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Choose a Jarl, build a team and use special weapon dice to defeat your enemies and win the ultimate glory: a seat in halls of Valhalla!
Choose a Jarl, build a team and use special weapon dice to defeat your enemies and win the ultimate glory: a seat in halls of Valhalla!
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    1. birretta86 on

      Version 2 rounded

    2. Go on Board Creator on

      Guys, before we post an update with poll we want to show you visualization with both patterns. Here you can find it:

    3. nezuko on

      Don't get rid of the pattern, just use a different pattern that not too busy so the symbol can still be recognized.

    4. Go on Board Creator on

      Guys, tomorrow we should make a poll about dice pattern. We will show you visualisation with comparison of both patterns.

    5. Helen

      Dice with rounded corners make me happy :-)

    6. chris on

      If you remove the pattern. I want the possibility to downgarde my pledge. Because than there is no more need for me, for having extra dice.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      Thanks for the update!
      Keep up the good work :)

    8. Kelsii Weber

      I'm disappointed that it looks like the playmat is not neoprene.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Baalham on

      I'm so glad that you have decided to change the dice. As a visually impaired gamer, I was hesitant to back this solely because of how busy the dice were.

    10. Jay T on

      Rounded cornered dice are always much better that squared-off corners and I am glad to hear that the dice will have rounding. As for the pattern, I do not like dice that have flowery art on them that surrounds the main icon if it makes that icon too small to easily identify at a quick glance... especially for a game that involves a lot of dice rolling like this one. In Sam Healey's review he actually says that he likes the designs and that other people he was playing the game with did not like them. I will be happy either way, but I would lean towards clean large icons without a surrounding pattern especially since people that have actually played the game have stated that the pattern can make them hard to identify. The thought of shrinking the surrounding pattern would also be a good option, allowing for a larger main icon, but nice big clearly identifiable and good-looking icons without a pattern would also be great.

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Sylvester

      Please do not change the dice. I like the flourish and patterns and the look of the dice is a huge part of the theme for this game. If you change the dice I'd feel lied to... it's not what I backed, and cheaper, under produced dice are a poor decision. I like Sam, but he doesn't speak for everyone.

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Gardner II on

      while I can see where Sam is coming from that it might be too easy to lose the symbol in the flourish or that it will take extra time to interpret what symbol it is due to "noise". My counterpoints to removing the flourish would be
      - if possible shrink the flourish, I realize dice have a margin on the edge, and i'm not a master on dice technologies but if it's possible to shrink down the size of the flourish thus adding more space between the symbol and the circle that is around it)
      - change the color of the flourish as another idea. Part of the argument for it being noisy is that the flourish is the same color as the symbol and at close enough to the same font weight. Now it would mean adding an extra color to the dice (which I assume might be additional cost but once again I don't know) but lighten up the flourish to another color, maybe somewhere in the #767676 range, the flourish would still be there but the main symbol would pop.
      - last idea would be to simplify the flourish, instead of the triangular pieces of art outside of the circle, remove those but make the circle that surrounds the icon to instead have the flourish.

      Just a couple of ideas, either way, still looking forward to playing the game.

    13. Missing avatar

      Winger on

      I agree about the dice. I loved the way they looked. They aren't too busy in reading them, just the patterns which makes them pop! Don't dumb them down too much - still super exited about this update!

    14. Missing avatar

      LeonW on

      Czy wywalenie całkiem tych ozdób na kościach nie jest by zbyt radykalne? Wystarczyłoby usunąć kółko wokół symbolu i już grafika w środku mogła by być troszkę większa. Szkoda tych listków ozdobnych. Ewentualnie może ten trzeci środkowy listek mógłby zniknąć z rogu? To i usunięte koło i już by było sporo więcej miejsca.

    15. Missing avatar

      JuanXin on

      Thanks for the update, team!
      Nice to hear all is going on ^^
      About the dice, that decision makes me sad too. Is that a final decision? Can you consider some alternatives? I mean, do the patterns more simple or littler, libearting space on dice...
      That customized dices are a beautyfull +1 in this game!

    16. Missing avatar


      The decission about the dice makes me a little bit sad. I understand that plain symbols will benefit the gameplay, but the pattern was what made them so beautiful. :-(