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The message behind goodbun is simple. We want to produce the highest quality fast food that is good for your body.

The message behind goodbun is simple. We want to produce the highest quality fast food that is good for your body. Read More
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About this project

It's time to revolutionize fast food

At goodbun, we are completely rethinking the term “fast food.” With our hectic schedules we are always on-the-go and let's face it, sometimes the only option we have is to grab a quick meal through a drive-thru. Recently, a global Nielsen survey revealed that the biggest excuse for avoiding healthy food was time. In fact, the survey revealed that 35% of consumers's biggest excuse was: “I don’t always eat healthily because I haven’t got time.” Let's face it -- there are no options for a good quick meal!

Does your burger really needs to have 25 grams of fat to taste good? Do your fries need to contain 19 grams of fat, 48g carbs, and 270mg of sodium? We have no choice; that is why we settle. Fast food is cheap, fast, and it tastes delicious. At goodbun we offer the best-tasting fast food that is good for your body as well. Just because our food is healthy, doesn't mean we are limiting you to salads, vegetables and soups. This is a 100% traditional "fast food” chain with an innovative twist. We sell burgers, fries, wraps, and snacks. The difference is in the way we prepare our food. We eliminate the need to deep-fry our potatoes and chicken fingers without sacrificing the pleasure of that crunchy bite. Our commitment is to give people the convenience of eating good without having to sacrifice their time, while maintaining an open transparent relationship with our customers.

 The message behind goodbun is simple. We want to produce the highest quality food that is great for your body. This doesn't mean filling you up with a ton of vegetables, but rather providing you with great tasting food filled with nutrients that are good for you.

goodbun is an innovative fast food establishment that provides its customers with the best tasting fast food.  When we said we wanted to reinvent fast food, we weren't speaking about just the food. Its all about the experience. From the moment you walk in through our doors to completing your purchase, all aspects of your fast food experience are completely reimagined. Good technology meets good food.  

There is something amazing about having the ability to manipulate things in life. We are all given this ability no matter what our circumstances are. With goodbun, we decided to go up against the fast food conglomerates. While many people think it's impossible we have no reason as to why it's impossible. There are no limits to what we can do and we will do it.

We want to produce good food with great quality. We are sick and tired of having no other options to pick up a meal quickly and otherwise being stuck with the existing fast food options. We have been forced to eat their chemically enhanced food for decades, because there were no other choices.

All until now. We are a new generation, the type that says "no" to compromises. goodbun will be transparent from day one. This isn't "Hey I'm the government transparent". This is true transparency! We want our customers to know what we do behind doors--in fact we don't want to have any doors! 

 At goodbun, what you see is what you get! You see that sexy looking burger to the left? No make-up - simply all natural. goodbun does not believe in manipulating our food for a pretty picture just to say cheese.

 What's so good about us?

  • Delicious tasting food prepared the healthy way
  • Same quick convenience as traditional fast food restaurants
  • All products are baked or grilled
  • Display a level of transparency unheard of in this industry
  • Nutrition facts are displayed on all of our packaging as well as fun ways to burn off the meal
  • State of the art drive-thru experience
  • Intuitive mobile application that includes location based ordering system, pay by phone convenience, and reward program
  • goodbunID tracks all your purchases and nutrition information automatically
  • Convenient tech stations equipped with iPads at each table that allow you to seamlessly charge your phone and pay for your meal

Keeping with the trend that fast food hasn't been changed in over a 100 years, technologically, fast food has remained stagnant. goodbun is here to change the way you interact with your food. Whether its ordering for pickup at a specific time or just trying to figure out what type of exercise you need to do in order to burn the meal you just consumed.

The goodbun app is a free app whether you are a customer or not. We want to provide people with a powerful tool to manage the food they intake in the simplest way possible.


  • Order from your mobile device
  • Location based ordering: order ahead of time and we'll start to prepare your meal as you get closer, providing you with the freshest meal possible.
  • Manage your nutrition intake and customize the amount of nutrients you want for that day, week or month.
  • Choose between 100's of workouts that the app automatically recommends based on the meal you are eating.
  • A REAL loyalty program. You take care of us, goodbun returns the favor.
  • App automatically updates nutrition information and tracks purchases when you buy something delicious at a goodbun location using your goodbunID; no need to manually input anything, its all done in the background. 
About 90 years ago, the drive-thru kick started the fast food revolution and completely changed the way people bought food. At goodbun, we see the drive-thru as a fundamental invention and have figured out how to revolutionize the drive-thru experience, completely changing the the next 90 years of fast food. Our drive-thru wraps around our location with a huge interactive smart LED wall that follows you as you’re driving around goodbun. As you approach our drive-thru, you will be greeted by name and congratulated on how you’re doing that day with your nutrition consumption. Our drive-thru system is alerted when you pull into goodbun using your location from your phone when you use the goodbun app to order a meal. 
As you’re waiting for your food you will also be entertained by beautiful animations displayed on our wall. Once you’ve picked up your meal the display will show you the nutrition information of the food you’re about to consume and intelligently display numerous ways to burn the meal. All this is done seamlessly in the background with the help of the goodbun app. Even without the app, if you were to order at the drive-thru the traditional way we can still display the nutrition information and ways to burn the meal ensuring everyone enjoys this great ordering experience.

