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No theft. No rust. No flats. No headaches. Invincible is the ultimate urban bicycle specifically designed for the city.
No theft. No rust. No flats. No headaches. Invincible is the ultimate urban bicycle specifically designed for the city.
298 backers pledged $178,396 to help bring this project to life.

90% of bikes shipping this week!


Dearest backers, 

When we visited our warehouse last week, they had a wonderful surprise in store for us. Giant brown boxes full of happiness!

Later this week, those lovely boxes of happiness will ship out to you.

Before you break into one of your classic celebratory dances, please review a few important reminders:

1. Due to a manufacturing complication, unfortunately 10% of backers will not be receiving bikes this week

If you're part of this group, you'll be receiving an email soon explaining the complication and providing a more specific timeline. Needless to say, we're extremely disappointed that a few backers will have to wait a bit longer for their rides and we'll be doing all we can to expedite the process.

2. In the box containing your bike, you'll also receive instructions for how to assemble your new ride, as well as how to register it on our online portal.

And please remember: it's crucial that you register your bike within 30 days of receiving it!

3. Always, always, ALWAYS, wear a helmet. 

Ride happy,

Team Fortified

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    1. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Mark @Dustin We are tying up some loose ends and bikes will ship next week. Let us know if you did not receive the recent backer email and we will elaborate on the situation.

    2. Dustin Norton on

      I take it that this means we won't be receiving our new favorite bikes today as specified in the previous update? Is there an updated time table?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Mengers on

      I have the same comment as @Cliff. I ordered a large bike and I have not seen any emails as of yet. Any help or information would be appreciated.

    4. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @paul as soon as the bikes ship, you will receive an email with tracking information. This will happen very soon!

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Hutchins on

      Hi. Should we have received shipping information on our bikes?

    6. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hey @Cliff, I'm going to send you a message to update you on the details of your order.

    7. Cliff Galiher

      Have the emails gone out yet? Nicholas's comment would imply large bikes are impacted (which would impact me) but I haven't seen an email yet. Nor an email with shipping information. I've checked spam folders too. I am only concerned because the survey email in April fell into the void for me as well and I had to reach out to get the survey link. Which worked well, but if I'm delayed, it'd be good to know one way or the other. And if not, I'd like to track my shipment and do one of my classic celebratory dances...

    8. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Jesse thanks SOOO much for the kind thoughts and kinder words. We really can't express how much that means to us. Best compliment ever!

    9. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out and apologies again for the frustration. We're really disappointed too and completely understand why you're upset.

      Here's hoping a more clear explanation will help clarify how this manufacturing error occurred:

      As we mentioned in the email we sent, our bikes were manufactured in two separate "runs." The first run went flawlessly, leaving us with enough bikes to satisfy the vast majority of our backers.

      Flow two, unfortunately, did not go as smoothly. Although the manufacturer attempted to follow the same instructions and process as they did for our successful run, a mistake was made and t he results were imperfect. We've acted quickly to diagnose and correct the problem, but it has unfortunately delayed the production of our second run of bikes.

      To use an overly simplistic analogy, it's as if our baker (manufacturer) attempted to follow a complex cake (bike) recipe and made one small mistake that ultimately forced us to re-do the whole batch.

      Again, we're really sorry and disappointed that the mistake has slowed us down but hope you understand how this happened and why it's forced us to delay the shipping.

      As for the shipping timeline, as we mentioned, we're working aggressively with our manufacturing partners to get these bikes manufactured and shipped as soon as possible. We're excited to pass along a more specific timeline as soon as we have one and can assure you that keeping you in the loop is a high priority for us.

      Cheers and sincerely hoping this clears up any confusion,
      Lexie + Team Fortified

    10. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      Thank you for being upfront about the manufacturing issue, and promising more details. This whole campaign has gone better than any other Kickstarter project I've participated in.

      I can't wait to build my new bike!

    11. Nicholas Cimato on

      So were ALL large bikes affected? This says we will be given a timeline, 2 months later, if some large bikes were shipped, sounds less like a manufacturing defect and more like an accounting error. If there was an error in frame geometry, HOW did it affect only SOME large bikes. Better explanation and timeline update please.