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An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
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    1. GrapeOcean Technologies Creator on

      @Vocarin: We’re glad you’ve enjoyed the character reveals and the lore update!
      You’re right, every one of these companion NPCs is generally “good.” We’ve made a design choice to avoid explicit alignments, though there are certainly “evil” companions as well. In fact, the upcoming gameplay video will include one such companion (who we didn’t reveal in the update). Many NPC companions can and will start to act differently depending on choices the player makes, both in the world at large and during some NPC’s personal questlines. For example, Helgenhar, detailed above, may begin to act differently depending on whether the player is able to help him find a solution to the rising tension within his clan. And many characters (companions included) will begin to act differently as the curse of greed takes hold.

    2. Vocarin on

      Awesome to see this update. The concept art and execution of the lore documents like the herbalist's guide have made huge progress since this project first launched, and I can't wait to see the end result - if it displays the same care and attention as these updates do, it'll be one to remember.

      I love the reveals of the characters thus far. The lore on the different races and classes here and on the main website are fascinating, and here you have made each companion a clear result of their origins rather than just being a placeholder. Siracca's refusal to wear jewelry of any kind is great roleplaying for her character, rather than being a gimmick, and Bjalla's personality driving her skills as a spellweaver are all dead on. I can't wait to see who else joins the cast, but on that topic, I have a question. Each of the characters here arguably have a "good" alignment and would be ideal for a character playing in that way, but each of them also have their flaws. Will there be "evil" and "neutral" companions as well? And will they also have traits that allow for a shift in their alignment? Because everyone having flaws, and perhaps those flaws always having to be mitigated or they risk serious problems later, is a brilliant design decision. It would be enormously interesting to see a cast of the "good" guys struggle due to their serious flaws, especially in the face of who and what they are going up against - one doesn't defy a demon goddess and fight her servants without consequence.

      I look very forward to the next update, and I can't wait to play this. Thank you for your hard work!

    3. Missing avatar

      JediExile90 on

      Looking forward to what comes next. Hope you guys are progressing well. All the best :)

    4. Roman Domansky on

      This update has reawakened my interest in your brainchild. I'm all in this project. Overcome all obstacles and hardships, brothers! I believe in you!

    5. Yngvi on

      Not trying to be TOO greedy, but I'm holding my breathe here...

    6. Antonio Galan on

      Nice update. Danke

    7. Missing avatar

      Lief on

      Finally a good update.
      Try to make them more often.

    8. Doge on

      Thanks for the update! The companions are really interesting and the art is great, I can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us.

    9. Shane W. on

      Killer update! Love the concept art for the Rillow!

    10. Kamigoroshi on

      Bit of a shame that the Rillow ain't a beast race. Got have to admit that I did rooted for them to at least get a trunk and maybe thick, elephant-like legs coplet with some girth.

      Still, they are destinguishable enough as they are. Especially love how the cheek bones penetrate the skin to resemble tusks. Can they also waggle with their droopy ears? 😉