 Sometimes the craziest most outrageous ideas are the ones worth fighting for. Whether this campaign to get goodbun up and running succeeds or not, it will prevail no matter what.  We know that the possibilities introduced will have an impact on the lives of so many whether its through goodbun or our fast food competitors as we planted the seed for a better meal. Imagine a day where we all get back to eating good food. Virtually everything we eat nowadays is processed or artficially enhanced in some way. We want to change this! We want goodbun to be an outlet for people who want to consume real food. We hope to be an innovator in the fast food industry, completely reimagining the experience you get from going to a fast food establishment.

The days of eating a quick cheap meal then regretting it after are almost over. In fact it's so close that we can taste it (literally). goodbun will completely change the way we consume at fast food establishments.

 As time passes and goodbun begins to gain ground, we will be able to lower our cost and introduce new menu items that appeal to every customer.  Although not in a hurry, we also plan to introduce a higher end menu with items you would never expect to find at a fast food restaurant. Now we would love to share all of our future plans with you but that wouldn't be fun would it!

We have this huge opportunity in our hands, being able to change an aging industry and create something really powerful.

We will use the money pledged to refine our menu and try to make the nutrition even better for our bodies. We will also use the money to build a bigger team of individuals who's passion is to create amazing things. We are already working with local farms in order to produce the highest quality ingredients. The money pledged also applies to the technology behind goodbun. Believe it or not we see goodbun as more of a technology company not simply as a "food company". As soon as the funds are raised, we will immediately begin to work on enhancing the nutrition, finding the perfect location and start building the goodbun infrastructure. The goodbun app will be launch by September 2014 and the first ever goodbun location will launch on our 1 year kickstarter anniversary April 1, 2015.

Risks and challenges

When we first decided to pursue this endeavor we knew that we were about to embark on one of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences of our lives. We understand that the fast food business is controlled by conglomerates that have been around for way too long with out much of a challenge. Some of the biggest barriers we face are sourcing the right food thats good for you. We are also in the midst of putting together a world class team of chefs and nutritionists to ensure only the best ingredients are being used. We also plan to battle preservatives and artificial ingredients all while maintaining costs. The toughest thing is finding and putting together an amazing team of people ready for the challenge. Once we receive funding we will begin to put the puzzle pieces together to build goodbun.

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    For the price of an amazing cheap bottle of wine, your name* will forever live through goodbun's packaging. Everytime someone gets a burger or fries they'll see your name on our packaging.

    *must sign a consent form before using your name. Always remember safety first ;)

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    You'll be invited to use the exclusive all mighty goodbun app beta version and help us make it better!

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    You'll be able to submit an idea for a good food item we currently don't have on our menu and vote for it to be featured on the menu.

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    Get 1 good meal every month* for the next 6 years. Yes we said 6 years, making sure at least once a month you're eating good.

    *Unfortunately we haven't figured out how to mail burgers but until then, you'll have to patiently wait for a goodbun to be available in your area; or you could always visit us wherever we set up shop. Don't worry this never expires, we pinky promise and remember good things come to those who wait!

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    You could say we've run out of creative things to give away. But no! There’s more! You’ll receive a good meal every month for the next 6 years and you get to send a goodbun care package to anyone you want. So they'll also receive a free meal every month just like you and they also get all the swag we've mentioned above! Sweeeeeeet

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    On launch day we will have your company logo on our website and we'll have a huge over the top ridiculous banner outside our location where goodbun will be hosting the party of the year, plenty of hungry people and publicity ready to see who's really good.

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    You are clearly sick of eating bad and want to ensure goodbun is available where you are, so you get to taste good as soon as possible. Choose and Submit the city you live in and later vote for your choice as to where we will open our first location. Yes, you get to determine where we will be living! Evil laughter ensues...Buahahahaha!

    Limited to:
    (Miami, FL, New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Pittsburgh, PA, and Atlanta, GA)

    Your city isn't listed? Dont worry! Drop us a note and we'll evaluate that market to see if it makes sense for goodbun to be present. We also plan to be everywhere so remember, good things come to those who wait.

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