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We're creating educational materials for the next generation of news-application developers. Python, Ruby, maps, devops and more.
We're creating educational materials for the next generation of news-application developers. Python, Ruby, maps, devops and more.
380 backers pledged $34,358 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John on

      Has anyone received their rewards besides a shirt?

    2. Dave Stanton Creator on

      I'll do an extra short run of like 20 shirts and give to as many students as I can at NICAR14. Thanks for the idea.

    3. Miguel Paz on

      any student you guys think deserves it :)

    4. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Hey Miguel,

      Yep, Publet is a platform I'm working on that happens to host the FJ content as well. Sorry if the Kickstarter updates moons ago were nebulous or missed you somehow.

      I have a few extra shirts hanging around, so yeah, I'll happily send to a student if the size is right. Also may do another shirt run in late February and can get an extra shirt. What's the shipping info for that person?

    5. Miguel Paz on

      Thanks Dave, was the account activation from Publet? Also, can you give my t-shirt to a awesome Journalism student? Since I don`t live in the US there is no shipping to my country and it would be nice if someone over there can get a perk "For Journalism" sake :)

    6. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Hi Miguel,

      Activation emails went out in October. Maybe it made it's way into your spam folder. I just resent the account activation request.


    7. Miguel Paz on

      Hi Dave: When are the courses available? I a live outside of the US and I pledged $110 or more. I know that I don`t get the t-shirt but I want access to the courses

    8. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Oh yeah definitely just getting started with content. Seems all of the instructors had huge stories, jobs changes, etc. Circling wagons over the last couple weeks.

      I'm going to start sending substantial monthly updates (starting next) week as to where we are at, what's coming soon, and where we're going.

      We all really appreciate the support and patience of everyone involved. FJ is going to be a longterm, evolving project for most of us.


    9. Missing avatar

      Obi on

      Are there more updates coming? The majority of the courses still have no content.

    10. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Videos are currently broken as we were switching video players and adding title slides to enable faster loading. Problem fixed in staging. Fix will hit production during next release late Tuesday. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    11. Missing avatar

      lornoi on

      Is it just me or are all the videos on the site broken?

    12. Dave Stanton Creator on

      @Mich I'm halfway through a big backer update. Will be publishing late this evening.

    13. Mich S. on

      Looking forward to this! Estimated delivery says August -- hope I didn't miss anything.
      So how's this going to work? My reward says I get a topic of my choosing... when do I choose?

    14. Jessica Fee on

      Looking forward to this! Is August still the projected date for classes to begin?

    15. TouchDome LLC on

      Congratulations! It is great to see such a worthy effort get funded. I am happy to have played my little part by backing this project and I am rooting for your team's continued success!

    16. Ron Au on

      Congratumalations! It's a great cause that you're all working for.

    17. Luke Hatcher on

      Congratulations on getting funded.

    18. Amanda Welsh on

      LOVE MY SHIRT. Wearing it proudly today. Onward!

    19. Dave Stanton Creator on


      Nope, no syllabus drafts. We're intentionally refraining from working on syllabuses until after the funding campaign. Based on how much we raise, the number of courses and scope of support infrastructure could vary quite a bit.

      We do know that every course will involve building some production-quality news application. We have several projects pencilled in but nothing with a final decision. Since we are trying to build a collection of related materials, we need to work on the syllabus outlines as a collective effort instead of individual efforts.

    20. Missing avatar

      lornoi on

      I think this is a really interesting project and I'd love to pitch in. But I'd appreciate it if you could provide some more info on what the courses will cover and what one can expect to learn. Certainly you have some early drafts for the syllabus?

    21. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Thanks, Jared! We can't do it without supporters like you. Spread the word.

    22. Jared Beasley on

      What you guys are doing is awesome!! I will be promoting you across the social media mediums. This will go hand in hand with a concept I currently have in development. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      ND356 on

      Thanks for organizing this. I've been following data journalism develop for awhile but haven't seen anything comprehensive like this. It needs to happen.

    24. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      We're planning to use about half of the money toward offsetting the time of the instructors. The other half will be toward content capture and production. My studio is going to cover the general admin costs. This definitely isn't a money-maker. We just need some meager funds to be able to focus and create materials our books, videos and code repos that are of the quality required for a university to adopt as official course texts.

      Sorry I can't give you a sample on that now -- we don't have any material yet. However, I've taught almost 30 course sections at the University of Florida over 8 years, so I'm super aware of the scope and pacing for a 16-week course with approximately one hour lecture per week and remaining lab time.

      The main difference of these course materials from pre-existing books, screencasts, etc. is that the projects built will be journalism specific. We're not building a generic social network or the other projects you'll find in typical programming books. We want to have backers work toward projects they would deploy in a newsroom.

      And I'll stay a bit quiet now on the "local events" and other stretch goals if we meet our initial funding goal.


    25. Michael Koretzky on

      I donated $1 so I could leave this comment (because you can't comment unless you pay, which I think is weird)...

      What's the budget for this project? How much will the presenters get paid? How will these courses be different than all the others out there? And where would this happen: "Maybe setting up some local events"?

      I'd love to see a budget and a work sample.

      Don't get me wrong (and lots of people do), I love the idea. But I'm shocked that journalists have donated nearly $9,000 without asking the same questions they would for a story.

    26. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Thank you! We think there's lots of work to be done.

    27. Dave Stanton Creator on

      Great idea. What about $50 as like t-shirt only and you are just awesome and want to help us?

    28. Mike Orren on

      Just a suggestion: I bet you'd have some success with an award level that was no courses, but included a T-shirt. For those of us who lack time for book larnin' but want something to put on our backs. (I'd up my donation...)