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Twin powers can only get us so far. We need your help to release our first EP and take it on tour up the east coast in a pop-up camper.


We are Good Graeff, an indie folk-pop duo from Florida by way of Hanoi, Vietnam. When we were 16 (we're twins!) we started playing together on street corners for tips. This seemed a natural follow-up to the whole-car sing-alongs that were a part of every road trip when we were kids. We made our band official in 2004, but, separated by thousands of miles, we were mostly creating music for ourselves, family, and friends.

Until 2012, when we reunited in Vietnam. We hadn't seen each other in two years (that's like 12 in twin years), and it was amazing to start playing together again, just for fun like we always had. But then our neighbors overheard a practice session and asked us to play a party. From there, we were overwhelmed by the positive response, along with the bookings and support that came out of it. And we decided to give music-making the attention it deserves.


We want to tour, and release an EP.

Our vision: to not just bring our music to people, but to bring an event to every town we hit. Grassroots-style. In backyards, at a campfire party with a pop-up camper stage, at an acoustic show... The goal of our tour is not making money. It's bringing people together and sharing good times worth remembering. (If you want us to stop in your town, let us know!)


Thanks to the support and generosity of our very talented friends, we have been able to create a music video and record an EP, on a super-minimal budget. But this can only take us so far. For the next leg of our musical journey, we need funding. We did our homework - but found that the costs associated with touring and releasing an album are more than we can pay for ourselves.

  • Legitimate instruments (the ones we have aren't good quality, or have been damaged in travel, or have been borrowed - we've been scrappy!) 
  • Basic equipment (like cases, microphones, and pick-up's for the cello and uke)
  • Getting our 1998 Honda C-RV "Green Machine" ready for a long trip, and buying a pop-up trailer (where we'll live while on tour!)
  • Gas (nothing interesting to say about that, except it won't be premium - that's for sure)
  • Basic merchandise (like t-shirts and stickers)
  • Album manufacturing (and digital download cards) 
  • Website development (so people know where to find us!)


Your hard earned dollar/s will be stretched, and pulled, and squeezed, and anything else you can do with money to make it last while putting it to good use. Oh, and you can get some supercool rewards… Check them out!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We're pretty optimistic. But also practical! And we want to be prepared.
So here are some things that could go wrong and our contingency plans.

1 - Equipment breaks or disappears (it happens)
Solution: We'll replace it!

2 - Twin down; one of us gets sick
Solution: Some old-fashioned bed rest supplemented with raw fruits and veggies (and maybe even a hot toddy).

3 - Show Cancellation (bummer!)
Solution: The show must go on! We'll make our own show. Even if it means begging on a street corner. We didn't want to play your stupid cancelled show anyway.

4 - We get into a fight with each other (we hardly ever do, but we are sisters)
Solution: Third party mediation ending with a hug.

Okay - enough with pragmatism. Back to optimism!


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    You'll receive a tangible digital download card AND... A home-made card artfully depicting our appreciation, made by us!

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    All of the above AND.... 2 stickers and 2 buttons, ya know, because there are two of us!

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    That is a lot of hard earned loot! So we will work hard for you doing what we do best- making music. We will write a song for you or a loved one and send you a recording on compact disc (or not, we can keep it digital. Your choice) with custom artwork. BOOM. Did we mention you get everything else too? Because you do!

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