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THORIUM can end our dependence on fossil fuels, WITHOUT requiring redundant power lines to intermittent low density energy farms.
"Thorium." -the documentary was completed in late 2016. Please watch at your leisure, and share deep-links to your favorite moments.
"Thorium." -the documentary was completed in late 2016. Please watch at your leisure, and share deep-links to your favorite moments.
677 backers pledged $32,339 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      P M on

      Any update for backers owed rewards?

    2. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      "Thorium." (aka Thorium Remix 2016, aka TR2016) now dis-assembled into 710 components in THORIUM REMIX 2016 ATOMS playlist.… ...and also 33 components in THORIUM REMIX 2016 CHUNKS playlist...…

      Such assets can be used by YouTube Editor to create custom edits such as this Star Trek themed look at energy abundance:…

      In future I'll be releasing more short edits, and a tutorial on how to roll your own. Kickstarter backers owed DVDs shall receive a custom edit built using these tools, with the MP4 pulled back down of YouTube and encoded into DVD-friendly MPEG-2.

    3. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Ragner, something came up need to push it off. Is why I don't pre-announce stuff. Fixing a problem I found in the video. Need to edit, re-render, re-upload.

    4. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Ragnar, hope you see this... trying to see how to also send you a private message but do not see it... trying to see how to reply specifically to your comment but there is no reply button. Gah. Anyway, give me until this Friday for my next update. Or if something goes wrong I'll comment again with new ETA.

    5. Ragnar on

      Haven't checked in on this project for quite some time... is there any activity? Will this ever be completed? Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      vanzandtj on

      I have not finished watching your latest draft, but I have two comments on what I've seen so far:

      "neutrino detector" in the sound track (describing one of the Mars rovers) should definitely be "neutron detector".

      There's a long discussion of Pu 238 RTGs. Near the beginning of that, the connection with thorium and molten salt reactors should be spelled out. Otherwise the listener starts wondering what point you're making.

    7. Missing avatar

      S. Weir on

      Gordon, this piece is great! An amazing progression from earlier pieces. As a non science person I found the history of space travel and the Oak Ridge info. very grounding and rooted. It is a bit long for public viewing in one sit but breaking the information down into the shorter bites really helps to keep the energy level up. I can't wait to share far and wide. I've been thinking that this would be a good fit with Netflix Documentaries, a CBC Special, a PBS Special or even locally partnering with the Telus Spark Science Centre. I know that this type of "advice" must drive you nuts but there you go. This new project that you were so passionate about when I met you during the first Nenshi election campaign has and is turning out to be pretty great! After this showing, I understand much better where this story came from and where it's going.

      On another note, Kirk Sorenson suggested that everyone tell five friends etc. etc. During the last federal government, I did wear a jacket (for two years) that said in very large letters on the back - Heave Steve. It was a passive delivery but I did get to be the kick off photo and story of a Micheal Harris article in iPolitics. All this said, if you do not object, I would like to do the same with the LFTR/thorium/safe/proven alternate energy message. Basically a human bill board with out the board.

      Bottom line, I like this very much

    8. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Neal, I'll be looking to make edited sequences as re-useable as possible. Depends if by unused you mean edited-but-abandoned sequences, or raw-multicamera-coverage. I did make commitments to get hard drives to people so something needs to go out, but optimally I'll be only figuring that out after the core doc itself is already not just public but also had mechanisms for remixing. I'll see if those mechanisms also can apply to removed sequences and raw footage.

      (Some folks ARE owed hard drives of footage, if they're reading this and want such a hard drive right now then they should chime in or message me. Waiting for usual KickStarter fulfillment process means waiting until DVDs also ship out. I can't only trigger a sub-set of fulfillments, and I don't want to know where anyone lives until DVDs are ready to be shipped.)

    9. Missing avatar

      Neal on

      Take your time. I want this to be a fantastic documentary that I can use to help educate people. I do have one question, though, and it does not need an immediate response so that you can think it over. Once the documentary is complete and you produce the DVD/Blu-Rays for everyone, would it be possible to get the unused video? Or at least the unused video that you think is good enough to share.

      Anyway, thank you for doing this! I am looking forward to the finished product whenever you think it's good enough.

    10. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      eNTi, project is not dead. I'd gotten some feedback that my updates on MSR conferences and lectures was not what people were interested in, and that was all noise distracting from the "where is the doc?" question.

      I don't post updates without new video content. To me THAT is noise.

      So when I have something to show I'll show it.

      Have been working on this since 2012, although rarely full time since 2012. Just enjoyed 5 days straight of work on it thanks to rest of family taking a vacation without me. Time is the major constraint.

      As of right now, an extremely rough-and-incomplete edit is rendering. That I was able to get that edited is almost entirely due to 5 days of uninterrupted concentration.

      I'm not sure yet what I can do with the edit once I have it rendered. It might not be something I can show backers yet... certainly no one would enjoy the very rough aspect of the edit.

