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A circular abstract-like game in which both dragons are bound together, for each action taken leaves different options for your foe.
A circular abstract-like game in which both dragons are bound together, for each action taken leaves different options for your foe.
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Fulfillment Update #6: Replacements Vol. 2

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hi Everyone!

We hope you’ve been doing great!

We’ve been silent in the comments section for a while which is something we haven’t done ever before and we would like to deeply apologize for this, specially if this caused any issue; we would also like to let you know that we are taking the proper actions so it never happens again.

Regarding this update, we need to address something very important regarding replacements, specially in the Eurasia region but first of all, as a reminder, if you have a component that arrived damaged please contact us through so we can help you fix that as quickly as possible.

As I mentioned previously in the past update we’ve been sending several replacements parts either directly ourselves or with the help of ambassadors in the US, ES, UK, FR, and DE and so far we’ve sent more than 140 since the last update thanks to their help. However, there are still pending replacements before we finally clear the list of replacement parts which thankfully is now a very small list.

We had a shipment prepared from China since April 2nd, which was then picked up by TNT (a FedEx-owned private courier) on April 10th and was expected to arrive on April 18th, due to various circumstances out of our control we ended up receiving it on our warehouse in Spain on April 26th, which was an issue for our schedule since the people on the warehouse are moving to a bigger warehouse and couldn’t process our orders at the moment.

This means that while we received the cargo with stuff we needed to complete several replacements requests that involved red cloths, cardboard boards and even some rulebooks we couldn’t send those to our ambassadors so they could pack them individually and send them.

While they are still in the process of moving warehouses and stuff, we know that by next week they can surely send those pending orders to our Ambassadors in Spain, UK, Germany and France so they can send replacements everywhere in the world except for the US and (depending on the required replacement) Canada.

This also applies for those of you in Germany, and returned packages or with pending orders in Europe.

We are deeply sorry this is taking longer than expected but we promise it will be worth the wait and you will surely love the game as much as we do.

Thank you once again for your support and we hope that if you haven’t received everything yet, you will receive it very, very soon :).

Everyone here at ThunderGryph Games.

Fulfillment Update #5: Replacements

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone,

hope you are doing great.

We would like to update all those that are either pending shipments for any reason or waiting for replacements.

These past few months we have worked to have replacement parts and games delivered to us from the factory, but this has been a little more complicated due to Chinese New Year and the logistics problems on their side. We finally decided to have everything sent to our warehouse in Fujian, China where we can have more control over the cargo.

Regarding replacements, we managed to send as many as our stock allowed us in January, and since we didn’t have replacements sent or games left it created substantial waiting time for some of you, which we know is something unforgivable.

During the past week we’ve sent 72 replacements from China, and this week we are preparing a few pallets to be sent by Air to Europe to be able to handle everyone else that is pending.

If you haven’t sent your replacement issue (or have sent just a private message on Kickstarter) please send us your request to

As for pending shipments, we know that some packages were lost in transit back in January, particularly Germany because of an error with Hermes and their inbound provider, Asendia. If you are in that location you should have received a survey through email where we ask if you received the game. If you haven’t, please click the button on that e-mail to process a reshipment through either Asendia (DHL) or DPD. If you already contacted us previously through our support email then you don’t need to.

We also experienced returns in the rest of Europe where the shipments were not delivered and we re-sent those immediately through DPD.

Ambassadors in key locations like the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and The UK already have replacements sent their way directly and we should start clearing all those pending replacements request very soon.

Pending shipments should be receiving tracking numbers during the next 2 weeks as well.

We sincerely apologize for all the troubles this might have caused to you, and we thrive to improve our communication with you.

For any issues please write an email to:

Everyone Here at ThunderGryph Games.

Fulfillment Update #4: Floating Cloud

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone has been having an excellent week so far, this time I would like to give a small general update on fulfillment, but I will focus a more on replacements for this update.

General Fulfillment

Regardless of the problems we encountered earlier this month with the service provider for most of Europe (Asendia) and the tracking numbers incident that affected 1000 backers the fulfillment process so far has been pretty good for 90% of backers, considering the dates we shipped everything.

United States and Canada are the countries with less incidents, which was expected since they were domestic shipments.

Europe is the continent with more incidents which was also expected considering we are shipping to a whole continent with more than 30 countries with completely different postal offices, the % of issues was in fact lower than with Overseers where we used DHL untracked, so, Yay! there are however several countries where they don't update anything since arrival until it is out for delivery (like Italy, France and the UK) which is a little nerve wreaking for people checking the tracking numbers.

Shipments with Hermes in Germany haven't updated for us (hence the big 5% of in transit, since those are 200 shipments) but we know they have been delivered, if this hasn't been the case for you, please leave a comment below so I can check.

Asia has been pretty straightforward for the most part as usual with VFI.


Before I start talking about this, please, if you have send a request for this through ANY other method that wasn't or please do so through those channels, KS private message system is really hard to keep track of anything or even check all the messages and if we read your message we will point you to these emails anyway because KS is not a help desk.

We know there are a lot of requests for replacement parts, and we are going through all of those emails as fast as we can, if you are sending multiple emails, please stop immediately as this increases our queue and workload and we have to cross-reference every email to check for duplicates which is highly time consuming, there are people that also does this with multiple email addresses which makes it even harder.

We are building a spreadsheet with all the requests so we can send everything en masse, and hopefully we will go through all these emails this week.

Have you played the game?

