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Gorilla Film Magazine is a free, full-colour, 100 page book about low-to-no-budget films and filmmaking.
46 backers pledged £887 to help bring this project to life.

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The Wall of Heroes

The Adventure Begins!

Hello travellers! I'm very happy to say we've continued to sail over our initial goal of £650 on Kickstarter, with more and more people coming on board to support our new issue. Now there are just 55 hours before we finish the campaign, and only a few weeks to go before Gorilla is back in print! So we thought we'd celebrate by sharing a few pieces of artwork from the new issue. Enjoy!

There are still a few reasons to donate and/or share our Kickstarter campaign. The more funds we raise, the more things we'll be able to do, and the more mad with power we'll become. 


Gorilla Film Magazine will be totally FREE to anyone who can find it lying around. However, as much as it pains us to say it, we will be forced to charge for postage costs for all those people out there who order a copy or two online. This isn’t such a big deal for most people, it’s only going to cost them a few quid at most, but for universities, or anyone ordering in bulk, it’s a real bummer.

With your help, we want to raise extra, extra funds to go towards postage costs for universities, so that Gorilla Film Magazine can reach the people who will benefit from it the most; students and teachers. Read more


So how have we distributed Gorilla Film Magazine in the past? Well we basically just call up a load of places, ask them if they want a couple of boxes of Gorilla, and then we take the bus. We stuff our backpacks full of magazines, carry a couple of boxes, and stagger around London like Sisyphus with a hangover. It’s a gruelling back-bending process, but worst of all it’s time consuming.

With your help, we want to raise extra, extra funds to go towards travel costs, so we can get volunteers to distribute Gorilla Film Magazine around London and the UK. Read more


The new issue of Gorilla Film Magazine could never have happened without the brilliant folks at Cannes in a Van and the amazing support of our donators on Kickstarter. Gorilla has always been reliant on funding from outside sources, whether from advertisers or insane millionaires. For this reason, we take each new magazine as it comes, usually only spurred into action by a helpful kick up the arse from people like Cannes in a Van.

It’s time to start thinking about the future. If we manage to raise a decent amount more than our initial goal on Kickstarter, we can seriously think about squirrelling some of it away for the next issue of Gorilla Film Magazine. And we’re not just talking about printing costs here, it would be wonderful to start thinking about throwing a little money at the many, many Gorilla contributors who currently work for free. Read more 

Of course, Gorilla Film Magazine doesn't just provide high quality coverage and insight into independent films, we also provide solutions for everyday problems, with a range of new gadgets and tools, currently in the prototype stages, but very soon to be in your homes! Check out our promotional videos below for a look at one goes on at Gorilla HQ... 


It's been just over a week since Gorilla set sail on this Kickstarter adventure, and we hit a spot of bad weather fairly early on, when we realised we had little to no idea what we were doing. Now we find ourselves in uncharted waters, because despite the odds, we've actually been successfully funded! That's right, thanks to the overwhelming support of the general public, Gorilla will be printing an extra thousand copies of the new issue, to be distributed around London and the UK for FREE. 

A huge, huge, huge, huge thank you to everyone who donated! We are flabbergasted that people are actually willing to give money to support our journey, and we can't wait to start sending you the treasures we promised. However, there's still another week of the voyage to go, and many reasons to keep donating and spreading the word! 


At the moment we distribute on hand and foot and it's extremely time consuming and costly. With more funds we could pay transport expenses for volunteers to distriubte Gorilla around London.


Gorilla strives to be totally free, but there are some things we have to charge for, such as postage costs, which is a bummer for Universities who want Gorilla in bulk. With your help, we could raise enough money to send boxes of the new issue to select Universities, without having to charge for postage! 

The Future 

Gorilla Film Magazine is reliant on funding from outside sources. This new issue has been partly funded by Cannes in a Van, as well as by our wonderful Kickstarter donators. We take each new magazine as it comes, but if we manage to raise a decent amount more than our initial goal, we can seriously think about the future. And not just printing costs, we could even start thinking about throwing a little money at the many, many Gorilla contributors who currently work for free

We have about a week to go before the Kickstarter comes to an end, keep spreading the word to your friends, your family and the Internet. With your help Gorilla won't just survive... we'll LIVE.