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If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
3,069 backers pledged $514,140 to help bring this project to life.

Tracking Numbers Available!

Posted by Grant Odgers - Swiftpoint (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters!  

It’s been a very, very frustrating week, with all of The Z stock in our fulfillment warehouses, but our freight companies taking an excruciatingly long time to process and get the stock ready to go. 

Some great news today though, all the stock worldwide has now been picked, packed and labelled!

We have the tracking details for each package, and have sent an email with the tracking number to each and every one of you. Depending on where you live, you should have a package in your hands by this time next week at the latest, hopefully a lot earlier.

We’ll post up links to the driver software on Monday (US time) to insure its accessible to everyone before they receive their Z.

We’ve had many doubters tell us that we were pushing the boundaries too far. Certainly, we’ve had challenge after challenge, building a ground-breaking mouse packed with technology (gyro, accelerometer, force sensors, OLED screen, vibration feedback, 5 interchangeable base feet, 13 mechanical switches, 8 replaceable button caps, and RGB LED!).  However, our extremely talented team have always remained unbridled optimists – if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. 

We’ll continue to build new things (we’ve got some mind-blowing stuff in the works) but have learned some good lessons from the Z project and next time will seek to under promise on a timeline, and over deliver!

The next stage will be all the more exciting as we get your feedback on the Z. We’re hoping that the pleasure that you get from the Z will repay your faith and your support, many times over. 

Our relationship doesn’t need to end here. To get the most from your Z, and to hear about how others are doing, we invite and encourage you to join the Z Community that we’re looking to build. Further details will be available on our new look website, also coming next week.

Thanks again to all of you, it’s been 3 years of development and hard work - we can’t wait to finally get The Z into your hands.

Grant and The Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Peters on

      Received my tracking code 2 weeks ago but NZPost is still saying no information available.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tyler Figueira on

      I still do not have a tracking number as of June 7th 2017. International package - (Canada) Same concerns as all others below. Package theft, piece of mind, did I miss a backerkit email, etc...

    3. René Machel on

      I still do not have a Tracking Number yet, are International Packages also on their way yet (Germany in my case)?

    4. Rebecca Morn on

      Updating: DHL had better tracking, seeing as how they USPS had nothing to report until DHL delivered it to my local post office. Received package today. Overall impression is I quite like it, although I need to switch my grip to make it work (2 fingers on top, rather than 3 like I'd been using with the much wider Cyborg RAT).

    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce Balfour on

      I got tracking number a week ago, but the NZ Post site continues to list it as no details available and no parcel has arrived. Have they actually been posted?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Bieniewicz-Valada

      As much as I hate to jump on the bandwagon, still no tracking number. And since I'm in an area with a known problem for package theft I would really like that bit of confidence.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marc Elser on

      I also don't see anything in backerkit, but did they use backerkit at all? Can't remember

    8. Missing avatar

      Marc Elser on

      I also didn't get a tracking number. What's going on here?

    9. Daniele Rota Nodari on

      I just fine out the carrier is Direct Link instead of Swiss Post :/.. and the package is in transit :)

    10. Karl P. André Jr on

      OK IF YOU ARE IN THE USA don't Track through USPS you track through DHL @

      with the tracking number they gave you...DHL is delivering it to your local Post Office they were all sent using DHL SM Parcel Plus Ground servicce :)

    11. Mikael Spoong on

      I have got absolute nothing no Mouse no tracking nr = nada! Have I missed to do something I wonder...

    12. Carlin on

      Mine was just delivered to my house. I was able to track it all the way with FedEx.

    13. Rebecca Morn on

      Same, have tracking number, still no shipment info on USPS.

    14. Michael Stamps on

      The PC driver was posted 12 hours ago and linked by Grant in the Comments section:

    15. Missing avatar

      skipper blue on
      still no tracking info or driver

      did you guys just push the tracking numbers out to appease us? when will I actually have the mouse in my hand?

    16. Missing avatar

      apodworny on

      Calm yourself, look at the comments on the main page of the kickstarter, and email the address grant posted today.

    17. Missing avatar

      vincent abate on

      Annnd still no status. Unreal UN ******* REAL. So should we just assume that you pushed the codes out WAY early to shut us up then?


    18. Karl P. André Jr on

      :( Seriously Grant they have still not been picked up from the Georgia warehouse here in USA by the US Post Office yet! You need to fire who ever is in charge over here. There is no way in hell I am going to get mine by Friday now unless you are sending all the packages Priority Mail.

    19. Missing avatar

      Evan McGann on

      I have my tracking number (received it straight away), but have yet to see anything on NZ Post about the status of it. Are there additional delays for shipping or something?

    20. Missing avatar

      Nuno Castro on

      When can I expect my tracking number in my email?

    21. Missing avatar

      StuntmanLT on

      An word on either the tracking number (still untrackable) or the software?

    22. Karl P. André Jr on

      Yes you will get "No tracking information found. Please verify your tracking number and try again later." Because they were all just labeled but not yet picked up by the USPS and yes we just had a Holiday on Monday (Memorial Day) and the Post Office was closed so they should be getting picked up today from the warehouse and tracking should start to get updated later in the day.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jay Kolbe on

      To everyone who hasn't received a tracking number and uses Gmail:
      Try checking your "Social" or "Promotions" tabs. I thought i hadn't received my tracking number too, but the email was labeled into one of those tabs for some reason.

    24. Missing avatar

      Hansong Lee on

      I have not recieved tracking number email.

    25. Missing avatar

      apodworny on

      So it's 5:30 central time and there's no news about the driver, is it still being released today?

    26. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      I suppose The mail was sent to the one kickstarter registered to.

    27. Missing avatar

      Edilson Paiva De Abreu Neto on

      No track number for me :/

    28. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      But what about software)

    29. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      It's normal that tracks aren't available right now. It's normal for 7-14 days of unavailable track. They should become available about the 3-rd of June+

    30. Xostriyad on

      I have not received any tracking number yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mario Rodas on

      I haven't received my tracking number yet... Is everything OK with my order?

    32. Ice_Striker

      They have put in their email that the tracking will be delayed due to holiday in US. Will only be updated in a couple of days

    33. Missing avatar

      Jurand on

      OK i have tracking number but...their website/database don't know that number.

      "Unfortunately your search was unsuccessful. The causes of this could be:"

    34. Missing avatar

      Ottar Kjelling Kaasen on

      Hi. I still haven't recieved a tracking number.

    35. Cuong Trinh on

      Let us pray to not having the taxes!

    36. Andre on

      Nice! Just received me tracking #..

    37. Nikk Folts

      I still didn't get a tracking number... and backed via a promo... want to make sure that it didn't get missed because of that?

    38. Mikko Taskinen on

      Can you post some screenshots of the software?

    39. JD Jones on

      Nevermind! It got sent to my promotions folder so I didn't see it. My mistake.

    40. Marius Nilsen on

      @JD Jones
      I received my tracking e-mail AFTER I received the update e-mail. It will probably show up in your inbox soon, if not already.

    41. JD Jones on

      I have not recieved a tracking number. Did I misread the post, or have the numbers not been sent yet?