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Celebrate the most important date in your life, with your personal Laser cut & engraved Solar System. Custom made with NASA data.
Celebrate the most important date in your life, with your personal Laser cut & engraved Solar System. Custom made with NASA data.
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Timeline & Fulfillment Update

Posted by govy (Creator)

Hello Backers!

I know you all have been patiently waiting for a Timeline update. I had to wait to get all the updated estimates from our different manufacturers before being able to post this must needed update.

so there will be a delay in the initial shipping estimation. but I want to reiterate that we always made clear that October was only an estimation, as it's very hard to have a clear date or timeline when it comes to personalized items versus mass producing identical items, that can be manufactured just as soon as funds are secured, no need to wait for personalized dates, choices, nor sorting each piece for fulfillment.

the major delay is pretty simple, we were never given a realistic production and shipping estimate concerning all our packaging items (STC boxes, booklets, custom foam inserts, chains). we finally got an updated estimate only a few days ago, we will have all our packaging material shipped from China to our US Laser manufacturer in mid-November! I was truly disappointed when I heard that.

in terms of the Laser production itself, Ponoko, our awesome manufacturer, will do everything quite fast. it will take them from 1 to 2 weeks to make all our Mementos (close to 3000 pieces). they are waiting on our final files, which we are working hard on. It's a bit tricky to generate the files and have them organized in a bunch of templates (for each size and material) to send for Laser making. It involves a lot of coding and manual organizing. again, it's not as simple as if we were only having just 1 design file made 3000 times. the fact that each piece is unique really adds a lot of work to any step: design, organization, making and then sorting to pack and ship.

we spent the last few weeks working non-stop on organizing all the data (checking and validating the inputted dates, checking how many orders have add-ons, how many boxes are required for each order, how many have more than one memento and so on). it's a lot of work and I knew it would take us quite some time, but our ex-campaign manager was too optimistic about the initial shipping estimate (even for the digital files) and I really wish that we'd have kept the original estimate I set based on my previous KS campaigns experience. 

anyway, here's the current timeline estimate: 

  • Production starts at Ponoko (USA) in Late October
  • Production ends 2 weeks later.
  • Packaging Material ships from China to the USA in Mid November.
  • Fulfillment at Ponoko starts as soon they receive the material.
  • All Fulfillment is done by Late November or Early December.

this updated timeline is in case everything goes according to plan (all files are done by the end of this week, no manufacturing issue, no additional shipping delays from China, no giant squid to topple over a cargo ship, and so on...). I do not want to promise a delivery by Xmas, I'm 90% confident that everything should be shipped by early December, but it depends so much on the China delivery that it's hard for me to give a definitive delivery date.

but be assured that we are are really doing our best to fulfill asap and find a solution to any issue that might arise.

your support is really important to me, as it all started as an art project in 2015 and it's because of the support of my backers over the years that I've been able to create a company with my associates. having a great backer relationship with you all is very important to me.

I hope you'll understand the delays and issues we have been facing and why an October fulfillment is simply not possible given the circumstances.

~ govy

Artist, CEO & Co-Founder.

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    1. govy 5-time creator

      @Wayne just posted a new update. shipping is scheduled to start early next week.

    2. Wayne Moulton on

      Checking in on things.

    3. govy 5-time creator

      @Donald I was hoping to publish another update about it, but again... waiting on clear info from China! ha..

      the production of the first batch is done at Ponoko (USA) and all Mementos are waiting to be shipped now.

      so we really keep on waiting on the boxes from China. it should arrive in a week, but we still don't have any precise date.

      we are also waiting on the delivery of the chains and cords, they should arrive by the end of the month. and those ship much faster (less bulky I suppose). I also want to publish an update about them, soon.

      so we are still on track for starting shipping in late November. if the boxes do arrive in a week.

      fingers crossed!

    4. Donald Gaither on

      Just curious how the mid-November timeline went.

    5. govy 5-time creator

      @Jeremie thanks for reading it! :)

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update

    7. govy 5-time creator

      @Chantel you filled your survey after the deadline, so we'll fulfill your digital file in a second batch.

      our dev has been quite busy with generating the files and working on the whole fulfillment process for the Laser production. so the second batch of digital files had to wait.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chantel Schermerhorn on

      Update: I checked both of my email inboxes searching “govy,” “Kickstarter,” and “space” but I have nothing. I was one of the late responses to the survey, I’m assuming that has something to do with it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Chantel Schermerhorn on

      Thanks for replying. I’ve checked my email and didn’t see anything... I’ll check again, but is there a specific email address or subject line I can search for in case I come up blank again? Thank you!

