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If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
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ProPoint - our next generation mobile mouse, now on Kickstarter

Posted by Grant Odgers - Swiftpoint (Creator)

Hi  Backers,  

Just a quick update to let you know our next gen GT mouse is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter!  

ProPoint is two devices in one - an ergonomic mouse AND an air-mouse presenter. It's a world first that really is excellent value.  


We've also added a third dedicated button (for middle click), and a new optical sensor.  

Hope you like the new features, check it out by clicking here.

Thanks again for the support.


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    1. Chris White

      "this will closely be followed by mac support"

      Glad new features still wins over providing even basic support for a platform you promised compatibility with from the beginning. BetterTouchTool is a fantastic app and it's a clever hack to abuse it the way you do but it's not actual support. I really shouldn't need to keep Windows on Boot Camp JUST to tweak settings on my Z.

      Your new mouse looks great but there's no way I'd consider backing it knowing that it could take more than a year to just to provide a basic driver.

    2. Scott

      Yea, I'd have to concur with some users. I'd be interested in the ProPoint if it wasn't for the slow development of the Swiftpoint Z Driver software, some say it's abandonware. I don't think you've had a major update to it for over six months now. I understand developer issues are the cause (I'm a software developer myself) but if this continues to be a problem you may want to put it out there as an Open Source project. That's usually a much cheaper solution to development costs and often times you get a better product in the end. It's better than the private trickle development approach in the fast changing software industry.

    3. Grant Odgers - Swiftpoint 3-time creator on

      Hi, understand your frustration with the speed of new features on the driver. I've copied a post from Dan a couple of weeks ago, and pasted below.. I hope that helps explain. Rest assured development of new features is now well under way again, and will continue. We are starting with these features, and this will closely be followed by mac support and other new features, "auto profile selection based on current app", is near the top of the list..we apologize again for the speed of implementing new features.


      Dan here from Swiftpoint. I want to address your concerns regarding the Swiftpoint Z Driver updates. As a relatively small company, we're very proud of the product we've created with the help of the crowdfunding community and our early backers. We believe we've built the best gaming mouse in the world and have many testimonials from users who also share that belief.

      We've had lots of constructive feedback from you, our community of users, as to what you'd like to see added or changed and we’ve compiled a list of potential improvements to our driver software. These range from minor bug fixes, additional features, and a UI overhaul. While progress has been slow we have not forgotten you and will continue to develop our software based on your feedback.

      Behind the scenes, we've had some major issues with our contract software development and recently decided we’re best to part ways and hire a new team. We apologise for the lack of communication and in hindsight, we should have been more upfront with the issues we were experiencing.

      I’m pleased to report the new team is now getting up to speed with the current code and we expect to have them working on changes within the next few weeks. Our plans are to focus on implementing two new settings; the first, to more intuitively allow toggle functions and the second, to allow the disabling of tilt auto-zeroing, which could cause inconsistent behaviour in some use cases. These two changes will be closely followed by a keyboard macro recorder function. The proposed changes will give the user more control over how their mouse functions and will make programming the Z much easier and quicker than ever before.

      We thank you for your support and look forward to getting your continued feedback as we push the limits of what a gaming mouse can do!

      Many thanks,

      Dan Barker
      Product Manager, The Z

    4. Rene Rottmann

      I agree with Kristian. Poor post campagne support, no support for the new campagne...

    5. Missing avatar

      Kristian Venzi on

      Why don't you release the promised drivers with the functions that you sold us like changing profile based on the opened program, before continung with other projects? I'm interested in the new mouse but I am not going to buy because of the really poor support post launch.

    6. Grant Odgers - Swiftpoint 3-time creator on

      Hi Jordan, we thought that many of our backers might want to know about our next computer mouse product :)

    7. Chris White

      Does it come with an imaginary Mac driver too?

    8. Jordan Tucker on

      Please don't use Kickstarter updates to distribute marketing spam.