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This is the story of a group of twenty-somethings who reunite at a dinner party celebrating a mutual friend’s 29th birthday.
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This is the story of a group of twenty-somethings who reunite at a dinner party celebrating a mutual friend’s 29th birthday.  A few drinks into the evening, the birthday girl, Leigh changes everything with a shocking revelation.


GOOD NIGHT is a feature length narrative film staring a bevy of talented actors including: Adriene Mishler, Samantha Thomson, Alex Karpovsky, Laura Clifton, Todd Berger, Chris Doubek, Elizabeth Riley, Jason Newman, Parisa Fakhri, Jeff Benson, and Jonny Mars.

Many years in the making, GOOD NIGHT has been created with the undying support of our friends, colleagues and families. We’ve begged and borrowed to make it this far – and we’re so very close to realizing our collective vision.

GOOD NIGHT is only a few short months away from being completed. The film is currently being edited by award-winning filmmaker and editor Don Howard (a recently announced Guggenheim Fellow) and the prolific David Fabelo (editor of recent film festival favorites including:  I’ll Come Running, The Overbrook Brothers, and Fourplay: Tampa - a 2011 Cannes selection).


Check out the column to the right. Become a backer. Pick a pledge amount (i.e. something you want) – and follow the instructions to pay through -- and help us bring the film to life!

EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR of your pledge that we receive will go directly towards the finishing of our film. Your pledge dollars will allow us to create the Sound Design, to complete the Sound Edit & Mix – and to color correct and output the film in gorgeous high-definition. (we already have greatly reduced rates in place with many of our post-production vendors… sadly there are some hard costs that can’t be donated)

Our Kickstarter Fundraising Challenge is rather simple.  We have about 60 days to raise $11,100.00.  If we don’t reach that amount by July 1st at midnight (EST) – we won’t get a penny of the funding (and you don’t owe us a dime).

These funds will not only finish the film properly, so that it may be experienced in its most beautiful and most expressive form, they will be the resources that allow us to create a High Definition Master that will be screened at festivals and markets throughout the film’s life, around the world.

The last day to pledge is JULY 1st, 2011. If you can’t make a pledge to the film, we WHOLEHEARTEDLY understand.  But we ask, please help us SPREAD THE WORD. Forward an email – or post a link to this page on your blog – or to FACEBOOK or to TWITTER. Every little bit will help us on our way.


We need to raise $11,100 – by July 1st, 2011.

Of this $11,100, Kickstarter takes a 5% administrative fee and takes a 3-5% fee for processing all payments. Meaning, we keep the $9,990 we need to finish the film!

We must meet that goal, by that date, in order to receive the funds. Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. That’s where you come in.

Again, look to the column on the right. See those different REWARDS for various levels of giving? Pick one. We’re not asking you to donate to the film, we are offering you gifts in exchange for your backing of the project. This way you both give –and receive!


We thank you greatly – for your time, patience and consideration. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands or tens of thousands) of worthy projects you could support through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. Ours is only one… but it is one that has been made by an incredibly talented group of people who have donated thousands of hours of their time and resources – and continue to do so. Simply put, we just need the smallest of pushes, to get us to our finish line.

Many thanks to the good folks at Kickstarter, as well, for hosting our project here.

And if you’d like to keep up with us via social networking, follow along on FACEBOOK.


SEAN GALLAGHER as Writer / Director / Producer

An Austin, Texas based filmmaker, Sean produced, wrote, directed and edited two award-winning short films that premiered at prestigious film festivals across Europe, America and Asia, notably: The International Film Festival Rotterdam, The USA Film Festival and The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. As an editor, Sean has had his work shown at CineVegas and SXSW. While attending the University of Texas, he was awarded the 1st ever Samuel Fuller Award for Cinematic Intransigence.

