$6,640 pledged of $20,000 goal
By Gordon Fowler
$6,640 pledged of $20,000 goal

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Thank you to all of you who supported the project...

Hi All,

First, thanks to all of you who pledged!

As you might expect, we are disappointed that the project didn't get funded, but I am even more disappointed that I have let everyone down.

Initially the Latch & Lanyard was just my cleaver idea for how to "finish" the case and offer it to the many people who had expressed interest.  Then as we made the prototypes with it's "snappy" little latch, I realized it was also pretty "cool" in a geeky sort of way.  Now, having lived with it for the past few months, it has become indispensable.

I guess my point is that we still feel that this is too good of a product not to find its way to market, and will continue to work to that end armed with your feedback and the lessons we've learned from this initiative.

In regard to the other products, we continue to sell the Gymbl and Gymbl Pro from our website and on Amazon.  We've also taken on a distributor in the US and you should see Gymbl showing up in retail stores over the summer.  If any of you are interested in purchasing the Gymbl, register to follow the Latch & Lanyard at our website or send me an email address so that I have a way to contact you directly, and I'll send you a promo code that will get you 20% off.  (Unfortunately I can't offer this on the Pro because of short supplies.)

In regard to the Rewards:

Latch & Lanyard

For those of you who remain interested in the Latch & Lanyard, I am going to add a product page to our website and include a place where those who are interested can register to continue to get updates.  That, or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or G+.

Gymbl for iPro Lens

We continue to work with Schneider on this case and together we will make the decision in the next month on whether to release it as a product.  If we do it will be available at our website.


This product will be available and should begin shipping next month.


Thank you again for your interest,


I'm calling this the Alex Lindsay update

I said this would be soon...

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Alex Lindsay at the TWiT studios where I did 360 degree virtual tours with a prototype of our new Gymbl Pano head.  Alex wanted to play with it so I left it with him.  

The following week to my surprise it was on MacBreak Weekly with Alex and Leo Laporte discussing it.

If you watch the video you'll see the prototype of the modified case for the Schneider lenses and you'll also see our new Gymbl Pano that we're offering as a KickStarter special today.  

(You can see the whole episode here.  I don't have to tell you how great it makes you feel when one of your favorites and one of the best and most successful tech podcasts on the Web "picks" your product... then picks it again.)

You can make a 360 degree virtual tour with any of the Gymbl adapters.  What's special about the Gymbl pano is you won't go crazy doing it.  What you'll get with the Pano and your iPhone is professional quality virtual tours at one tenth of the cost for pro equipment.

We're also partnering with two great companies that are leading in creating and publishing virtual tours: Kolor, for stitching applications and TourWrist for publishing.

For our KickStarter project we're offering the Pano as two rewards:

  • For a pledge of $150 you'll receive the Case, the Latch & Lanyard, and the Pano in a protective pouch.
  • For a pledge of $250 we've created a turnkey solution by bundling it with an electronic copy of Autopano Pro from Kolor which is the best software for stitching iPhone images into panoramas and then publishing them on TourWrist where you can view them on the iPhone, iPad or embed them in your own blog or website.

As always thank for your participation and help in getting the word out,


We've added a really exciting new product and with it an another KS exclusive!

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to all of you who have helped with the project and welcome to a number of our original customers who have joined in the last few days.

Some exciting developments!

We're partnering with Schneider to adapt the Gymbl case to their excellent professional iPro lenses, and our KickStarter supporters may be the only ones to ever get one.

The results that we've been getting with the prototype case and the wide angle for video is nothing short of amazing!

With this we've created a new Reward for a $300 pledge by combining it the with our GYMBL PRO BUNDL to create a complete kit of the best photography and video accessories available for the iPhone.

As always, anything you can do to help get the word out will be greatly appreciated and will increase the likelihood that we can still get this project over the finish line.

All the best,


ps... One more surprise to come...

Things have been quiet but we have been busy....

I am about to send out a series of updates because the subject are diverse, but we have some really exciting things going on.

Today I'd like to update you on the prototype which we continue to refine.  We've made some changes to the Latch:

  • We have increased the size fo the hole in the eyelet to accomodate larger rings and standard diameter web loops.
  • We've added a slight undercut to the release lever to make it easier to open.
  • Finally, we've added our logo to the flat space below the lever on the latch.

We've also made changes to the Lanyard to make it both more comfortable and more flexible:

  • Instead of attaching directly to the Latch with the split ring, we now do so through a web "loop".  We did so that the rigid ring doesn't interfere with your thumb as you hold the iPhone taut with the Lanyard.  
  • Moving the ring further back means you can attach other things to it which are then away from the iPhone when you're taking pictures or shooting video.
  • The new Lanyard design now allows you to connect your favorite camera strap, or one from Etsy or other craft sites, via the loop to your Gymbl Latch & Case.

We've also decide to add colored cases!

There are three new colors including: white, a very bright pink and a very "KickStarter" green.  If there is interest we may offer a special KickStarter version with a mixed Green & Black Case and a branded lanyard with their logo.

Because of the colors, we'll also offer a light gray version of the Lanyard to match the Latch.

I'll try to get some photos up on the site.

Any help you can give getting the word out would be greatly appreciated.  We're down to the last two weeks and we still have a long way to go.....