      Just like the edited MSRE tour took a long time to vet against on-camera participants before I could share, TR2015 is going to need to be bounced off the people I videotaped. That's what this render is for.

      That's not to say backers won't get an early look. I do need peer feedback as well. But there's stuff said on camera I simply need to check with those who said it before anyone else sees it. That's the nature of a cameras-always-running approach to footage capture, when there's never any announcement that "cameras are running".

      This comment isn't meant to be an official update. I need to figure out the vetting strategy before I update backers.

      I'm going to edit some non-doc video (which includes footage used in the doc), and I'll properly update backers with THAT video as something new to watch, with a vetting strategy, and a rather lengthy description of how & why the doc is what it is.

      I've got 12 cores pinned at 100% render. 55GB RAM occupied. Outputting what look to be a 3TB uncompressed render in chunks, as that's the sanest way to then combine & compress something uploadable to YouTube... when I try directly render an MP4 the system crashes. I need to render... then combine... then compress.

      So the PC is busy even though I'm free to write a comment reply.

    11. Missing avatar

      eNTi on

      so ANY updates at all? is this dead?

    12. Missing avatar

      eNTi on

      so ANY updates at all? is this dead?

    13. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Tony, yes you will. It will not be soon. I'm not throwing out any more estimates. I've been working on it every chance I get. I don't need any reminders, it is on my mind.

    14. Anthony D on

      Will we ever get the DVD?

    15. Missing avatar on

      What is the chance we can show SOMETHING Thorium/MSR based at the NY Climate March/Festival? (note the events list)

    16. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Joashua, I'm sorry you feel that way. Why don't you consider this video... http:/ ...a 44 minute documentary on the Molten Salt Reactor, a complete documentary in and of itself? At $3, your pledge does not entitle you to a DVD, so... we're done? Just unsubscribe from this project, and you won't be receiving any more of my update spam. Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy your documentary.

    17. Joshua Whitley on

      This is possibly the worst-run Kickstarter I've ever been a part of. I'm pretty annoyed that I even funded it. This was successfully funded in April of 2012. You estimated completion in AUGUST of 2012. Almost 2 years ago now. You're spending $30,000 of our money to make a documentary with CHAPTERS that are OVER 2 HOURS LONG? This is a joke. I'm really glad I pledged at the lowest possible level. I feel bad for those who gave more.

    18. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Tony, I will send out surveys collecting people's addresses right after TEAC6, when the doc has reached "1.0" status. That'll be after May29-30 conference and I've flown back from Chicago. Of course if you (or anyone) wants a DVD right now, I'm happy to stick the current edit on a DVD and send that off instead.

    19. Anthony D on

      When are we going to get the DVD?

    20. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Ahmed, Sorry I haven't updated this KS campaign as recently as the 2013 one... the only big update (if you haven't seen it) is Th10:… ...I've been holding off on this KS campaign to try incorporate John Kutsch's TEAC6 invite which he just needs to upload to YouTube for me to include.

      I'm hard at work on Th11. I won't be waiting on Th11 to update this campaign... there's still much work to do on that (although I've put lots of time into it).

      Am hoping to get a 1.0 of the doc done by TEAC6... May 30. Right after the conference I'll alert backers to see who wants DVD of 1.0.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ahmed on

      What's thes status of this project?

    22. Mark Derail on

      Here's an idea...why can't the UN help out Iran & Syria to use LFTR reactors?
      Give away the plans for free.

    23. James Johnston on

      I also vote for quality over speed. These things take time.

    24. Ragnar on

      Take your time! I'd much rather have a polished video done right. Ignore the whiners :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Cameron Elvey on

      What's going on with this? I thought this was going to be a short little video with an attempt to go viral and appeal to the masses, something succinct and to the point. It seems to have turned into a low budget full length documentary that comes across as one of those conspiracy theory documentaries. :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Brown on

      Gordon, if I may offer advice...

      Old-school documentary making consisted simply of pointing a motion-picture camera at the subject, filming, and later editing that film. Digital video and editing were adopted to make it easier for, and give greater flexibility to, the documentary maker. My advice is, don't let the digital video processes get you bogged down in complexity. Keep it simple. Focus on videotaping the subject and then editing for clarity and conciseness. It doesn't have to be a project aimed at getting two hours of slick, Super-Bowl quality video.


      Steve Brown

    27. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Matt, I do have other folks messaging me similar sentiments. I didn't mean my last update to imply I've accomplished what I've set out to do. There is no completed doc yet. When it is done, or before it is done, whenever there's a complete timeline and a backer wants a DVD snapshot I'll send it out. Based on feedback I'm not sure if people are just impatient with me being VERY VERY behind (I've been shooting, organizing, and editing doc footage since TEAC4) or if my communications implied there was not going to be a DVD. There will be a DVD, and I'll ship it to you.

      I do not know how long it will take. I'll offer a more detailed breakdown of current status next proper update (not a hasty comment posting). I've been asking myself WHEN this will be done and WHY it is taking so much longer than 2011 version. Have some likely answers but would prefer to express as a longer update post and not a dashed-off comment. Please wait for next update I'll do my best to report on doc progress in greater detail.