If you have played the game with friends, family, or even solo, we would love hearing what you thought about it, perhaps you can do a review or give your rating and comments in BGG

The future of fulfillment

Thanks to the information we've collected we are better prepared for the fulfillment of our future projects, by changing to a private courier in countries with high % of incidents and high transit times, it also depends on weight, but expect to see more DPD and UPS in the future in Europe, Mexico and Australia will be domestic shipments now, and Latin America can expect to have tracking numbers as well in the future.

Spirits of the Forest Last 24H

Click Here!
Click Here!


As a lot of you might know already, we are in the last 24h of the campaign with more than 7300 Backers! and I would like to take a moment to explain how the gifts for recurring backers works and what you need to do, in the update on January 2 you might've seen the following promotion:

But we've been getting a lot of people asking what they need to do to get those, it is pretty straightforward, if your Kickstarter email is still the same than when you backed Tao Long there is literally nothing you need to do, if by any chance you did change your email in the past year, then you will need to send us an email to so we can check and apply the rewards manually.

Everyone here at ThunderGryph Games.

Fulfillment Update #3: The World Destination

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to post an update on how the fulfillment is going, so let's start.

New Tracking System

We've been working the past weekend in some cool stuff for future projects and shipments, this is one of them, but this doesn't mean Tao Long can't benefit from this, it is late for 98% of people to experience how this system works but nonetheless it is something we would like to discuss.

With this new system you will get notifications for every stage your shipment goes through, from Info received, to in transit, out for delivery and when it is delivered. This will also notify you when a shipment has an exception or an issue with the delivery.

We also have the option to even do this not only through email but through SMS, but we won't implement that as costs for that could be 2€ per shipment, where we will implement this is only for exceptions and problems in delivery, which is where this would make sense.

North America

For the US and Mexico, as of today, from the tracking information we have been given and integrated in our new system, except for 9 packages, everything has been delivered, if you don't have any tracking information we are working on it.

If you are in the US and you have any issue regarding your shipment, please contact as instructed in the email when you received your tracking number.

For Canada, Snake & Lattes is already preparing the shipments to be sent, I just received a call from Guillaume, the logistics manager, I should receive tracking numbers today and tomorrow.


We've been working with Asendia and Hermes to fix the issues in Germany, Asendia found that the issue was an internal error in Hermes, and Hermes is contacting everyone (which might take a while) to actually deliver the parcel, tracking numbers in Hermes might no longer update because of this since the labels might've changed, and we don't have them, please contact Hermes if they haven't contacted you back yet.

Italy and France with shipments from Jan 8th, please don't worry if your tracking number hasn't updated since the departure in origin as this is totally normal with postal services (this also applies for shipments to Poland from any date)

Thanks to our new system we are analyzing every little shipment and countries, with this information we are looking into alternatives for future shipments to countries with problematic post offices such as Italy and Poland, since the packages are Priority Mail and shouldn't take more than 10 business days in transit in even the most problematic countries.

Germany won't be served by Hermes in the future, we will change to DPD and DHL depending on weight.

Asia and Australia/NZ

Most of these territories should be fulfilled by now, if you have any issues please contact

Rest of the world

Currently checking with HappyShops, we have those on hold, you probably have received an email from them already.

Everyone here at ThunderGryph Games.

Fulfillment Update #2: The Red Pearl

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone!

It is time to update everyone on how the fulfillment is coming along, the previous update was a little more in-depth but this one is a little bit simple as all the details were already explained.

North America fulfillment is pretty much completed, almost everyone in the US has already received their copy, the canadian pallet is scheduled to arrive in a Snake and Lattes warehouse today, and Mexican packages are in transit through USPS.

In Europe, the fulfillment is going smoothly, we also worked on Christmas to get everything packed and we ended up with 5 Pallets full of games that were sent to Asendia for the final processing for most of the EU by Dec 28th, Spain was covered by a 14h service.

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If you received your tracking number and you clicked on the link to track it, it was an issue with Backerkit, the tracking url is

A few packages while already have a tracking number assigned haven't been scanned just yet, so keep this in mind.

People in the UK have started to report that they have received their games, and as far as we could check in our end, a few delivery attempts have been made in France as well.

as for Asia, almost everything is fulfilled, they were in charge of Australia and New Zealand and the delivery time to those two countries have been from as little as 3 day through EMS.


Rest of the World was supposed to be covered by Asia but we have changed plans to do this through another partner in Europe called HappyShops, since this would end in shipments going a lot faster than through China Post, packages will be sent through Deutsche Post with a service they provide similar to EMS.

We've previously sent packages to Latin America through them and the delivery time is as low as a week depending on the country, we are preparing a box to be sent their way today, and it should arrive pretty soon.

Spirits of the Forest Kickstarter Launch

Click Here!
Click Here!

We just launched Spirits of the Forest on Kickstarter!

This time around we decided to add something special for all of you. By backing Spirits of the Forest you will get the Oversized Cotton Bag to store the player stones and The Red Pearl expansion for Tao Long. This little box will hold a letter with the rules and an interesting message.

The Red Pearl will be also available as an add-on in our Tao Long Expansion campaign this year.

By backing the game in the next 72h, you will also get a set of tree Aether Stones for free.

Also, If you backed Tao Long, Dead Man's Doubloons and Spirits of the Forest, you will receive a copy of Pot de Vin for free!

Until next time!

Everyone Here at ThunderGryph Games.