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365 days, 335 Facebook friends, 51 cities, 13 countries, one woman's journey to conquer her fear

So many people have already read, seen or heard about this project.  So many people have been touched by this inspiring story.  Here's your chance to be a part of the documentary and a part of this story.  

Face to Facebook is a documentary film about anxiety, the internet and conquering fear.  ArLynn Presser has been struggling with panic and agoraphobia for over 30 years.  On New Years Eve 2010, she decided she'd had enough.  She made a New Years resolution to meet all 325 of her Facebook friends around the world.  Within the hour, she had 10 more friend requests (including a cat), and added them in.  Some of these people were family, old friends from school and people from her community, but many were total strangers.  Some lived close by in the Chicago area, but many lived all across the country, the continent and around the world.  To complete her goal, ArLynn has had to circumnavigate the globe.  In doing so, she is turning a digital connection into a real one, coming face to face with her fears, herself and her friends.  

This incredible and inspiring story of one woman on a quest to conquer her fears is not only a tale of travel and self discovery , it is also an examination of the nature of anxiety and panic disorders.  It raises questions about how social media like Facebook affects people suffering from these disorders as well as the population at large.  It's a personal story of determination and taking control of one's life and one's fears as well as an examination of how our culture and society are rapidly changing with our increasing online presence.  

Everyone, at some point in their life, will experience panic.  For over 19 million Americans, this is a constant struggle.  4 million deal with serious panic and agoraphobia.  Of these, the ratio of women to men is 2:1.   There are over 800 million active Facebook users around the world.  How does the internet and this social media platform change the way we see ourselves and our friends?  How do they change the way we communicate with our friends and our family?  How do they change the way people who have been struggling with anxiety and agoraphobia interact and live? 

We are asking you to pledge whatever you can to help complete this film.   We are in the home stretch with production but we still need to edit and finish the film.  This documentary is shedding light on what remains a largely under-diagnosed and untreated affliction.  The story is an inspiration to anyone.  

Face your fears.  

Conquer yourself.  

Spread the word and help us finish this amazing film.  

Thank you.

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