TITANS: historical fantasy miniature board game

by Go on Board

Go on Board wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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      RaduProfeanu about 6 hours ago


      One question will i be able to back from Europe ( delivery to Romania) ?

      Thank you,

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      KS Gamer
      about 16 hours ago

      2 things really important for me:
      1) Have you consider a good custom plastic insert to keep everything nicely in place and allowing a quick setup (Game Trayz would be awesome!).
      2) Are you using linen finish (on cards, boards, game box)? It would increase the durability and quality of the components...

    3. Iliuthenin about 16 hours ago

      I hope you consider using grey plastic for all miniatures (and colored base / ring). Having green and red minis on table takes too much attention from the gorgeous game board and cards. I would even prefer cardboard tokens or wooden meeples to colorful plastic. Grey is also easiest to paint and those minis deserve to be painted.

    4. Luis Turina Serrano about 19 hours ago

      Add-ons with new factions? I'm thinking about Spanish, British...

      More boards for add-ons or SG?

    5. Go on Board Creator about 21 hours ago

      Full gameplay is already here! You can watch it on our YouTube: https://youtu.be/3736_7XT2PE

    6. Go on Board Creator about 21 hours ago

      KS launches on November 5th.

      Thanks for idea with the flags. We will think about that :)

    7. Hoot
      1 day ago

      How about some little changeable flags for the strongholds as a SG? 👍

    8. Daniel Korbely 1 day ago

      When is KS launch?

    9. Go on Board Creator 2 days ago

      And one more important news! Titans is one of the Sam Healey's top 10 Essen games to demo!


    10. Go on Board Creator 2 days ago

      Guys! We want to answer the latest questions:
      - Game will be released in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian- Thanks for your gameplay ideas like semi co-op etc. We are puting all of them on our list of ideas to test. - There is a lot happening on the map in the Titans. That is why it is very important to quickly and easily distinguish nations. In tests it turned out that miniatures in different colors are better. It is possible to change colors to others if get such feedback from the backers. However, Titans for sure will stay grey and they will have color rings. 

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephan Wellner 2 days ago

      will the game released in German?

    12. Missing avatar

      Sven D'Hondt 3 days ago

      I haven't received Valhalla yet, but this again looks amazing. I'll probably go all in again. For me, I prefer grey miniatures with colored bases, as I paint them.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rodney A 3 days ago

      @Go ob Board Deffo keeping tabs on this one, looks promising so far. Have you given any consideration to semi-co-operative mode? e.g. a big bad titan scenario lets say is called the "spirit of war" and there is a war track and the more intense the fighting (maybe 1 unit fights causes no gain), the more war points accumulate until a big master titan appears to ravage the board forcing players to work together to kill it while still trying to beat other factions. Stretch goal perhaps?
      Also hoping for some more building/city type minis.

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Haupt 3 days ago

      I'm in the colored plastics camp too, makes sense. And the colors look fine. At least they are quite clear... btw did you consider colorblindness here (I know red/green can be Issue)? I know you mentioned it in "How to play" video with card symbols.
      But I think it would be useful (for new players) to have color rings for Titans themselves especially if the titan is standing alone. Maybe stretch goal idea :-)
      Looking forward to campaign, game looks great. And I hope there will be some "bonus" for Valhalla backers :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Haenze 3 days ago

      The game looks amazing, looking forward to playing it! The rules seem quite intuitive and have a lot of tactical depth.

      As for the miniatures, as a boardgame player and a Wargamer, I personally prefer the coloured plastic miniatures. These help to distinguish the factions and give a nice aesthetic even when unpainted. If you want to paint the miniatures (I definitely will be doing this), priming over the coloured plastic and repainting shouldn't be too difficult.

    16. NZeph
      4 days ago

      I favor the colored plastics myself. Not everybody has time to paint. If some people honestly want the drab, ugly and boring grey figures, then there should be an add-on or separate option for those. You can't cater only to the miniature painting crowd if you expect this to have more widespread appeal. Note to miniature painters, this is not a personal attack, so chill. Just my opinion, that's all.