    28. Matt Robinson on

      Do we have a DVD yet? I notice you had promised a DVD-worthy edit available by late January. Here we are at April 9. It is very important to me that a DVD is forthcoming. No, I don't want a refund - I want what was promised.

    29. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Hey just back online after 2 weeks away. Lost an iPad in Cuba (well... I call it stolen because they didn't return it to lost-and-found when I stepped away from it). So what little internet access I might have had I lost. Checking out the Reddit.

    30. Jatinder Randhawa on

      Hey Gordon, Thorium Remix 2011 made front page on reddit today. Here is a link to the comments to the post under the video:

      I think its an excellent place for you to help push Thorium remix and possibly answer any questions that the rest of us can't. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Not unhappy here. I've been following all the updates and the great educational footage. The reason for backing was hoping the success of REMIX 2011 could be matched and reach perhaps millions of people, but personally I already received lots of education in return.

    32. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Tony, I'm hoping to have a DVD worthy edit late January. Sorry that's so far from my original estimate. Once screener copies (early edits) are public anyone wanting a DVD copy of the work-in-progress will be able to get that, as opposed to waiting-it-out for a more polished edit. But the core problem is I just haven't processed as much material as I thought I could by this point. Shanghai was quite the diversion but should make for a better doc.

      If this is a bad answer I can try refund anyone who's unhappy.

    33. Anthony D on

      When are we getting the DVD?

    34. Missing avatar

      Bruce Webb on

      Gordon, regarding your request for video, I know that if you release it as a 720p HD in an .mkv wrapper then at least the bulk of devices will be able to play it. This includes Android & Symbian. It also means that anyone with a MAC or PC will be able to view it using VLC or one of the other Open Standard video players.

      Apple is the only one where you have to do anything specific as they live in their own little world.

      I hope none of the apple fanboys get their knickers in a knot over this comment, this is certainly not the forum to start "discussing" the benefits of the OS, it is just reality, the most important thing is that as many people possible get to see it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Matt Adams on

      I was wondering how much material would a LFTR burn up in a year? Say you build a 1GW plant after a year how much of the fuel is gone? Or what do you end up with after it is 'burned up'? I guess I could ask this somewhere else, but it could be nice to have this answered in the video, eh?

    36. Missing avatar

      Conrad Knauer on

      lftrnow: Would Kaku? AFAIK, he's rather anti-nuclear.

    37. Missing avatar

      Conrad Knauer on

      Matt: There's already a link on to donate $3 through PayPal.

    38. Missing avatar on

      I'd also like to add another part to my suggestion - Dr. Michio Kaku would also make an excellent speaker for the new Thorium video. See an example: youtube: v=geBmlndUexA

    39. Missing avatar

      Matt Adams on

      A paypal donation box should work. I have donated through paypal a couple times. We just have to wait for Mr. McDowell to set one up first.

    40. Missing avatar

      Uzza on

      I tried to donate using a virtual credit card, and it also failed. Since I live outside the US and don't have a CC accepted by amazon, I can't do much as it stands now. :(

    41. Matthew Watson on

      My donation came back as failed because Amazon payments don't work outside of the USA. Any other way to donate?

    42. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Matt Adams, I'm going to cover TEAC4 as best I can (and the surrounding travel events). I'll edit that footage, have a VERY rough cut... more of an idea template than a doc, and deploy remaining funds by shooting more footage and paying for post production assets. The balance of travel&shooting vs post-production costs will be obvious once I have whatever I have after TEAC4.

      By extra plans I'm guessing you mean leveraging the footage in more than one project? Likely, but that's an editing exercise with all the assets collected for TR2012, and not something that costs more money. (I'm not paying myself for time here.) Ideally other people try do "extra plans" since their video ideas are likely to be more varied than mine.

      Jatinder, thanks for propagating it!

    43. Missing avatar

      Matt Adams on

      With this kickstarter finishing over $9,000 over what you hoped do you have any extra plans? Or are you going to stick with the original plan and focus on making the best documentary you possibly can?

    44. Jatinder Randhawa on

      Good luck Gordon! I am from the UK starting to infect people with your remix video :)

    45. Gordon McDowell 3-time creator on

      Robert Kieronski & Michael Armenia, do you have decent coverage of the lecture series? Could I get a copy of the raw footage if so?

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Kieronski on

      Gordon, ...just posted a pledge for your documentary. Michael Armenia and I just completed a 3 session lecture series on energy and the LFTR to a filled house of local energy enthusiasts in Rhode Island. If the response to our talks are anything like what your film will meet, yours will be very successful !! We would be happy to share any dialogue of ours with you if it would be of use. Good luck with your film !!
      Bob Kieronski

    47. Missing avatar on

      I wonder if you could get someone famous (think PBS level famous) like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Alan Alda or Bill Nye? I know the budget is tiny, but I really believe they (and others) would do it for nothing to make a better world.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ellen Walker on

      Love from the UK :)

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