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After a friend had his bike light stolen and got hit by a car, MIT bike geeks built a Theft-Resistant Bike Light.
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Slava Menn

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Factory photos, production and team updates [PHOTOS]

What do you want to hear first, the good news, or the great news?

Ok, we'll start with the great news. Production is rocking and the quality is superb! Our factory's production engineer snapped some shots on his iPhone (below). It's the first photos of electroplated finishes and we're very pleased with the quality. Brad will be working with the factory to refine and perfect the parts. We're still trying for July, but it may be August. In the meantime, if your friends want a bike light we're now pre-selling on our website (silver now, matte black soon).

Ok, now onto the good news. Our team is growing. We've hired three smart graduates from top universities and we gave them fitting roles. (Photo below) From left to right: 1. Bendik Knutsen-Øy / Sandwhich-Making Intern, 2. Bendik Bryde, Beer Wench Intern, 3. Robbie Felder, Special Ops.

Next week we'll be doing a nicknaming contest for the Bendiks!

Love, Slava, Brad, Robbie, Bendik^2 | @bikegotham. So hot right now.

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