    10. govy 5-time creator

      @Tyler thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyler Scheff on

      I really appreciate you guys being so responsive and tending to people's questions and concerns. While I'm a little bummed that I have to wait longer, hopefully this will make a great Christmas gift for my girlfriend. Looking forward to the final product!! You guys rock!

    12. govy 5-time creator

      @Chante all digital files already have been fulfilled (links to file sent to backers' emails) back in October.

      the November/December estimate is for the physical items.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chantel Schermerhorn on

      Is early December when we should expect our files to be emailed if we didn’t order any physical mementos?

    14. govy 5-time creator

      @Riley sorry about that. we could arrange to ship without any branding/packaging. in that case it could ship in early or mid November.

    15. Riley Harris on

      A little bummed due to the fact that I was hoping for this before an anniversary but still excited to be able to gift this. Thanks for the update!

    16. govy 5-time creator

      @Phergus thank you for understanding.

    17. Phergus on

      Thanks for the update. I hope it makes it here in time for Christmas but if it doesn't not a big deal. I'm sure you're doing what you can.

    18. govy 5-time creator

      @marie.A.r thank you!
      I'm glad you believe in me and supported all my previous KS projects since the very begining :)

    19. marie.A.r on

      I'll add something more.
      Should each and every backer send the survey when asked... all would be much better :)

    20. marie.A.r on

      Pfff what a lot of words from everybody yet.
      I am fully confident in Govy. The creator is a human as we all are (until today at least).
      In our world everything can happen in a blink of an eye.
      Being comprehensive and supporting the creator and the team is all we can do, and that much better than expressing anger or disappointment.
      I have believed in all Govy's projects since the beginning and will always do.
      Tomorrow is another day, so let's believe in it.

    21. govy 5-time creator

      @Andrew Hurwitz yeah I hate when that happens. I'm glad you're all very comprehensive. :)

    22. Andrew Hurwitz

      Thank you Govy for a very clear timeline. Thia is better than many KS projects who leave backers mostly in the dark after the KS campaign closes.

    23. govy 5-time creator

      @B Adams you are right.

      I confirm I'm an individual warm-blooded human being and not a bunch of flying squids.

    24. B Adams on

      @govy - in Chris' defense, "govy" would totally work as the name for a hip modern midsize startup. It's not a priori obvious that you're not legion ;)

    25. govy 5-time creator

      @B Adams pfiou! good!

      I have to stop believing all I read on the web!

    26. B Adams on

      @govy By air? No, of course giant squid aren't a problem by air. That is just propaganda spread by [flying squid]( so defense funds will be misallocated to fending off a single large opponent instead of a shoal of a hundred smaller boarders. Don't be fooled!

    27. govy 5-time creator

      @Chris Lamato someone from the creator? I'm the "creator" I don't think I'm made of different people :p

      I'll shoot you a message via KS :)

    28. govy 5-time creator

      @Ludovic Rapp thanks. but I wish there was no delay at all! :)

      the print would be shipped separately and much much sooner!

      I think Martin (my Co-Founder and the dev) will generate all print files and place orders at our printer once we are done with the final Mementos files (hopefully this Friday!)

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Lamato on

      Well, I want ask about some questions about the delivery time. Can someone from the creator contact me?? Thanks.

    30. Ludovic Rapp

      Don't worry one or two months delay is not that terrible, I also want to make this as a gift, but I already said to that person that it might be small delay in the gift. If you do your best to make this project I'm fine! :)

      I just would like to know I also added a print, will it be ship together with the mementos?

    31. govy 5-time creator

      @B Adams if we were to actually ship by sea (cheaper) it might indeed take a month. but we will upgrade to air shipment to have everything delivered within 1 week (hopefully!). much more expensive delivery fee but we would hate to delay even more.

      planes are safe from giant squids, right?

    32. B Adams on

      A) Never forget to factor in the giant squid.

      B) Based on recent KS experience, I recommend you add a month to the "get stuff from China" part of the timeline. Dunno what it is, but it feels like I'm consistently seeing +1 month delays across multiple projects.