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We're making an independent Oscar run with our documentary film Granito to reach millions with its message of social justice. Join us!
We're making an independent Oscar run with our documentary film Granito to reach millions with its message of social justice. Join us!
346 backers pledged $37,400 to help bring this project to life.

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Occupy Oscars?

Upon learning yesterday that Granito: How to Nail a Dictator did not make it onto the "short list" for the Oscar documentary nomination, we were crestfallen. But as the dogged San Francisco Public Defenders taught us after losing a case while we were filming Presumed Guilty back in 2000, "we live to fight another day". Yes, it would have been wonderful and it was our goal to be on the Oscar podium with 40 million viewers conveying the message of collective change that "Granito" embodies...but wait...what if we occupy the Oscars?  OO?  Other worthy social justice films out there on the circuit with us this year didn't make the "short list" either: The Interrupters, The Black Power Mixtape, Nostalgia for the Light, To Be Heard, Into The Abyss - what if we all show up with our tents at the Oscar ceremony on Feb 26? :-)

Seriously though, our social justice work neither began nor does it end with this indie Oscar run and it's all about hanging in there to fight another day, to gain terrain in the struggle for human rights and justice.  The theatrical run that you all so generously backed has had big impact already, raising the profile and media coverage of Granito and putting it in front of thousands of viewers, generating great word-of-mouth, social/political buzz and guaranteeing a long life for the film in the years ahead.    Now before us we have the Guatemala Premiere of Granito at the National Theater on March 1 (let us know if any of you would like to come join us there) and the national U.S. broadcast on the PBS P.O.V. series next summer.

On the outreach front we will be launching Granito: Every Memory Matters in February, a project designed to restore the collective memory of the Guatemalan genocide in a public online archive, through the contributions of stories from thousands of 'granitos' throughout Guatemala and the Guatemalan diaspora - learn more about it by clicking here.

So a heartfelt thanks to all of our backers, "granitos', and we hope you will stay with us on this journey for justice.  We will keep in touch and send you updates. With utmost appreciation,

Paco, Pamela and Peter

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Step 1 of our Oscar run completed - fingers crossed! Think positive!

We're pleased to let you know that step 1 in fulfilling the requirements for our indie run to Oscar consideration has been completed, thanks to your generous support.  Here are the requirements we completed: we've had our theatrical weeks in New York (IFC Theater) and Los Angeles (Laemmle Sunset 5 theater), using a high-end projection format, Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and DCP projector at both theaters, with paid advertising in the local press.

Now the members of the Documentary branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that volunteered to screen films in the first round of consideration have each received a box of randomly selected qualifying films, and they will send back their evaluations to the Academy.  Once those are tallied, the "short list" of 15 potential nominees is determined and announced in November.  From that "short list" the 5 final nominees will be selected after another round of screenings by Documentary branch members.  And once the 5 nominees are determined, all members of the Academy can vote on them, but they have to have seen all 5 nominated films.

So fingers crossed as we go into the first round of screenings!  Positive thinking required!

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Granito Making Progress Toward Oscar Consideration

Dear Granitos - we're pleased to tell you that we had an amazing theatrical opening week in New York, which was extended for an additional week.  Last night we had our Los Angeles theatrical opening at the Laemmle Sunset 5 theater (send your LA friends - one week only, ends Thursday), and it was an amazing screening with many Guatemalans in attendance, including several who had been to see "When the Mountains Tremble" at the Fox Theater in LA back in 1984!  It was a very emotional show of solidarity amongst the audience members that later spilled out into the lobby of the theater, and will be continued in the months ahead as we roll out the "Granito: Every Memory Matters" project.  See it here.

Granitos, come hang with us!

Starting tonight, Wed Sept 14, and every evening through this Sun Sept 18, we'll be hanging out at the North Square lounge after the 7:40 PM showing of Granito: How to Nail a Dictator at the IFC Center.  Please join us, we'd love to meet up with you and personally thank you for your support!  The North Square is right around the corner from the IFC Center:

Would You Sponsor One Of Our NY Screenings?

Dear Granito backers, granitos, the time has finally come for our Oscar qualification theatrical run in NY!  We open a 9-day run tomorrow Wednesday Sept 14 at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village with 6 screenings a day, and it's crucial that we fill those seats.  You could help us do that by sponsoring a screening.  What does that mean?  The IFC has a group ticket sales policy for blocks of 10 tickets or more on off-peak screenings, where the normal $13 ticket price is discounted to $10.  So your sponsorship would entail putting together a group of 10 friends and family to go see Granito and help us fill those seats. Click here to share our dramatic theatrical trailer with them and they'll surely want to go! 

In exchange for your generous sponsorship we offer you eternal gratitude and a big shout out on Facebook and at the IFC Center (please let us know if you decide to sponsor).  If you're interested, see below for the IFC group sales policy and contact info:

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