JONNY MARS as Winston Rockwall / Producer

Jonny Mars is the film production Swiss Army Knife. His tools include acting, writing, producing, directing and musical score. The most recent example of this is with Paul Gordon’s THE HAPPY POET (2010). He co-starred, co-produced and helped to score the SXSW 2010 hit that eventually played as the only American independent film at the Venice Film Festival 2010. He was featured in Spencer Parson's IFC distributed I’LL COME RUNNING (2008) which Jonny enjoys a writing credit on and played the titular character in Spencer's SXSW 2011 short CHAINSAW FOUND JESUS. Other recent acting credits include Jason Wehling’s THE GROWNUPS (Cannes Film Festival 2010), James M. Johnston’s RECEIVE BACON (SXSW 2009) and Clay Liford’s WUSS (SXSW 2011). Jonny’s current slate of projects in post-production include Scott Meyers’s DAYS OF DELUSIONS (actor, producer), Spencer Parson’s untitled horror film (actor, producer), Jason Wehling's animated zombie feature THE THIRD DAY: FEASTER SUNDAY (actor, associate producer) the documentary AMERICA’S PARKING LOT (director, producer) and Kim Henkel’s (writer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) latest venture THE BONEBOYS (1st AD). Also look for Jonny in the SLACKER remake filming this summer.

ADRIENE MISHLER as Leigh Rockwall

Adriene Mishler is an actor, choreographer and teacher from Austin, Texas. A long time Austinite, Adriene has worked as a performer, director, educator and producer of theatre and site-specific work. Most recently, she performed in and served as movement director for the North American Premiere of Olga Mukhina’s contemporary Russian drama, FLYING, with Breaking String Theatre. Adriene has worked on numerous stages with Salvage Vanguard, Rubber Repertory, Tongue & Groove, The Rude Mechs, Paper Chairs, Refraction Arts, St Idiot Collective, Ariel Dance Theatre and ZACH Scott Theatre. She is founding member and co-artistic director of St Idiot Collective, and Theatre Ranch blending local theatre, film, music and dance into site-specific work. Adriene is also a local company member of Ariel Dance Theatre and Salvage Vanguard Theatre where she also serves as the Education Coordinator. Adriene delights in the joy of arts education and is dedicated to using theatre and movement as a way to help young people discover creative self-expression and learn collaboration. She works in film, commercial, voice over and just completed work for DC Universe Online with SONY and Warner Brothers. Adriene has studied with Anne Bogart, and has trained & worked with members of the SITI Company in Austin, New York, and LA. In Austin, Adriene has been nominated and recognized for Best Featured Actress In a Comedy, Best Lead Actress in a Drama, Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical Theatre, and awarded Top 10 theatrical treasures & pleasures - Top 10 stage excitements - Top 10 Pratfalls of 2006, Plus Some Shining Examples of Physical Comedy 2006. By day, Adriene is a certified Yoga instructor and teaches Theatre Arts and Musical Performance at The Griffin School, a private high school with a focus on the arts.


A pioneer in the use of non-linear systems in feature editing with his work on DAZED AND CONFUSED, Don has been a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin since 1998. With the assistance of ITVS and NEA funding, he has written, directed and edited two PBS documentaries NUCLEAR FAMILY (2003) and LETTERS FROM WACO. Don has worked as an editor on many documentaries including the Terrence Malick and Robert Redford executive produced THE UNFORESEEN and the $4.5 million IMAX film RIDE AROUND THE WORLD.

CHRIS OHLSON Exec Producer

Chris has been a working producer and production manager on independent films and commercials for over a decade.  In 2009, he produced John Bryant's THE OVERBROOK BROTHERS for Tom Borders' Sixth Street Films, now available via IFC Films. In 2006, Chris worked alongside Academy Award Nominated director Nanette Burstein as a production coordinator on AMERICAN TEEN for A&E Television and Paramount Vantage. Previously, Chris line produced Mari Marchbanks' feature film FALL TO GRACE, and served as the production manager on Burnt Orange's THE CASSIDY KIDS, starring Kadeem Hardison, Judah Friedlander and Anne Ramsay. Recently, Chris served as an Executive Producer on THE HAPPY POET.


