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The Gopher Illustrated goes to Print!'s video poster

Hi! The Gopher is a limited-edition magazine that is customizable by the reader. It features arts, literature & journalism with meticulous production. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 1, 2010.

Hi! The Gopher is a limited-edition magazine that is customizable by the reader. It features arts, literature & journalism with meticulous production.

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Wow, the midpoint date came and went, and it wasn't until someone pointed it out that we came to realize it. We reached our goal a little while ago, but are still looking for backers: the more contributions we have, the better each copy of the magazine will look and feel! So don't be shy, tell your friends that you want that awesome magazine with the stickers, and help us make the best possible publication we can! To all who have contributed, we are very grateful and working hard to get this magazine to your doorstep as soon as possible. Hooray!
Hello! We want to raise enough money to print the first issue of The Gopher Illustrated, a collectible, limited-print magazine founded by a very small team in Chapel Hill, USA, Caracas, Venezuela, and London, UK. We hope to print 2000 copies for this first issue, which will be hand-numbered, letter-pressed and distributed with much love.

The Gopher Illustrated [url:] is a quarterly magazine that we created hoping to achieve what we think a magazine should be: a publication that is substantial but also leisurely, meticulous but also fun, featuring different kinds of content We don't cover current events and place no limits on article length - there are also no length constraints for literary works. These two very simple adjustments allow for pieces that are well-written, well-researched and... well... complete. The content aims to be timeless ( A plus for the environmentally minded - no last week's celebrity scandal means no discarded publication this week!) and is printed accordingly. The magazine is printed (or will be) on high quality, matte paper with brilliant -read: beautiful- inks and durable binding so that they will earn a place in your shelves.

The magazine and its content is divided into three big sections. First, each issue has a themed section, which is guest edited by an expert in whatever theme that particular issue is about. Secondly is the "body" of the magazine. In this part we have a Portfolio section, featuring four bodies of work by emerging and established artists, designers, typographers, photographers, and whatever other medium can be printed. The "body" also features interviews, opinion pieces, chronicles, essays, music reviews (always reviewed by other musicians) investigative pieces and salon-style literary reviews. The third portion of the magazine is reserved for a single literary work, un-edited, and non-published, to close the magazine.

We want each copy of the magazine to be unique to its owner. In order to achieve this, we have left blank spaces within the magazine to be completed. Every issue contains three pages of stickers with original artwork and graphics that can be placed within the spaces in the magazine. These exist so that the final editorial choices of the magazine are up to the reader. You can, of course, also place them anywhere you like, so if you're not that much into magazines but very much into the sticker culture, this is also the right project for you.

For this first issue we are honored to feature work by collage artist Mario Wagner [url:], Illustrator Jessica Hische [url:] , Photographer Estelle Hanania [url:], a short collaboration from the folks of GOOD Magazine [url:], as well as an original work of literature by William Giraldi. We'll leave our guest editor a mystery for now. It should be around a hundred pages in length, and will measure 205 x 255mm. If we exceed our funding goal, we will put the funds towards either of the following *the decision is up to you folks*

a) Print more copies of our first issue
b) Invest it towards making this issue available in other digital formats (Kindle, for example or an IPhone app)

In addition to the print magazine, we run a website that is an extension of the magazine (but by no means a mirror). On the website, we post interviews, articles, music, video and art a few times a week as well as daily briefs, with links to artist's websites, interesting articles and the like. Check it out at [url:] and please feel free to contact us at

We appreciate and thank you for all your support, we think you will really enjoy the magazine!

The Gopher Team.


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    Pledge $1 or more

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    Our eternal gratitude, and your name on the Digital Edition. Better us than CADIVI (you know who you are!)

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    Pledge $5 or more

    8 backers

    Founding Father/Mother Pack: Get your name, nickname, brand, name of your band, e-mail or whatever you feel like in the “Proudly Sponsored By” part of the magazine!

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    Pledge $10 or more

    4 backers

    It’s a Digital World Pack: Get your name on the magazine + a digital magazine, featuring all of the content of the print one, sent to you and a shout-out on our website! [url:]

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    Pledge $25 or more

    18 backers

    Is That a Collector’s Item on Your Shelf? Pack: all of the above + (yes) a copy of the magazine!!! Remember that we’re only making 2,000 copies and that each one is letter-pressed and numbered by hand! Did I just hear the words “collectors item for only 25$”? + inside the magazine we’ll place a thank-you letter with a surprise thingy, so when a friend of yours takes the magazine from the shelf(s) he’ll find out that you were one of our Founding Fathers. (Shipping free of charge to any part of continental USA and Canada)

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    High Fidelity Pack: Everything in the previous package + Michu and Lope will make a limited edition, hand crafted and illustrated Mixtape featuring the amazing musicians who have collaborated in The Gopher Illustrated up to Issue #1!! we mean glue, scissors, different kinds of paper, cutting our fingers and your name on it, mates (plus all the amazing music of course) (and shipping conditions apply to this one too, sorry)

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    You My Friend, Are Going Places Pack: all of the above + we will write a feature on whatever you want, including yourself, your band, your grandma or your far-fetched alien-lobster theory, on our website and will publicize it for you in all of our platforms!!! We’re talking about thousands of readers each month, thousands of converts to alien-lobster theory!

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    Pledge $300 or more

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    Oh My God You’re Truly Into Mags and Books Pack: All of the above + a year's worth of editions of the Gopher Illustrated Magazine!!! Follow us in this adventure with some of the best voices in narrative, journalism and visual arts for a year AND ALSO get a limited edition poster made by Alex Wright, our beloved English graphic designer, brains and hands behind all Gopher imagery. The poster will be signed, hand-numbered and stamped by the Gopher team especially for you!

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    We’re Making History Here Pack: all of the above + limited edition poster + we’ll feature you in the magazine’s colophon as a “Executive Editor” right next to us for the whole first year, that is something you can put in your resume if you want ( we’ll back you up if someone calls, don’t worry ), AAANNDD we’ll give you a half page in our first edition for you to fool around with: an article, an ad, a photograph, you name it - its yours.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    And Our Firstborn Pack: Ok, you got us, at the moment we don’t even know how to reward such a blatant generosity: First of all you’ll be our best friend, we’ll say your name everyday to everybody we meet for the whole first year and we’ll go to your city as soon as we can and tell your parents about all your achievements. You will also get everything we offer the mortals above + and copies of ANY FUTURE EDITORIAL PROJECT (BOOKS, POSTERS, MUSIC COMPILATIONS, ETC,) THAT THE GOPHER TEAM MAY (AND WE DO!) HAVE IN STORE + you’ll be featured as “Consultant Editor” for the whole first year + send you an amazing, hand-written letter expressing our love and saying how amazing you are. I mean, wow!

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