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No theft. No rust. No flats. No headaches. Invincible is the ultimate urban bicycle specifically designed for the city.
No theft. No rust. No flats. No headaches. Invincible is the ultimate urban bicycle specifically designed for the city.
No theft. No rust. No flats. No headaches. Invincible is the ultimate urban bicycle specifically designed for the city.
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    1. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Andrew Stoked the bike is working out for you!! Good luck up there this winter!

    2. Andrew on

      Hey team! I received my bike a couple days ago after Fortified managed to reroute the shipping of my bike to a new address. The bike is fantastic and has already braved the winter weather up here in the Yukon. I have to say I am very pleased with the bike and customer service!

    3. Aaron Monteleone on

      Hi, yes I spoke with him and thank you for reaching out and filling in the blanks as to what happened with the shipment. It was a little frustrating being in the dark and waiting so long.

    4. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hey everyone, in case you have questions or concerns about the bike or when it's getting to you, please contact our customer support team directly for a quick response. Cheri, Misty, and Jason are here for you at

      Ride with confidence,

    5. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Aaron I understand your frustration right now. Our COO Vlad just got in touch with you over phone & email. We're here to provide clarity and transparency, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

    6. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hi @Isaac, currently there are 27 Kickstarter backers including yourself (about 9%) that are still waiting for their Invincible bikes. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding. If there is anything we can do in the mean time, please reach out directly to our customer support team at

    7. Isaac on

      I wonder why they couldn't have used air freight instead of sea freight? At least for the "10%" that are still waiting.

    8. Aaron Monteleone on

      I also like how they deleted my last comment.

    9. Aaron Monteleone on

      Did I call it or what! Yet another delay and excuse. No communication until they get called out on!

    10. Aaron Monteleone on

      I am and just about over it. Really disappointed with this Kickstarter, the worst communication. Look!, it's almost the end of September and I haven't heard a word since last month. Probably will get a third notice saying more delays, we're sorry, blah, blah, blah. Sorry at this point doesn't cut it. And please stop saying your new favorite bike is on its way, so far this is not my favorite bike.

    11. Isaac on

      I'm just curious how many people are still waiting to receive their bike?

    12. Aaron Monteleone on

      Yes, I did receive an upsetting email saying that I am even more unlucky and won't be seeing the bike until September now. WOW! You guys need to get your stuff together and work on communicating with backers and customers. It does not feel like you care about what we think or how we feel about waiting this long. I should not have had to send three messages only to find out you guys dropped the ball again. I know I'm not the only one that is frustrated with how this project has gone.

    13. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hey @Aaron Our Operations team sent out an update to everyone waiting for their Invincible to update them on the shipment. Let us know if you didn't receive it and will get one out to you!

    14. Aaron Monteleone on

      Hmm, it's been three weeks since you said I should have an email update! Still nothing! Some kind of communication to the rest of us backers that have not received anything would be a lot better than listening to crickets.

    15. Stephen Crowers on

      Also hoping for an update. sigh.

    16. Aaron Monteleone on

      Any word yet???? Haven't seen any emails from you guys.

    17. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hey @Aaron, we are still figuring out exact details on the timeline with our manufacturer and warehouse. We'll send an update to those still waiting by next week.

    18. Aaron Monteleone on

      Any updates on the August shipments for the unlucky individuals like me?

    19. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Awesome @Aurelia! Anytime:)

    20. Aurelia Moon on

      Got my bike today! Yay thank you guys! :D

    21. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @kyle I checked with our customer service team and we didn't seem to see an email come in from you. I will have them reach out to you directly to the email listed on your KS account to start the conversation.

    22. Kyle Appel on

      I sent you guys an email the other day with on Thursday.. I figured I'd wait a couple days for a response..but no answer. I need to get a few questions answered and apparently your customer support isn't exactly going great ... I hope you guys are alil faster with your reply from now on

    23. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hi Angelia,

      Thanks very much for taking the time to reach out and apologies for all the frustration!

      You should see an email reply from us coordinating a time to talk on the phone so we can solve this. Really sorry for any/all inconvenience and very much looking forward to getting you squared away promptly!

    24. Angelia Thomas on

      I stated earlier in my comment that you don't have a customer service number that is because I have left numerous messages and test the number provided and still no response. I am still waiting on someone to call me to get the bike I actually paid for. I would greatly appreciate if you would check your messages and call me back. Thank you

    25. Angelia Thomas on

      Well, I received my bike and took it to Bike Barn for them to assemble for me. I picked it up today brought it home and was ready to go riding when I tried to get on it I realized it isn't a small it must be a large!!!!! I couldn't even get on it and sit up straight with my foot on the curb that is over 6 inches. I went back to Bike Barn and they had me get on several bikes that are small for someone my height 5'1 which is what I put for my height when I ordered the bike. They measured the Fortified bike and stated it definitely is a tall medium or a large. I have paid for the bike and for it to be assembled and can't even ride it. I am extremely upset. Also, not having a customer service number to contact your business is very discouraging. I have emailed you also directly from my personal email and my cell number is on it and would like to be contacted immediately to get this resolved. Thank you

    26. Aaron Monteleone on

      :( really? August. Would have been a great summer to ride

    27. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hey Kyle,

      So sorry about that - we can be easily reached at! Sending you an email now so we can answer all your questions quickly.

