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Improve upcoming documentary on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor with footage from Thorium Energy Conference 2012 in China.
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YouTube is blocked in China

So I guess everyone in the world but me knew that. Gmail works, but pretty much every other means of broadcast I use is blocked except... Kickstarter!

The attached video is of Jiang Mianheng, he gave the first full-length talk at ThEC12. I think it is quite useful in that it summarizes the Chinese perspective on thorium (and nuclear in general).

It is not a great edit. And Kickstarter is hardly the ideal video host. But I wanted to fire off what-I-had now and I'll put these assets to better use down the road. (I can't really edit with my laptop... this is a hack job.)

The event was very interesting, I've only ever attended Thorium Energy Alliance events before so was good to get the more "international" perspective. Lots of folks I'd never had gotten to meet otherwise.

I've got all the lectures captured in full, and I think in very decent quality.

Was able to get some interviews. Not as many as I'd have liked... mostly due to me having just caught a crazy cough upon arrival and now that everything is done the cough is finally dissipating. Random, unfortunate and I'm sure entertaining when my voice suddenly changes in middle of doc to a hoarse whisper.

I'm only in Shanghai for a couple more days. Will see if I can visit Sanmen Nuclear Power Station today, even if I only amounts to b-roll.

Thanks for help backing this trip. I'll have a more complete update on what new video assets were collected when I'm back.

To simply find out what happened in general, I'd monitor Mark Halper posts as he's been hammering out copy about the event.

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    1. Creator Jobe Roberts on November 8, 2012

      I can't wait to see more. What I've so far is most excellent!

    2. Creator Gordon McDowell on November 3, 2012

      Quick note in case I dont post for while. Only got exterior of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. First time this Canadian has ever seen a CANDU.