Chris was a member of the original Off-Broadway Ensemble of Julie Taymor's JUAN DARIEN, acted opposite Sean Penn In Terrence Malick's TREE OF LIFE, and has been featured in NBC's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and Bob Byington's HARMONY AND ME. MR. P., a short film in which he plays the title role, was an official selection at Cinevegas, SXSW, Rooftop NY, IFF of Boston, and Marfa Film Festival in 2007. Chris has been acting onstage in Austin, LA, New York and Boston since 1984. While in Austin, Chris won a B. Iden Payne Outstanding Cast Performance Award for the Southwest regional premiere of Yasmin Reza's ART and was also nominated for an Austin Critics Table Award (Best Actor in a Comedy). The Austin Chronicle has called him " of Austin's best actors". In addition to LOVERS OF HATE Chris appears in Clay Liford's EARTHLING and Paul Gordon's THE HAPPY POET, all set to debut in 2010.


Alex Karpovsky studied visual ethnography at Oxford University before wasting the next few years of his life trying to become the next Andy Kaufman. He now acts and makes movies. Alex's award-winning debut feature, THE HOLE STORY, earned him a slot in Filmmaker Magazine's 25 new faces of independent film and a plastic key to a small city in Northern Minnesota. His subsequent two films (WOODPECKER & TRUST US, THIS IS ALL MADE UP) premiered at SXSW and have lassoed in several fiberglass trophies, polyester ribbons and miscellaneous ceramics. As an actor, Alex has had leading roles in feature-length films that have shown at the Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Los Angeles, and SXSW film festivals. Alex is also the voice of numerous Russian gangsters in Grand Theft Auto IV, and this fall he will have a recurring role (Ray) in the HBO comedy series GIRLS.


Laura Clifton began her career at age eight as a young commercial actor while living in the Middle East. She has continued her path and love of film and now has had the great privilege to work with a vast array of directors and producers such as Oscar winners James Marsh and Mark Johnson. She is a native Texan and passionate about making the film industry priority in the state of Texas.


Hailing from Texas, Samantha has enjoyed working in independent films in Austin and Dallas, including the Sundance Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize winner PRIMER (2004). She graduated from The John Ruskin School of Acting in Santa Monica, CA. She is currently pursuing her craft in New York City.

TODD BERGER as Charlie

Todd works as a screenwriter and actor in Los Angeles, with scripts in development at DreamWorks Animation, Jim Henson Productions, Fox Searchlight, Nickelodeon Movies, John Woo's Lion Rock Productions, and a project at Endgame Entertainment for Director John Landis. His script CHASING CHRISTMAS (2006) was turned into an ABC Family original movie starring Tom Arnold. He appears on-screen in Donnie Darko (2001) Director Richard Kelly's new film SOUTHLAND TALES (2007) and in national commercials for Home Depot and Bumblebee Tuna.


Jeff Benson trained at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. During his professional career, Jeff has appeared in several films, television programs, and commercials including Law and Order: SUV and Kettle of Fish with Matthew Modine. He currently lives in Dallas with his wife Ellen.

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    Our undying love.... and automatic addition to the GOOD NIGHT email list.

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    A personalized THANK YOU CARD for attending the birthday party -- from our very own Leigh and Winston!

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    A MAGNETIC FRAME for your fridge with a personalized picture of Leigh and Winston thanking you! (or put your own picture in it... if you don't like Leigh and Winston... for some reason)

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    A PERSONALIZED VIDEO from Leigh and Winston -- thanking you for helping them out with their party! Have a thank you that you can embed, share on your website, facebook, twitter, etc. (we'll upload it to youtube and you can share it from there!)

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    Pledge US$ 100 or more About US$ 100

    Get a KNITTED HAT (only 10 available) just like the ones that Leigh gives her guests in the film. (plus you'll get A PERSONALIZED VIDEO from Leigh and Winston -- thanking you for helping them out with their party!)

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    Pledge US$ 500 or more About US$ 500

    DINNER WITH LEIGH AND WINSTON at a fancy restaurant of their choosing in Austin, TX. (must be available to meet in Austin, TX in August 2011) + (A PERSONALIZED VIDEO from Leigh and Winston -- thanking you for going to dinner with them!)

    Limited 1 backer
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