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If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z lets you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.
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Shipping Update

Posted by Grant Odgers - Swiftpoint (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters ! 

The pick and pack exercise has taken much longer than we and you would have expected, but I’m pleased to report that we finally have confirmation from our fulfilment partners in both the US and Hong Kong that they’ll be good to go next week. We’ll get your tracking numbers to you by email just as soon as we have them. 

You’ve all been extremely patient so far, and we acknowledge that your patience is now being sorely tested. Please bear with us just a few more days! 

Grant and the Team

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    1. Karl P. André Jr on

      Food for thought.....

      The Z - Pre-order Order today - ships in May!

    2. Missing avatar

      vincent abate on

      And now I'm officially PISSED. How have we come this far and things are still getting screwed up?
      We are now approaching 6 months late. This has passed fully into the territory of unacceptable. GET IT TOGETHER and SEND US OUR MICE

    3. Missing avatar

      Bjørnar Magnussen on

      Friday is here and no tracking codes or as much as an update. How on earth can you be delayed time after time after time.. Do you not learn from your mistakes?

    4. Karl P. André Jr on

      hmmm its now Thursday the 25th and we are about to head into a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day is on Monday here in the USA....I too am worried that they will not ship until June it would be nice to have an update or rather a statement that ok we messed up we will not make anymore promises and wont update again until they are REALLY shipped.

    5. Missing avatar

      apodworny on

      Somehow I doubt they'll be shipped before June 1st. Please prove me wrong.

    6. Missing avatar

      vincent abate on

      About those tracking codes........................

    7. Karl P. André Jr on

      I expect shipping to start this week as promised. I would like to have mine broken in before Fathers day so I can enjoy a peaceful day of no wife agro game playing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin DeBusk on

      Keep up the great work!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jurand on

      Any "unboxing" gallery ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Damir Ajdukovic on

      You People were always very informative about the whole process. My Patience wasn't tested at all. Other Kickstarters should take you as an example.

    11. Missing avatar

      Roman Dimetriev on

      Here we go! The hype is real.

    12. Missing avatar

      Probaton on

      I'm expecting the most awesomest mouse in existence; I can wait a couple days more. Can't wait to try it out!

    13. Absolarix on

      Awesome! Can't wait!

    14. Hendell on

      Patience and Kickstarters go hand in hand, even more so for physical products that require delivery over the various software choices.
      But yes, being kept up to date is a good thing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mar on

      Yay, finally :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard_A on

      Looking forward to it. The regular updates is extremely helpful in keeping everyone (or most) hapy with your fulfillment time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jesse Maher on

      All good. I am excite for the delivery! Thanks for keeping us posted on what's going on. Plenty of patience still in stock as long as you keep us posted! Cheers! :D

    18. Kevin McCotter on

      It's okay. You're about to deliver. Think of all the kickstarters that failed to deliver and the patience of those people. You have been saints, thank you for keeping us updated.

    19. Andrew Wei

      Oh and also, can you guys make a video demonstrating how to use the software to set up the mouse?

    20. Andrew Wei

      Do we get the driver from your website?