    28. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hi Cliff,

      Thanks a ton for all the kind words and the fantastic feedback! We won't be satisfied until this bike is perfect, but knowing you're a happy customer is a pretty great consolation prize :)

      As for the specific feedback re: shipping, the rack, assembly instructions, etc... we really can't thank you enough for giving us your take on how we can improve the experience. We're pumped to get on the video chat with you to help fix anything that isn't perfect and to get a better sense of how we can make you an even happier customer next time.

    29. Kyle Appel on

      hey guys I was wondering if you could give me an email address that works because I tried to send you an email with a couple of questions/ problems I had when I was setting up my bike and the email that was on the website to register the bike did not work .. one of which is making sure I found the right serial number ... to put into the registration form because I don't wanna fill that out wrong ...
      one of the problems I was having is that the rear tire isn't taking air ... it seems to be going into the valve itself but not the actual tire so its not getting the pressure that's needed .. so I'm sorta stuck ... then there is the afterburner lights..cant figure out how to get them to charge, the card that came with the set gave me a website that said it had a video to show how to work them but all it brought me to was a site to register them . the other problem is the rain guards I'm not sure if they are supposed to cover the tires or not .. but they sort of bend to the side as they go over the tires so they look all sorts of awkward and makes the rimes look bent ... as Cliff said the bike quality looks good, I mean there were a few nicks and dings in it because of shipping but because of the tooling I don't believe anyone would try stealing this .. I'm just really upset I cant even ride it yet because of the tire .. and cant register it yet because the email you gave on the registering page wont work to help us out :sigh:

    30. Cliff Galiher

      So I thought I'd share my experience so far. I am, overall, very pleased. Shipping information was provided promptly and the staff has been very patient with my emails leading up to shipping. Packaging seemed solid and the build quality of the bike seems good. Assembly was (mostly) easy and straightforward.

      But I do has a few small issues. First, I suspect my bike had some rough shipping treatment. One link in the chain was busted. I replaced it so I can ride but am hoping it is covered under warranty. The link I used is probably not rust resistant like the rest of the chain.

      The adjustment bolt on the back of the frame to properly alight the rear wheel is bent, meaning the wheel was not aligned. I was able to align it, but the bent bolt is still a very minor concern. That jarring on the tire is what I suspect broke the chain, but I could be wrong there.

      The invincible rack is either not designed for the single-speed bike or I am missing something. The assembly video only shows the 8-speed (not usually a problem) but the upper support bar of the rack wants to occupy the exact same space as the caliper brake. The 8-speed has a disc brake so the video nor the instructions address this issue. I have tried other orientations and heights, and I just can't get the rack on and level with those bars. I've set up a video chat to see if maybe I'm just missing a solution.

      Overall, great product and great design. I don't regret backing one little bit. Shipping damage can happen to anyone. And the rack is angling minor issue which, worst case, I fire up my blowtorch and bend the supports so they go around the brake.

      Congrats guys. I'm a happy customer.

    31. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      So glad you got your bike @Auryn! Thanks for your support! Couldn't have done it without everyone!

    32. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Awesome @Randy ! Hope you didn't get too wet:)

    33. Auryn Pike

      Received my bike today down here in Melbourne!!
      Thanks Slava and the Fortified team!!

    34. Randy Noya

      Took my bike for the first ride today in the rain (Netherlands). It was worth all the waiting. Good job you guys.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tan Yu Zhang on

      Well looks like I'm the 10% =(

    36. Missing avatar

      EDDY on

      What an excitement ""WOW" when the door bell rang from FEDEX, it was it .
      All ran out to receive the package " FORTIFIED BICYCLE"

      guys .........well done !!!!!
      Greetings from MELBOURNE .......... !!!


    37. Missing avatar

      Garcia on

      Got my bike today, now time to assembly

    38. Yoon Kim

      I got my bike today (NYC)
      Looks great!!!!!!
      Thanks Slava and the whole Fortified team!

    39. David Applegate on

      To assure some of you, I just got a confirmation email on the bike so they are shipping! They had told me shipments were on a "rolling schedule" about a week ago but hopefully the rest of you guys get an email soon as well.

    40. Kyle Appel on

      I was just about to shoot them an email... I suppose I should wait a few more days then because I'm probably in the same boat... I haven't gotten anything from them ether yet

    41. Isaac on

      Just got an email back from support this morning. Not all the bikes have been sent yet. He stated mine is not in the 10% and that it might be next week week before it would be sent in case others are waiting on a response.

    42. Cliff Galiher

      I never got shipping info and I've emailed support and haven't gotten an update yet either. Hoping for some info. Just some friendly feedback.

    43. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      Hi all, just a quick update that bikes are currently shipping on a rolling basis. If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, it's likely at our warehouse being prepped for shipment. All bikes should ship out to you by middle of next week.

      TL/DR: Don't worry if you haven't received a shipping notification yet! If you still haven't by the end of next week, feel free to email and we'll get you squared away promptly.

    44. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Isaac as soon as the bikes ship, you will receive an email with tracking information.

    45. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Well guess I'm one of the unlucky ones.

    46. Isaac on

      Will you be sending tracking numbers?

    47. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @David If you completed the survey when they were originally sent out, you do not need to take any action and are good to go!

    48. David Applegate on

      If we completed the survey back when the funding closed, do we have to do the survey again? And I can't believe it's finally May and time for delivery!

    49. Slava Menn 4-time creator on

      @Michael-Gene the Invincible handlebars are 22mm.

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