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Experience weightless sitting with the most ergonomic cushion EVER. Reduce fatigue, release stress & pain, & Improves your mood.
Experience weightless sitting with the most ergonomic cushion EVER. Reduce fatigue, release stress & pain, & Improves your mood.
Experience weightless sitting with the most ergonomic cushion EVER. Reduce fatigue, release stress & pain, & Improves your mood.
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    1. Attila Lőrincz on

      I didn't get my cushion. I paid it in 2017.

    2. Gail


    3. Missing avatar

      James Christy on

      This cushion is superb when used on the floor or a flat chair. I wouldn't recommend it with a curved chair.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pascal Ramseier on

      In combination with my new „Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair“ the cushion is perfect. I received both (one for work, one at home) and i‘m happy. The chair before does not fit with the cushion.

    5. Geraldine Cheng on

      After reading all the negative comments about the cushion I felt I had to leave one about my different experience! Granted, this cushion doesn't solve all my back problems (I do have a pretty bad back from years of not taking good care of it and sitting well), but ever since using it I've felt way less strain in my lower back. It also reminds me to sit upright whenever I'm using my computer for long periods of time.

      I do agree with some of the other backers that this needs to be used on a flat chair - I can't see it working otherwise. I use a thin cushion as a back rest and so far that has been sufficient.

      Could this cushion be improved? Definitely. But so far it has been doing what it claimed to do so I am happy with my purchase!

      (My only qualm is a superficial one, and that's regarding the 'sticky' bottom of the cushion meant to ensure that the cushion doesn't slide around. It makes my chair sticky too for some reason.)

    6. Chris Caputo on

      I've never received my product

    7. Missing avatar


      I’ll sell you mine.

    8. Missing avatar


      STILL haven't received it.... How do I get a refund????

    9. Zenjonjon

      Definitely a thumbs up.
      I find the two I bought very comfortable and are a definite benefit for preventing circulation issues from the front of the cushions as the edge tapers away gently with no ridge to impede the blood flow. This was one of my main reasons for backing this project. I certainly don’t feel I’m slipping off and the density and cushioning is perfect for me.
      I’m average build, height and weight and can see that, like mattresses, different degrees of firmness would be needed to accommodate a wider range of people.
      Very glad I backed you, thanks.

    10. Missing avatar


      Just wow - new kickstarter to fix the problems with v1. Well I'm still waiting to find out about my customs refund. You stated there would be no customs charges for eu backers. Ps don't tell me to email your support address I've done that and heard nothing from you

    11. Gail

      Still waiting for a response or cushion or refund.

    12. Missing avatar


      Hi - I still haven't received it and you can't find it on your trace then I would please like to just get a refund and not worry about it. - Thanks so much

    13. ELle FLores COrpuz on

      Tried to use it again - still not comfortable...waste of almost £70 ... that’s almost the price of 2x chiropractor sessions...really Wish I could get a refund :(

    14. Jennifer JennaLuna Anderson

      Yep, unfortunately I’m a thumbs down too. I really gave it a chance but it just pushes me too far forward in pretty much any chair I’ve tried. And since I feel like I’m going to slide off of it, it puts weird pressure on my legs because I’m using them to keep from sliding forward. I understand that kickstarters don’t do refunds and that you just never know what you are going to get, but spending $80+ and getting something I can’t even use is just such a huge disappointment. And I’ve backed a lot of kickstarters - some things aren’t what I hope them to be, but they’re still useable. This just isn’t for me. :(

    15. Macthe Ball

      Yeah, this thing doesn't work. I use it more as a back cushion than anything. What a piece of crap.

    16. Missing avatar


      I always feel like I sliding off too. I had to use it backward just to stay on my chair.

    17. Missing avatar

      Denis Kostylev on

      The smell still horrible after months of waiting. I'm afraid only thing I can do with this cushion is throwing it away.

    18. Vivian Twu on

      Unfortunately, thumbs down for me too. The fabric on mine has started to fray as well and I always feel like I'm sliding off. I've begun using it as a very overpriced backcushion for the last few months.

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Klein on

      I have been using as a car cushion to boost my height and provide comfort. So far it works better for this purpose than other cushions I have used. The fabric on the top is starting to fray. The cushion would slide around so I had to devise my own set-up attaching velcro to the sides and running a velcro strap around the back of the seat. Hope you keep trying to improve the product.

    20. Paulina Zacchia on

      Total thumbs down for me. I really wish I hadn't wasted my money on this or that there was some way to have it refunded. I've tried it a few times on my office chair and I'm just too far forward. I may be sitting up slightly straighter but my butt slides to the very edge of the cushion, putting added pressure on my legs, and I feel like I'm going to slide off the chair.

    21. Missing avatar

      kevin le tual de laheudrie on

      So I have been using this since January and I have not taken it off my seat at work. I sit on my ass all day answering emails. I cannot remember the last time I leaned on the back rest. This thing NEEDS a flat/level chair to do it's thing.

    22. ELle FLores COrpuz on

      Hi there,

      I’m afraid I’ve had to stop using it after a month both at work (at my desk and with a flat chair surface, sliding forward at times) and while using it on the floor reading or watching sports leaning on the wall etc, as it started to cause me discomfort. I too have regular chiropractor sessions, I had to have 2 adjustments to properly feel at ease. I tried again after 3 weeks, alternating from using zero gravity pillow and then without after a few hours a day - with same discomfort.

      Very disappointed.

    23. Missing avatar


      Still at the ”thumbs in the middle, leaning down” range for me.

