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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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Free Gifts Now on Pledge Wizard and Production improvements

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your day so far.  

Tang Garden was created with the concept in mind of doing something special. Going back to two years ago we understood the risks, but we felt that we were ready for the challenge and it has been an absolute blast working on every detail of the pre-production. We love creating games and we are blessed to be working with Ninox, our board game manufacturer, they share our passion and they have been fundamental for the progress and the execution in the right direction.  

We have made this game together with you, and for that we will always be very thankful. It is quite important to have all the small details sorted out before we hand over the game to you and sometimes you might feel that we are going back and forth over a concept. We want to be clear and honest with you, and while it would be more organized to communicate what we do once it’s completely done, we really like sitting down every three weeks to tell you how it’s going.  

The Pavilion, for example, has gone through 9 different iterations and sizes. Spending all this time on revisions is frustrating, but we know that all of us want a great product and an enjoyable gaming experience. As we did with Spirits, we have taken the time to make it right. This is the first time we work on such different set of items inside a game and that has let us to a delay of three months over the schedule with a delivery expected around easter.

With all transparency, all the time that was spent over this period has been a collaborative work of passion towards the game from our team and the manufacturer, and we are still meeting on a daily basis to close things in batches.  

In this update I will go through the additional revisions we went back to, even after we decided that the product was good, because we feel that this changes will give us a game all of us will be proud of.  

We are confident to finish the master samples before the Chinese New Year’s break around mid January and we will do our absolute best to keep updating you even during the holidays.

We thank you once more for all your patience and comprehension and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns!  

- Gon  

Pledge Wizard Rewards

We are happy to finally to say to you that we have implemented the free gift system in Pledge Wizard, that means that if you are a returning backer, subscribed to our newsletter before the campaign or even bought the sleeves in Dead Man’s Doubloons, by logging in to your pledge wizard account, you now will find reflected free gifts in your order.  

You don’t have to do anything from your side, but if you want to check you can get back to your pledge wizard email and visit the link provided there and then Click on “My Orders” on the top right of the webpage.  

For more information on how to navigate in Pledge Wizard, you can go over our “How-To Update”  

In case you have deleted it or not received it yet, we are sending a new email blast tomorrow to all of you with updates on pledge wizard and the deadline of closure, that should be the 31st of January 2019, however, you can still email us at if you need any help with this, we will most gladly help as soon as we can.  


As you might know, for some time now we’ve been printing and testing materials both to see how colors come out and how every component interact with the rest.

We’ve been doing some heavy testing on each item of the game, including the game board. We saw at Essen that some players were pushing the Panorama tiles a bit too hard over the insert to ensure it was well attached. While this is not something that you need to do, we understood that it was lacking some tactile or audible feedback from the piece itself to make sure it was inserted.  

We have been testing different cuts, but the one we are showing here should be the final look and feel. This new cut that we called the cloud cut, will give you the necessary feedback to know that the panorama is inserted and will make the board more sturdy for all the times you will place the panorama tiles.   

We noticed that with the brown color matte finish we chose for the back, it started to get scratched after several uses. We are changing the color to black and making the back paper texturized to be way more scratch resistant.  

We also received the bridge plastic parts with the last revisions and the piece is holding wonderfully. In this picture please notice that the cardboard was hand cutted and the laser cut will look perfectly fine like any other game punch board. This decoration will also have a black 3mm core in the center to give even more sturdiness and stability to the structure.  

Finally, let’s talk about miniatures. The goal is to bring all the beautiful details out in the plastic, we’ve been carving the textures a bit more, but we still feel some miniatures need a bit more of space to make the details pop out. While for the gameplay the miniature needs to be on a base of 15mm diameter, the Pavilion is tied to any change we make on the miniatures, and we can make it a bit taller if necessary.   

This is the structure of each mini and all the revisions applied. As you can see every character is quite different in shape and we feel that is something we wanted to achieve in this game. That being said, having miniatures a little bigger is good for everybody! By working on the minis, we saw that the Pavilion needed around 10mm more in height, we are sorting out the best way to do it with our manufacturer and we are confident we will find a final size soon.  

We are also making a couple of revisions for the roof, since we want to achieve the same interlocking system as in the base, which makes the cardboard cuts less complicated and more structurally sound.  

Scenario challenge event: Herbalist (win a golden ticket!)

While you are waiting on the game, we really want you to get familiar with the rules to enjoy Tang Garden even more when you receive it. As soon as you get more familiar with all the miniatures and different strategies, there is a wonderful moment where you will start looking at the game differently on each match depending on the initial configuration.

Starting soon and ending on January 31st, we are launching a special Scenario Event.

Tabletop simulator will be updated with a self setup trigger that will be dedicated to the Herbalist scenario. Tabletopia is programming the same and we hope to have the implementation ready to be able to announce the event.  

