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An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
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A few game songs

Posted by GrapeOcean Technologies (Creator)

Here is a music mix from the OST of Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. (Don't forget we have a soundtrack Add-On for €7!) The mix includes clips from the following songs:

 • A Peaceful and Prosperous Land / The Vineyard (full song from 0:00)
 • In the Wilderness at Night / Night Wandering (clip from 3:00)
 • The Red Damsel / Tavern (clip from 3:16)
 • Temple of Alnarius (clip from 3:36)
 • Knights of Isilbright / Carnival (full song from 3:49)

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    1. GrapeOcean Technologies Creator on

      @JonSnowIsAlive: clips were taken from the game, so the footsteps and other sounds you may hear are not present in the Digital Soundtrack add-on/reward of the game. The mix only contains two full songs, these are final: The Vineyard, and The Knights of Isilbright.

    2. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      @GrapeOcean Technologies : Had not noticed you added the time marks next to the songs. Thanks!

      For those interested, the full song "Vineyard" song can be ripped by trimming the complete clip from 0 to 180.25 seconds (using any free online audio trimmer). Cheers!

    3. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      I've been listening to this excerpt in a loop for a pretty long ass time now. Just for kicks I decided to listen to it using my Bose headset which offers 10000 times the sound quality my laptop natively offers. During the "In the Wilderness at Night" song, I couldn't help but notice sounds of footsteps, or something very close to it. Is this by design? Is it so we're constantly on our guard expecting someone to "walk on us"?

    4. Antonio Galan on

      Nice songs. Keep going

    5. GrapeOcean Technologies Creator on

      @JonSnowIsAlive: yes, you will be able to set volume levels (music, sound effects, speech etc.) in game options. Regarding the Vineyard song, we will release that in standalone form in June.

    6. Steve Ryhn on

      Good soundtrack all around - my favorite was the tavern music. It immediately conjured images of a fun place, with potential quests just waiting to happen! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      @GrapeOcean Technologies : Could you realease a single, full version "A Peaceful and Prosperous Land"? I'd VERY MUCH like to use it as a study music. Surely you won't deny a man and student some piece of zen calm :)

    8. Mevy on

      I like Medieval music, this sounds very fitting to the game, my favorite from these was "Knights of Isilbright / Carnival" theme, that one had a very medieval "market / town / carnival" feel to it. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      Will the game include a sound mixer where you'll be able to set different volume levels for Voice/Movies/Ambient Sound/Etc.?

    10. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      @Valkor : True that! Totally agree with you.

    11. Valkor on

      A Peaceful and Prosperous Land / The Vineyard is a masterpiece!

    12. Logan on

      Really enjoying the style shown in these clips

    13. Missing avatar

      JonSnowIsAlive on

      Those songs are very nice, kuddos to the music composer! The piece "The Red Damsel" somehow feels a bit upsetting to me, though, as I recall, the Red Damsel is a tavern which is by definition a noisy place which unnerves me IRL, so that's in part on me and not wholly on shoulders of the composer. All in all, let me state it again, this is very nice!

    14. Doge on

      The soundtrack is shaping up to be truly one of a kind, I'm glad it isn't just generic fantasy music and it sounds like you're actually putting a lot of love into it
      You're giving us a good mix, I love it
      Great work everyone! I'm looking forward to future updates!