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An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
An isometric, party-based, real-time with pause RPG in a world infested by greed and envy. Coming to PC, Mac & Linux on GOG and Steam.
3,467 backers pledged €108,837 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Steve Ryhn on

      Really looking forward to the powder mechanic and the drying options. I loved Herbalism in WoW, and think this is a great idea for an RPG!

      Combat should be a lot of fun with multiple ways to engage the enemies!

    2. Unlikely Heroes Studios on

      Oh wow, I'd backed based on the Kickstarter trailer, but this is freaking awesome. The pause feature and the tactics involved really take this up another notch. YES!

      Also, now I'm probably going to have to buy Tower of Time while I wait for you guys to finish the game, because it looks great, too! I love that it has puzzles. O.O

    3. Bob Salley

      Oh wow, the Tower of Time looks awesome too!

    4. Bob Salley

      This looks amazing! Looking forward to getting more into this as I have left gaming world awhile ago... this looks like a great way to get back in! Keep it up!

    5. Logan on

      Watching this got me to back the game!

    6. GrapeOcean Technologies Creator on

      @afrostewie: when you target an enemy with your character, the red circle gets thicker around the enemy and its pattern changes slightly as well. Regarding more improved highlights (including AoE targets), we will add them to the final release for sure.
      A general reminder to all of us (not just to you :-)): Black Geyser development is close to the finish line, but haven't yet crossed it. So, A FEW things are not yet implemented :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      I'm sorry, I said "maybe some exploration game". Not that, "maybe some exploration gameplay" XD My apologies.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      Well, not a lot of gameplay but this is better than the last ones. The quest was not a very interesting one (very linear and simple in a gameplay sense) but I hope you can make good quests and exploration. Maybe some exploration game. I like to see the transition for outside to inside a house or any building, for an example. And some interactions like the one with the fireflies (that was great, I like my rpg to be interactive).

    9. afrostewie on

      Very cool! :)
      I like the details, for example the rocks breaking the line of sight. That would probably open more tactical possibilites during fighting.

      I would also expect some visual feedback regarding commands, and not only for area effect spells. So, for example, in pause mode, after giving out all command, how do I know that I commanded someone to attack a specific enemy with a spell?

    10. Mevy on

      Looks awesome, love the athmospher in the level there, and the animations are great. its very hard to judge the combat feeling without trying.

    11. ChrisAnn Bale Snyder on

      Makes me wish it was this august and not next year for the release! I am a huge fan of RPGS in this style and have every D&D version out there which I still play. So I will have to play Pillars of Creation II while I wait!

    12. GrapeOcean Technologies Creator on

      @Eelco: do you mean that an area highlight is desirable when you select the target point? Whether you can persuade/bribe the looters also depends on how obsessed (insane) they are. (The higher the global state of the greed, the more totally insane NPCs you will encounter.) In the current walkthrough, we play very greedy, and these dwarves turned hostile immediately, leaving no option for any negotiation. So, very good point indeed! Generally, you have more options that allow you to avoid a fight with looters. On a side note, they should not be confused with Loot Scavengers who are not aggressive by default and just want to take your loot peacefully.

      @varkry: yes, the Cult of Zoria quest is very undead-intensive. The Lesser Zoria Abomination belongs to the Animated Undead category, as they are controlled by Zoria herself (currently a demigod). Restless Undead come back on their own from the other side, or brought back by the curse of greed, i.e. Zornilsa herself. Only Zornilsa and Rothgor (the devil-god) are able to deal with Restless Undead. Lesser gods, demigods and mortals may only create and control Animated Undead.

    13. Eelco on

      Looks great. Although when casting a aoe spell I definitely want to see where and what I'm hitting. Also killing looters, what if I don't want to kill them? They must have a familie and mouths to feed. Cant I convince or intimidate them to not loot or bribe them with part of the loot?

    14. Missing avatar

      varkry on

      Awesome!!! I love how you pay attention to the finest details, like fireflies fleeing their bushes when that destruction wave spell causes a tremor in the area!
      The Acolyte turned to Lesser Zoria Abomination, wow, will we get other terrible Undead as well in this quest? Did the acolyte transform into a restless or an animated undead by the way?

    15. Antonio Lozano

      yes this is everything i want in a game cant wait to get my hands on this