We will explain how the scenario works and you will be able to play with your friends on a Digital match of Tang Garden with the Herbalist scenario. We will ask you to upload the scores to our website with a screenshot of the results attached.  

For every 100 points logged in during the event we will plant a tree with trees for the future. 

The top 4 scores will then play a live game on Tang Garden on Twitch commentated by us and the winner will get ahold of a Golden Ticket, which is a full-access pass to our entire catalog in the future for free.

We will send a new update as soon as the event page will be live! We hope you will like this initiative because we have plenty of scenarios to play with using this mode!  

To all of you that have gone through this extensive update, thank you so much for your time!  
To all of you that celebrate this upcoming holidays, we want to wish you a wonderful time with the people you love.   

Sincerely yours,
Everyone here at ThunderGryph Games

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    1. Josette Baysdell on

      Greatly appreciate the update. Waiting a bit longer for a good game never bothers me as long as the creators keep us in the loop. I would rather have it done right than done sooner. Looking forward to getting this to the table.

    2. Dave Bruno on

      No Pledge Wizard email here. So I guess Im not getting any cool freebies. Hope I still get my game I paid for.

    3. Rick Collins

      I have not received an invitation to the Pledge Wizard. Seems to be a number of us still in this situation.

    4. Nabend

      Zoran, they are only free under certain conditions and there is a good chance it wouldn't work even if you met the conditions.
      If you still have the original mail to the sad excuse for a pledgemanager they are using, you can remove the ones you bought if you have received free variants.
      Just don't expect any miracles

    5. Missing avatar

      Zoran Lazic on

      Tang Garden: Apricot Tree Decoration and
      Tang Garden: Swan Decoration

      Are now free gifts? Well I payed for those when i completed my survey ... damn

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Kevin Maginity

      Pledge Wizard won't let me complete my order - the payment process is blocked. Anyone else having this problem?

    7. Missing avatar

      m. on

      Hi guys, same here as @Minkenstein - haven't gotten an invitation to the pledge manager yet. Neither the initial one or the updated one now. No reply to email yet.

    8. Bobby T

      @Simply Boardgames - And just in case anyone else is still waiting on their "freebie" swan and apricot tree. They do not show up in your cart. After you complete your order in the pledge manager, click on "My Orders" and you will see one section with your pledge and add ons, and then there is a separate section for "Free Items", just as shown in the screenshot in the update above.

      I was confused and was waiting myself, but thanks to @Benny6Toes for showing the way!

    9. Nabend

      Justin, and a raised dais is much less thematic than a pavillion? The chinese gardens I have visited had any number of features that could be used without breaking playability

    10. Minkenstein on

      I got no inivation to the pledge manager - not the first time, not the updated one now.
      I'm a little worried and really, really would like to make my pledge.
      I mailed you guys, please answer so I can end the long wait.

    11. Missing avatar

      David on


    12. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      @Nabend - I agree with Stephen that theme is very important for this game. What drew more backers in? The fact that it's another tile laying game? The fact that it's a game where you're building a beautiful garden with wonderful minis that you place in it and 3D trees, bridges and pagodas? It's the latter that sets this game apart, so theme is extremely important.

    13. Nabend

      @Stephen Spackman, since this is supposed to be a game and not a diorama or storybook, I care far more about playable than thematic. Whatever thematic is supposed to mean in a game this abstract, anyways

    14. Missing avatar

      Aibohpphobia on

      I won a free set of card sleeves during a Twitch promo. Should I be seeing them as a free item in the Pledge Wizard?

      This game looks so awesome, I'm so looking forward to playing it when it's ready! (And delays are part of the deal with Kickstarter, so not worried about that.)

    15. Simply Boardgames on

      I should be getting the swan and apricot tree in my pledge but am only getting the wayfarer show up. Who do I need to contact about this?

    16. Pete Thane on

      @Brian Hou - click on the down arrow next to the order number as that will expand the full order and show the version you are receiving plus any other freebies (such as the Wayfarer if you were an Early Bird backer) and any add ons.

    17. Kim Guanter

      I forget that I'm eligible for the free Swans and I ordered already now I will get 2 of them. Where can I check the language ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Bitnara Kim on

      I find reflected free gifts in my order, but I don't see this gift in cart. Is it right?

    19. Anthony DMello on

      Great update. Like those who commented below, I appreciate the care you are putting into this game. I trust this company because I can tell that delays aren't wasted. Each part is an act of love and your communication and community involvement reinforces my opinion of your quality. Thank you and happy holidays.

