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rootcup helps grow new plants from plant cuttings. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 2, 2013.

rootcup helps grow new plants from plant cuttings.

About this project

BIGrootcup is like the original rootcup, but bigger.   

Have you tried to propagate plant cuttings, but they didn’t take root in soil? rootcup helps start roots so that your cuttings will thrive when planted. The patent-pending design protects a cutting’s roots from light, which helps them grow, the lid holds the cutting’s leaves above water to prevent rotting, and the shape captures evaporating water so cuttings need less attention. rootcup is made from a super-durable non-toxic elastomer, and it can be sterilized in a dishwasher or boiling water for reuse... you could blend rootcup into a kale smoothie and drink it... Seriously, it looks tasty but DO NOT eat rootcup.

The original rootcup is shipping now and people are giving great feedback, they love it, AND they also want to start roots with bigger cuttings... That’s what this kickstarter is all about: to bring BIGrootcup to life. your support will pay for BIGrooctup tooling, and the first round of production, in return, rewards will help you get started growing roots with rootcup and BIGrootcup.  Any funding beyond the target will go towards building inventory of parts, gathering more help to receive orders, and to pack and ship with care. With your help, BIGrootcup can become real.  The design of BIGrootcup is very close to finished, just a couple adjustments and it'll be ready for final release. The design is very similar to the original rootcup, which works great for cuttings less than 2". BIGrootcup works just like the original but for bigger cuttings, up to 5".

About rewards and shipping. Delivery to US is included. A big shout out to rootcup fans in Germany, Italy, France and Finland, here's your chance, $50 pledge is available for international backers, its a great value & you'll have lots of rootcups to share with friends. All rewards will ship before the end of March (could be much sooner), so you'll have lots of time to enjoy rootcup this spring.

I'm Michael Good, founder of good3studio llc in San Francisco. rootcup was the first in-house release, and I'm excited that rootcup is encouraging home gardening and that the production is supporting local industry. Most of all, I love to use it: rootcup works and looks great. When friends visit, I love to give a rootcup along with a favorite cutting. Dry erase marker holds on the surface and can be washed away with water, which makes it easy to capture a thoughtful message or to keep track of dates and other notes for some garden experiments.

rootcup is designed and assembled in San Francisco CA by good3studio llc.

Risks and challenges

Designing and delivering the original rootcup has been a really fun project... There are some risks taking on new tooling, especially for molded parts as large as BIGrootcup. Tooling and parts will need to be validated. There's a risk for molding surprises and a whole army of possible logistics challenges that may impact the schedule. Several elements need to come together, even so, the schedule and budget includes room to deal with these surprises and in my past work I've dealt with them successfully. I’m very confident to deliver BIGrootcup before March which gives lots of time to start cuttings for spring planting. I believe that growing plants is good for us and that rootcup encourages it. Your pledge is a vote that you believe that BIGrootcup should exist. In exchange, I promise to use my experience and ability to work through the remaining design, tooling and logistics challenges to bring BIGrootcup to life.

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    Two hand made cedar trays, eight rootcups and two BIGrootcups, all in your choice of color.
    Cedar trays are handmade in San Francisco, laser etched and hand rubbed with tung oil. Cedar trays will be packed together with the cedar chips that were produced while making your tray. (Cedar smells so nice).

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