      I really want to believe the cushion corrects my posture but I still can’t sit on it an entire day and always alternate every 1-2 hours or so because of eventual discomfort. Still can’t justify the amount pledged for it at this point, even at the early bird level.

    24. Missing avatar

      Donald McCartney on

      I have tried it in several chairs. I find that if the chair seat is flat, it works great. If the chair seat is curved at all, then I get pain. For those that say it doesn't feel good, try it in different chair, or on the floor. If the cushion is not on a flat surface, I think it shifts the way the cushion is molded and that is what causes the discomfort.

    25. Missing avatar

      Daryll Bennett on

      This cushion causes pain rather than it alleviates! What a waste of $77. I wish I had never backed this project!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jerry Leibler on

      I love it. It works beautifully for me but I do have a special back cushion as well.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jim Whittenburg on

      I began using this in my office chair. I used it for quite a few months with no problems. Then, I began having extreme lower back pain. I thought I pulled it while exercising, and I spent a few hundred dollars going to my chiropractor. After this pain went away and kept recurring, I decided to remove the cushion from my chair. Since then, I've continued to exercise and my lower back pain is gone. I can't say the cushion was the culprit, but I've had no lower back pain since putting this in the dumpster.

    28. Missing avatar

      anoop on

      i havent received my cushion so far ! i pledged 60$ and completed the survey and paid the shipping to receive nothing yet.
      I would like a refund please.

    29. Missing avatar

      K Jane Nielsen on

      What a colossal failure! Back to the drawing board, Good Monday, if aiding/correcting posture is truly your goal. I somehow doubt it. It's nothing more than a glorified seat cushion, that does nothing more than cushion your arse. (As respectful and considerate as the pitch you gave to sell this!)

    30. Missing avatar


      I slide off too. I’ve turned it around, sitting backwards on it. Helps some, but a different posture. Not as good as I’d hoped. Not really using it. Sad

    31. Missing avatar

      Hee-Jin Jun

      As some other users, I kept sliding down due to the angle of the seat. Unfortunately it is useless for me. Is there any return policy?

    32. Hanne Peeters on

      The first time I sat on my cushion, it was heavenly.
      However, when I sit on it for hours, I have some issues with it.

      It makes me wiggle because I keep sliding off
      It makes me lean forward on my desk to try and keep sitting on it
      It starts to ache between my shoulder blades

      I have been using this at work at my desk (8h a day) for the past three months, but it really doesn't get better. I've adjusted my chair and all that, but can't find the right way to enjoy it. Then again I don't have any issues or back complaints, so I don't really need the cushion.

      As feedback I would say, maybe consider other fabric, because for me I think the main issue is the sliding off the cushion. Good luck with your future products.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nitesh on

      Hi, I am still awaiting my Cushion. I had pledged for it in November.

    34. Nikolas Obrenović

      I just got mine today. The packaging sucks and it does take a lot longer than 59 minutes to go to its original flat position. It does help my posture a little bit but not too much but giving it some time to see how how it improves my posture further I do have a ergonomic chair. The smell is annoying but I have ha this smell before with tempurpedic especially. I assume the mesh part goes on top. Its a problem since its so bent not sure what side is up. haha

    35. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      I found that sending a direct message was more effective than posting a comment here. My message was promptly responded to--thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thornton on

      I completed the survey over a month ago, and still no cushion. When do you expect to ship?

    37. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      I still haven’t received the Kickstarter survey. Where can I find out more about the progress of my order? Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      der_kille on

      Where the f**** is my refund?

    39. Greg C on

      Hi, backer 2577 here. Can you please provide a delivery tracking number as I have not received anything and it has been a very very long wait

    40. Missing avatar

      der_kille on

      Hey, were is my refund?????

    41. William Barmore

      I got mine one week ago and I find it to be a fine product. One thing I will say is that sitting on it reminds me of sitting on a cat, and the first few times I had it in my chair I jumped straight up, thinking I'd sat on my kitty! :-)

      So far it is doing what I desired and helping me to maintain proper posture when I'm at the desk for hours at a time.

    42. Sylvia Flores

      WOW! This thing is like... WHOA. I sort of want to take it with me everywhere including my car... THANK YOU!

    43. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      I really love it, I think its great. Didnt have to pay taxes either. (The Netherlands)

    44. Missing avatar

      Silvermender on

      Hello, I've not yet received my backer reward--would love to know when it's coming! thank you so much!

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      Received mine yesterday, sitting on it right now. Seems great!

    46. Gail

      I have not received a survey yet.

    47. Missing avatar

      alessio carraturo on

      can I have notice about the cushion? I pay it in October 2017 and at today i didn't see nothing!
      there's a problem with may order?
      thank you
      Alessio C

    48. Missing avatar

      Luka Bovha on

      Cheating on costumers! This is not fair that we had to pay taxes in import fees. You said you will send items from inside Europe to avoid that!
      Already initial price was high for the product, and with additional taxes and fees it is insane high price!
      For product I will say only: way to expensive!

    49. Missing avatar

      Elad Bari on

      I filled out your survey and didn't get the ZGUP cushion, nor the Back cushion.
      Tracking number shows complete lies, with 5 attempts to ship it to me, while I am actually at home. EMS shipping shows complete lies.
      You are not alone @Christopher Thornton ...

    50. Good Monday Creator

      Hi @Christopher Thornton you have not filled out our survey. That is why you did not receive your cushion. I will send you instructions through Kickstarter messaging. Thank you

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