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The Internet  - A Blog Cats WTF Universe's video poster

A man tries to find the end of the universe by creating an existential video blog. We are trying to raise money to complete the VFX! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 3, 2012.

A man tries to find the end of the universe by creating an existential video blog. We are trying to raise money to complete the VFX!

About this project

Matt is one of the best LOLCat caption writers in the world.  He's experienced the rise of the internet and came out on top.  Thousands of fans, plenty of money in the bank, a successful career.  But one day he realizes that perhaps there's more to life than just viral internet cat humor.  So he packs his bags and moves to Berlin, the new center of the artistic and philosophical renaissance, or so he's been told.    

He has a new idea for a video website that will finally shed light on life's big questions.  Why are we here?  Who or What is God?  Where were you before you were born?  What is the impact of technology on our minds and souls?  Where does the universe end, end end? (read in a slowly diminishing reverby voice)  

Matt sets off on his quest and everything is going great.  Why wouldn't it?  He's falling in love with Nadja, a mysterious bartender. He's got internet luck, he's the King Midas of viral.  He's going to make the meaning of life viral.  Or so he thinks...

This is a story of a man's hopeless quest for truth among the cats.  


This project came about as an experiment in filmmaking using restrictions as a driving force in the creative process.  The idea was to make a micro-budget project on the road using only the means available through the internet.  The actors, crew, and interior locations were all found on Craigslist and Airbnb.  The story had been talked about before but was mostly written in a bar in Berlin over a 3 day period.     

We had wanted to film a project on the road for a while.  And after a long year of animating and video-making both of us decided on the month of November.  We started in Iceland where we scouted locations and drew inspiration from the environment there.  We then headed to Berlin with a clear picture of what the story was going to be about.  We wrote the script, cast the film, and planned the production for the next 2 weeks.  It was an intense 2 weeks, that took us all over the Berlin and then all the way back to Iceland, and then back to the States with a bunch of footage.  

So here we are now with a rough cut of the film.  And we really want to finish it in a similar manner to the way we shot it, with restrictions and simplicity driving the process.  

There are however some things that will make the film so much better if we are able to raise enough money for them.  It is mainly a live-action film but there are going to be animations that explore some of the themes and dialogue in the movie, as well as an epic animated God creature that really needs the love of a talented 3d animator.  Sean's brother and frequent collaborator Robin is on board to score the film, and we would love to be able to pay him for his time and talent. There is also a techno song in the film that the main character becomes obsessed with and can't get out of his head.  We need to get rights to that song, and it will most likely cost a bit of money to acquire the rights to it.  We've never tried Kickstarter before, but it seems to fit inline perfectly with this new form of filmmaking that we are experimenting with.  


Have you ever wondered while you stare at your computer screen, if there is something more out there waiting to be discovered?  As you open yet another email of LOLCat pictures from your grandma or co-worker, and had a nice chuckle that slowly turned into a single tear rolling down your cheek, as you contemplated the endless void of the black universe?  Well if so, then you might be into this film and would enjoy supporting it.  We would absolutely love your support.  And though the filmmakers cannot promise any big answers to life's biggest questions, they can promise a potential scenario to add to the pot of answers that humanity has accumulated.   

All donors to this project will receive an advance downloadable copy of the film to enjoy before anyone else. 

Thank you so much for your time and interest in this project.  You are amazing.



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