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Improve upcoming documentary on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor with footage from Thorium Energy Conference 2012 in China.
Improve upcoming documentary on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor with footage from Thorium Energy Conference 2012 in China.
Improve upcoming documentary on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor with footage from Thorium Energy Conference 2012 in China.
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Mian Heng Jiang & Xu Hongjie on YouTube

Up until now Mian Heng Jiang (why China goes nuclear?) & Xu Hongjie (scope of China's thorium efforts) have only been posted to Kickstarter (due to China's firewall), and I was missing slide-deck visuals.

Those slide deck have not been released to the public, and apparently never will be.

So Mark Ho, Mark Halper and Takashi Kamei shared their own coverage to help reconstruct slide-decks. Slide quality varies and improves in each talk as my own 1080P slide-deck-cam coverage kicks in.

Mian Heng Jiang

"Why nuclear energy? Especially after what happened in Japan? Why Molten Salt Reactor? And why Thorium? And last but not least, why [is] China the first one to eat the crap?"

Xu Hongjie

"We have built our own Hatelloy N alloy and also we purchase from United States (700'C). Also we built our Silicon-Carbon material (850'C), and have some Nickel based alloy (850'C). Also we built some composites (C-C, SiC-SiC 1000'C)."

Baroness Worthington

...on the wide variety of reactor research previously conducted in UK (including thorium & molten salt), and where nuclear is headed in UK.

Bret helps with Petition

Here's Bret. He's been captioning videos. And how he's written new petition copy, aiming for a simplified approach. (My own wording had an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feel to it, so his fresh perspective is welcome.)

If you live in USA please sign it now.


Hi everyone, I created the site and have been working on a few projects with Gordon to help spread the word on Thorium and LFTR tech. I’ve been captioning the videos he creates (in English) to make them easier to understand and to improve the ability for them to be found by search engines.

As I’m sure you all will agree, most people know absolutely nothing about Thorium, so I’ve decided to make a real effort to tell people. I’ve told about 10 people so far - between friends and family members, and they are starting to understand how much we need this and are now telling their friends.

I think that if we ever want to see LFTR/Thorium reactors, we need a grassroots movement to tell everyone - not just the scientific community - about thorium. Post on facebook, tweet, call up your aunt - do whatever it takes to spread the word. Much of the concepts we need to get across are easy to understand but we go in too technical of a direction when explaining it to people (which is why I put up my site BTW - to make it easier to explain).

One of the most pressing items is we need is to save the U-233. It is just too valuable to go to waste and is our best way of getting LFTR. Even though some may think the website ineffective, the fact remains that every new signature on that petition is someone new - who now loves thorium. If we could reach 25k signatures, it would raise awareness of the US government directly. When a petition reaches that amount, the government must respond to it. I truly believe if we spread the word to enough people and encourage them to tell their friends and family, we will reach 25k. Be sure to remind them it is actively being destroyed as we speak, so time is short.

One last word on the petition. It gets wiped out every month by the website. If you would like a reminder - submit your email to (only once is needed) to sign up for a monthly e-mail reminder.

Bret created this 5m version of "Stop the Destruction of America's U-233". between that video and simplified petition copy here's hoping we can appear to a wider audience.

As of today here's what the petition mailing list stats look like...

That's a slow steady climb. Continued success depends on people re-signing every month.

I'm hoping we'll eventually hit an inflection point where more effective copy or video results in an exponential climb instead of steady slow growth. Certainly the re-election of Obama resulted in more signatures than usual (2486) but not more emails being collected (no spike at end of graph).

So we want to be ready for random events by having an active, effective petition & video (an iterative approach until we find what works the best).

As of today, we have enough folks in the mailing list that we can collect 150 signatures in about 3 days. That's something we did not have when this started... a petition would be created, and would not be publicly visible on we-the-people for half-a-month. At least now we have a completely non-overlapping vector for disseminating the U233 / Thorium meme. (It is not like people are browsing we-the-people petitions looking to learn about thorium & uranium.)

So please sign. Today it does a little bit of good. One day it will do a lotta good.


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