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Our Harambee - Good Eye Video travels to Kenya to create videos for non-profits!'s video poster

Good Eye Video travels to Kenya to create videos and educational theater and music programs for an array of amazing non-profits! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2010.

Good Eye Video travels to Kenya to create videos and educational theater and music programs for an array of amazing non-profits!

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IMAGINE THIS: During heavy rains in western Kenya, Lillian’s roof caves in. She has no money, no ability to fix her home. So the community calls a Harambee…“joining their hands together” to fix her roof. Maybe everyone in the village takes an hour to work on the roof, or brings a bale of sticks or lends her a spare room but in the end they fix her roof… together. In Kenya they’ve been Kickstarting it for generations by coming together to accomplish what no single person can. With that same spirit we are asking for your support in our 2010 trip to Kenya to create video content for a coalition of awesome organizations.

WHAT WE WILL DO: There is still so much work to be done in Kenya. In particular; strengthening opportunities for education (through building schools), economic empowerment (through energy micro-loans) and improving health (through a health dispensary and community health program). Our job is to tell the story of each of these amazing efforts, in creative and strategic ways. Our month long trip to Kenya will result in the following:

- Promotional videos for all of the below organizations.
- A video training workshop to empower Kenyan students to tell their own story through video!
- Theater workshops and the production of a short play.
- Choral Fundraising CD from Mbaka Oromo's award winning choir

WHO WE'LL HELP: We are traveling to create videos for a coalition of worthy organizations, described below:

*Building Futures - Builds schools for communities in Western Kenya
*Energy in Common - An innovative non-profit that enables micro-loans for energy production in the developing world which then fuels carbon offsets for the developed world.
*St. John Fisher College Nursing Program - As part of the Wegmans School Of Nursing’s growing focus on global health and outreach, they have partnered with Building Futures to create a sustainable exchange and training program for a new Health Dispensery in Maseno, Kenya.
*Rainforest Alliance - The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.
*HandCrafting Justice - As an international network, HandCrafting Justice works in partnership with women and those in social and economic distress around the world to promote human dignity and justice by creating opportunities for economic and social transformation through beautiful, hand-made crafts.

WHY WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT: These donations will fund our travel, accommodations, basic production costs and a sustainable video training program that will run long after we leave. What do we have to share? Being part of this Harambee means you’re not only helping Kenyans help themselves, but it also makes you part of a story that is immensely powerful. As is evident on every page of Kickstarter, when we come together, amazing things can happen. We promise…. joining your hands on this one will be worth it.



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    You'll get a DVD compilation of all videos we create on our trip.

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    We will travel to a school, church or civic group of your choice to present our videos and give a talk about our work in Kenya!

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