      Lots of English to be fixed in this one, more than I noticed before, corrected versions here:

      1. Titans is a miniatures-based area control game. <---sounds better

      2. TITANS is a competitive game where you battle other players for domination. The game will also feature a solo scenario based on real historical conflicts and events.

      3. Titan miniatures + unit miniatures (don't need to pluralize titans and units when miniatures is already pluralized).

      4. Down in the story text: People, filled with extraordinary powers, standing side-by-side with mighty Titans, fight to reclaim Europe. This war will end it all, and a new king will be chosen. (instead of "that war")

    17. Thomas M
      4 days ago

      Will need detail on the solo play options - automated opponent?

    18. john berg
      5 days ago

      I am also on the colored rings banner. It looks much better with grey minis.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kipp 5 days ago

      I’d have to agree on ring base colors. A lot of detail is lost in the bright yellow/green. Looking forward to backing this. The option to paint is always a bonus.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marioramst 5 days ago

      Nice game :)))

    21. Go on Board Creator 5 days ago

      Yes indeed. We have in the game Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kingdom of Sweden, Russian Empire and Ottoman Empire.

    22. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone
      6 days ago

      So I'm guessing Poland, Sweden, Russia and Ottomans are the factions?

    23. Eric S.
      6 days ago

      I think I also fall into the camp of colored rings for the minis. I’m not a fan of the full color plastic in this one. Especially the yellow and green. Sorry.

    24. Go on Board Creator 6 days ago

      Guys we want to answer latest questions:
      - We will publish rulebook before campaign
      - There is a lot happening on the map in the Titans. That is why it is very important to quickly and easily distinguish nations. In tests it turned out that miniatures in different colors are better. It is possible to change colors to others if get such feedback from the backers
      - Of course we will proof read all the texts before campaign begins :)

    25. NZeph
      6 days ago

      "TITANS are a competetive game, where you fight other players for domination. " Small typo there, should be "competitive".

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Marshall

      100% agree with JaPanczyk, keep the minis grey and have coloured rings or coloured bases like the Scythe leaders. Coloured plastic does not show the detail and looks horrible

    27. Missing avatar

      Artur Felipe Barbosa de Carvalho Fonseca on

      Hi guys, amazing art and theme. Im craving for a game like this. When you guys plan on let the rules avaible ? And you guys are planning for make an PnP avaible ???

    28. Eric S.

      You should maybe label the faction mini images now that they’re all different!

    29. Go on Board Creator on

      Yes, all nations will have different minis! Soon we will update draft with new cool stuff! Part of that you can see on our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/titans.boardgame

    30. Mariusz Firszt

      @Adam, all factions will have different minis

    31. Adam Krummenacher on

      It looks good but I think each faction having a little more uniqueness will be good and fun. It looks like the horse unit may be different for each and if that is the case that is great. I already want to start painting

    32. Missing avatar

      Brett Johnson

      Definitely a playthrough video and some video reviews and a detailed how to play. Could the minis of each faction be tailored a bit to their specific country to make them more individual? The coloured minis I get as opposed to rings but the pastel colours have to go. Also what are the nations represented?

    33. Missing avatar

      Frank Meyfarth on

      Looks very good. I am very likely to backlit depending on the price and availability of a german localized version. Unfortunately my game mates do not speak english very well.
      I actually like the colored minis. I'm not very good at painting minis, therefore I do not do it. Colored minis for me have the advantage of a better board overview in comparison to colored rings around the base.

    34. JaPanczyk on

      Personally I'd go for grey plastic and rings to distinguish nations, thei colorfull minis look awaful for me

    35. Alex F on

      It looks like you are going for the different sculpts-per-nation approach, I think it is a good idea and it really helps in amplifying the theme and giving more character to the game.
      However the color palette is still way off IMHO, on the units and the board. There is a striking difference from the art/colors of the cards and the one on the board.
      I hope those pastel colors are not final.

