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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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Sountrack: new additional songs! Pre-production, packing and localization.

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)
Dear backers, we hope you are all doing great!  

During these past few weeks, we’ve been working closely with our manufacturer on the provided files to sort everything out in terms of production and the assembly line, which I'll explain further during this update.  

In the following days, we will have a clear vision from them on how everything will work and Gon will make a video update to explain all the process of making the game in more detail. There is a chance that he will meet with the manufacturer directly in Hong Kong to report from there.  

That being said, here is the update!  

Tang Garden Soundtrack  

To accompany you in this update, Veronica provided us with a new song from the soundtrack of Tang Garden. This one is called: Poet.

Veronica already handed over all the songs. We are sorting out the arrangements for Spotify and we will be able to share with you the complete album in our next update in lossless and lossy formats as well.   

We have a new surprise for you all in this update! Veronica made 3 additional original songs for the soundtrack. That will take us to a total of 13 songs, the perfect length for a game!   

We are very excited to share that Veronica recently launched her Patreon page where she will be making more awesome BGM for your favorite board games. The community votes on the games she will be composing for! While she always read your comments in the updates, we are sure she would love to hear from you over there too


There is always something to learn from our previous Kickstarters and while problems bring stress, it also helps us a lot for future games. 

This is what we will be doing for Tang Garden. 

There are some things we can’t control during fulfillment, and while we trust our partners, we prefer to make sure you will receive the games in the best shape possible. 

We are making custom cartons for our different fulfillment centers to make sure that all the different boxes and add-ons will fit in the box without getting damaged during transit. 

In our previous update, we were talking about each of the boxes you will be receiving. In terms of add-ons, we will pack miniatures inside a thick cardboard box and all the smaller add-ons in blisters.


Our partners already translated the cards and are going through the rulebook as you are reading the update. 

 For all of you that wanted localized copies, we know and care that you receive everything in the language you choose. Here is how we are managing localizations. 

Tang Garden base game and Tang Garden: Golden Age (stretch goals) will be language specific and you will receive your copy in English, French, German or Spanish depending on what you selected. 

Tang Garden: Ghost Stories will be multi-language, containing multiple cards and rules of each of our languages (like we did in Spirits of the Forest Deluxe). Since this is a numbered print run, this is the best solution for it. All the add-ons will also be multi-language to avoid fulfillment problems. 


Here is the final look at Tang Garden's rulebook. Let us know what you think and if you find that everything is clear. We hope you will like it!

Pavilion and bridge 

First of all, we want to thank you for all your support and patience while we make this game together. We heard that some of you wanted us to try with wood instead of plastic, so we did. 

While the piece will be robust enough to hold over time, the only process we were offered to custom cut laminated wood is by using laser cut. Sadly, this method will burn some parts of the wood that will end up covering the printed art on the wooden piece. 

We appreciate your comments as we appreciate you giving us the trust to make this game a reality. We just wanted to share the process before sharing how it will look as stated in the previous update. We are sure you will like it! 

Pledge Wizard 

We are still working with the developers to have all the gifts show in your orders, bear in mind this process is delicate and thus we are taking a little bit longer than we would like, but please take that into consideration. 

As a side note, please also bear in mind that while for those of you in the Early Bird pledge level The Wayfarer has been in your order as a gift while the rest is still not showing is because it is part of your pledge level, the rest of the gifts needs to be added in a 1 by 1 basis by using your email addresses. 

Twitch Stream 

Our next live play will be on Saturday December 15th at 20:00 GMT+1. We will finally play the herbalist and a very interesting scenario that we haven’t revealed yet. 

Be sure to follow us on Twitch to be notified when we will be live. 

For now that wraps it up, but we will launch an update as soon as we receive substantial information from the manufacturer. If you want to follow the process more closely, you can join our discord channel or ambassador group over Facebook where the team shares more information about Tang and future titles on a weekly basis. Of course, just reading this updates will be enough to keep you up to date. 

Our team will be answering any questions you may have in the comment section of this update. Thank you and talk to you again soon!

Sincerely yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      I see them now. Also just randomly wondering, could you potentially take all four of the character tokens to prevent someone from having the option of using a character token later? I imagine that's sub-optimal decision making but players can become vindictive.

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      I'm still not sure what page 8's reminder section is referring to when it says you can take a character token. The search function provides no results for "character token" despite the sentence clearly referencing a character token.

