpack to avoid hazards or enemy fire while waiting to re-spawn. This solved a big issue with player-agency we were having in single-player mode.

      We will continue improving and refining the game throughout the Early Access period and we think the game will be a real blast by the time it is ready for launch on Wii U. Thanks again for all your support.

    17. Michael St. George Matatics

      Rats! No online for Wii U? I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles, eh? Make no mistake, I'm still getting this version, but I'm bummed out about the lack of multi-player opportunities (local co-op is not something I can achieve so often these days, what with how busy everyone I know is.) Still going to play the living daylights out of this game and enjoy it thoroughly, but I am a tad depressed by this final evaluation.