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Curren on

      This looks very promising and unique, especially since I am a non European person of heavy East European extraction. Having a game which explores the myths and legends of my heritage is a great idea. I will definitely back this fully.

    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Curren on

      This looks very promising and unique, especially since I am a non European person of heavy East European extraction. Having a game which explores the myths and legends of my heritage is a great idea. I will definitely back this fully.

    38. MAJBrown22

      Looks great so far, but please have a native English speaker proofread the page before going live

    39. Eric S.

      In hindsight, I saw the FB says it’s one faction - there’s a typo (fraction) that I misread. Sorry!

    40. Todd Suesz

      Looks pretty amazing, I particularly love the Polish Hussars! I hope, since you are building an email file, that you send out pre launch updates when ever you have added more info or made changes to the appearance of components, etc. I think this would keep potential backers more involved instead of relying on us to check in here periodically. Life gets busy and its easy to forget, and all of a sudden, boom, the game is launched!

    41. Eric S.

      Still wondering: Are the troop minis different for each faction, or the same? I like the look, but it seems like you're showing one faction (the red one) so I'm still wondering.

    42. Go on Board Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback. What do you think now?

    43. peteyandycreek on

      everything looks great so far. only feedback is that the mini size wasn't obvious to me straight away. On first impression it looked like the troop minis were 15mm type models as the titan mini dwarved them. On looking further down it was actually because the titans are nearly 10cm!

    44. Go on Board Creator on

      Guys! We are updating this draft almost every day. Follow us to be up to date with new content. If you have any feedback don't hesistate to share it with us!

    45. Go on Board Creator on

      @Diego Benito Gallego

      I think you will be happy with solo mode. There will be historical scenarios and also legacy mode. Soon we will show gameplay. Follow us :)

      @Gaël Gauvillé

      We have also printed prototypes and they are very detailed. Mass production will have similar quality. We are updating KS draft every day, soon we will upload rulebook. Just follow us :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Diego Benito Gallego on

      Good Morning

      I am a player in solo mode. I would like to know a little more about how it would be played in solo mode.

      If I just want to play this way, is it still worth buying?


    47. Gaël Gauvillé on

      I don't get the historical point of view. The computer design of the minis looks nice but how will they come in print is something else. Put the rules on the site and a schedule. And stop with the exclusive: it really feels like a trap where we won't be able to have the full game unless we pay more.

    48. Go on Board Creator on

      Thank you guys for your feedback about exclusives. To clarify, we think about 1st day free bonus which will be available later to buy.

    49. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      Also agreeing (and did tell you since the beginning), think about value for your backers, not about exclusivity. Exclusivity will only "exclude" players, which is not something you want in the long term.

    50. Missing avatar

      Patrick van Gompel on

      I agree with Tom that you need to rethink about Super Exclusives carefully. Mythic Games ran into difficulties with their Super Exclusives for Joan of Arc and took the decision to never do them again as they thought is was a 'mistake'.
      The main point is: are you doing the Super Exclusives for the players, or for your company? And then ask yourself: is the gain just for this kickstarter or for the long run of both the game and the company? People WILL be dissappointed when they find our that this Super Exclusive is not available anymore.

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In Titans, you earn Victory Points in 3 ways - for fulfilling Secret Missions, after Winning the Battles and for Regions you control at the end of each Round. You need to strategize, expand and fight. 

Nations are well balanced and start the game with some differences in their Army and the Titans. As the game progresses each player choose from a dedicated Deck of Nation Cards and craft their own path.

In Battles, you use a special Battle Dice, Nation Cards and your hand of Support Cards. Dice add excitement but the results can be estimated beforehand and managed during the Battle. Most of the Support Cards can be combined to create powerful combos, but making them requires a solid Battle preparation. Plan and strike at the right time to gain the biggest advantage! 

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