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Gosi is a smart GPS device, training tool and health tracker that will change the way you look after your pet.
Gosi is a smart GPS device, training tool and health tracker that will change the way you look after your pet.
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We have fresh news about the project!!!

Posted by Laura (Collaborator)

¡Hello Gosi Lovers!

The last couple of months have been very intense and we really want to tell you what’s going on with your Gosi.  

We have received some e-mails asking when is Gosi going to be launched. Well, you won’t have to wait too much because it’s almost ready! We love the fact that you can’t wait to have your Gosi and we have NEWS you’ll love!!!

Let’s go through the phases of the project, little by little.  Just like we had told you before, we needed to fundraise €35.000 to finance production and we made it, all thanks to your support. You guys are the best!!! But, what has happened since then? 

Gosi Project Phases Update
Gosi Project Phases Update
  • April 

We have been working on the final design of the prototypes we showed you during the Kickstarter Campaign, and here is the good news we have for you: We have reduced the size of Gosiin 50%! We have listened to you and we know that the smaller, the better. So we have worked very hard to achieve it. We agreed to and we accomplished it. Your loving pet will have a much smaller Gosi but with the very same features! Hurray! 

  • May 

Our assemblers have started to produce the stainless steel Injection Molds to make gosi PVC PS (Thermoplastic resins) cases. The latter material is perfect to produce a shock resistant, light product that allows ultrasonic sealing so your beloved dog can take a bath and enjoy life as if he/she was carrying nothing. It is very important for us to let you know that our cases are Spain made, (specifically in La Terreta), and our production process is held between Valencia and Barcelona, not only to ensure that our product complies with all the quality standards but also for efficiently controlling the overall process. Tech & Trendy product 100% made in La Terreta! 

  • June 

This is the time for legal issues, a very slow but totally necessary process to certify that our product is 100% safe and quality guaranteed. We are very happy to tell you that we comply with the European Union fabrication standards as well as the electromagnetic compatibility certification CE and we are IP67. Cool ah? Well, maybe it’s not so cool but we are very excited about it! 

  • July 

During this month we have good and not so good news. Which ones should we tell you first? Let’s start with the not so good news: Our assemblers are a little bit delayed in production… August is coming and you already know that no one works in Spain during this month, so we are almost forced to send your Gosi on September. We are deeply sorry about it, but we are doing everything on our hands to revert this situation and send your Gosi as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, we have been thinking about how can we make it up to you for this delay, and with that in our minds we have been preparing very cool stuff for you to enjoy: 

GOSI COVERS: We have designed some very very awesome, limited edition covers that you and your beloved dogs will absolutely love. You are our first clients, the first 300 people that have trusted us and it is a big deal! We will reach you before sending your gosi to specially customize yours. 

GOSI APP: It’s here!! This is a very special app with some extraordinary features. You can download it directly from our website, starting from July! 

• “Pet friendly” places to enjoy together durng summer time (hotels, restaurants, pet care centers, routes 

• Veterinary calendar with customized notifications and alerts. 

• On top of all this, there’s a very EXCITING GIFT. You’’ll have to download it to discover it! What do you think about that? 

Thanks again for your support and trust! You’ll soon have your Gosi at home we cannot wait to be part of your life! 

Sending you so much furry love from all the members of our team! 

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