    20. Brian Hou on

      In my order, how do I know if my copy was deluxe version which included all the expansion?
      it showed: TANGGARDEN-201809280137121296199

    21. Brian Hou on

      are Tang Garden: Apricot Tree Decoration and
      Tang Garden: Swan Decoration the two free gifts?
      I have those two showed up in my cart. Just checking

    22. UnstableVoltage on

      @Kimberly Thanks - I had completely missed that despite going back over the update twice to specifically look for it. Wall of text defeated me!

    23. Dagda

      Do you have any prototype miniatures? How are the details compared to the renderings? How easy is it, to tell apart the miniatures?

    24. Martin Mamone on

      Gonzalo, tengo problemas con mi orden tambien. No veo todos los items que ordene y solo veo uno de los gifts.

    25. Allen Sam on

      Still not seeing the apricot and swan in the freebies. Also as a EB deluxe backer, I added additional funds during the campaign for 3 copies and questions were asked whether I will be getting 3 Wayfarer, the respond provided by the creator was an affirmative Yes. When I add the additional copies, it is not showing in the cart. Any workaround on this matter, I'd like to complete the pledge and pay so that I can get my games.

    26. Min

      Still no gifts in my pledge...

    27. Fabio Maria Piacentini on

      About the pledge gifts, what about backers from Italy through DD site?

    28. Sam Richardson

      Is there no chance of the original Artist or Poet (with a different name) coming back to play with slightly different abilities and preferences then? Shame, I really liked the colours and designs used for them, particularly the Artist.

      Everything else is looking excellent! Highly anticipating this game, can’t wait to receive it even if it takes slightly longer than expected!

    29. Missing avatar

      Odin on

      I see my Wayfarer and my Swan — thank you very much :-)

    30. Dominik Dollinger on

      I consider a three month delay for a Kickstarter project "on time", so no worries!
      The plastic parts for the bridge and the pavilion that are shown are probably not the final iteration, so would you please consider giving them a fitting texture? Right now they are looking a bit plain.

    31. acorns2009

      Thank you for taking your time to ensure the game displays quality production and beauty it was designed to be. I definitely don't mind waiting a bit longer to ensure everything is well done. I hope ya'll don't work during Christmas!

    32. Kerry Wano on

      Always willing to wait for a well-polished game. Do what you gotta do to make it right.

    33. Missing avatar

      Travis Reiter on

      Rushing to production would be against the spirit of the game. Plenty of kickstarters miss the final polish due to timeline pressures and I appreciate your commitment to doing it right!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on

      I see my Apricot Tree, thank you!

      @UnstableVoltage The revised delivery date wasn't skipped. Third paragraph: "a delay of three months over the schedule with a delivery expected around easter" I hope that helps!

    35. AGN1964 on

      I'm not concerned about the delay. Take the time to get it right.

    36. Sjoerd van Hal on

      I have add all the add-ons just yet. There isn't any free Apricot tree in my pledge. What to do? :)

    37. UnstableVoltage on

      Do we have a revised delivery date? Obviously, as you're still in pre-production we're not going to get a January delivery (especially considering that shipping from China and distribution to customers from local companies usually takes 8+ weeks). Now I'm not complaining. I've Kickstarted a lot of stuff and I know delays are inevitable - I'm just asking if there's a revised date, as that seems to have been skipped.

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      My Apricot Tree isn't in there either...

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Spackman

      @Nabend, @BubbleGumBill, they're thematically very important.

    40. homo ludens on

      @ThunderGryph My free apricot tree isn't included yet :( ... (used a different e-mail address for subscription - may that be the reason?)

    41. Nabend

      BubbleGumBill makes the same suggestion I made a few weeks back: scrap the pavillion entirely and replace it with a dais. More playable, less fiddly, less parts.

    42. Jason

      Just saw that you have a bundle now Play&Go I bought in the PM when it was release everyone listed on it for €45, will I get the stamp+ Solo Mode and the Free Scorepads ?

    43. Jonathan Nelson on

      Looks good. Got the free apricot tree that I was expecting. Can't wait to hold this in my hands!

    44. BubbleGumBill on

      Have you thought of just completely removing the roof and having a base with a waist high fence around the whole thing. I think hiding a character inside a gazebo is going to cause a lot of gameplay issues where people forget/ dont see where characters are etc.

      Lets blow the roof off this thing.

    45. Adam Thornton on

      @Meltdown, from the image, it looks like they're all about 35mm, give or take a bit.

    46. Meltdown on

      Maybe I missed this on the campaign page, but how big will the minis be?

    47. Rhys Brett-Bowen on

      nvm - the wayfarer is included in the description of the order

    48. Missing avatar

      Sean Tapscott on

      Great update. Thank you.

    49. Rhys Brett-Bowen on

      Looks like the apricot tree and swan are in - but how about the wayfarer for early pledge?

    50. Tratos1 on

      not sure how i or others that ordered these items will get them free unless we get duplicates or a refund. So with that said thanks for the update looking forward to having my own copy in hand when it is time.