    3. Missing avatar

      David on

      Yeah I'm not sure why I was so confused the last time I read through the rules. But I got confused. You have a reminder segment on page 7 that says "The list of characters can be found on the last page of the rulebook." That could read "On the last page there is a section with detailed information about all the characters."

    4. Edin Najetovic on

      Wood all the way! More tactile, more fun and burns will only add to the character I feel

    5. Alfonso Madruga on

      @Daniëlle I assume you are new to painting. Anything plastic will usually need a primer first as paint will either not catch or simply detach after drying. The only material I have been able to paint directly on - and only some colours - is plaster cast miniatures like the ones used in diorama landscapes.

    6. Alfonso Madruga on

      @Mateusz Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately 'somewhat hidden' does not qualify as content for a rulebook. I hope they make this and many other things clear(er) in the final edition. Verbosity in places and ellipsis in others are going to make for a very head-scratching read, even when the game is actually quite simple to learn and play.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mateusz Lopacinski on

      @David - The Officer's sight preference is any type of landscape. Not garden tiles. I believe the blank circle represents "any landscape", since they are symbolized by circle icons.

      I do agree the wording and design of the rulebook may cause some confusion though.

      @Alfonso Madruga - The turn order is hidden somewhat in the descriptions of the actions. From what I understand it goes as follows:
      Build the garden is mandatory, AFTER that you may influence a character, if you can.
      The two remaining actions, refresh a lantern and use the lantern can be done at ANY time during your turn.

      But yea, there are some "disambiguating" words missing from the manual in places.

    8. Missing avatar

      David on

      Never mind sorry that's apparently just for the solo version. I didn't realize the solo version rules weren't going to be on a separate sheet.

    9. Missing avatar

      David on

      Word choice: rather than defeat. "Dishonor" or even "Failure". Defeat to me implies an opposing force that you lost to.

    10. Missing avatar

      David on


      Final Character Placement. Is this placement done in turn order? By lowest current coins? By fewest characters previously placed? In order of the cardinal directions? Based on a player's height?

    11. Missing avatar

      David on

      Sorry garden tiles not landscapes.

    12. Missing avatar

      David on

      What. Why does The Officer still have a blank circle on his character - his sight preference is stated as landscape tiles. He's not looking at the landscape.

    13. Missing avatar

      David on

      Now. That said. There are specific instances or gaps in the rules and I'm not sure I want to dog pile that to death but you're not done with the rules. Don't write that off the to-do list. I can vouch for the tedium and stress and will offer to go through it with someone but you can't tell me that's done.

    14. Missing avatar

      David on

      The below comment was a suggestion for alternate language for the overview section of the rules. Because at present it reads, "They need to decorate the garden with pavilions, bridges, different types of vegetation, and animals such as birds and goldfish. During the construction, characters will visit the garden to inspect how the natural elements are arranged, and admire the surrounding landscape" ... which was fine when you had a pretty basic and simple selection of characters to choose from but with the expanded range of characters I think the emphasis should be placed on the options available to you but framed by the extra point potential from characters that may not strictly come from decorations or landscape tiles but rather some other character or property in the garden that's harder to pin down in an overview paragraph.

    15. Missing avatar

      David on

      "As engineers you have many ways to create a garden, you can decorate the garden with pavilions, bridges, different types of vegetation, or populate it with animals such as birds and goldfish. During the construction, your staff of characters can be sent into the garden to inspect the harmony of the garden's creation while hopefully finding something in the garden or the surrounding landscape to describe to the emperor with favor."

    16. Missing avatar

      David on

      Re: Bridges. I like how wood feels but I expect that burns on the art will be a detraction. The image that you displayed however was of plain base wood with burns.

    17. Missing avatar


      @Creators - it is appreciated that you comment on here, but you are ignoring 2 key questions. Has the delivery date slipped (and to when) and wil you be revising the rulebook. A poor rulebook will kill the game

    18. Pierre-Yves Campeau on

      I think I understand. It is the number of landscape tiles on which you see what the character wants to see.

    19. Pierre-Yves Campeau on

      What are the symbols near the names of certain characters on page 12, in the new rulebook?

    20. bobbymetal on

      Do you know when the soundtrack will be searchable on Spotify? I'd love to give it a listen.

    21. Matt Mosher

      I'm sorry, I am confused. Maybe I missed something. Should I complete my pledge manager and then the gifts will be added later? Or do I need to continue to wait so the gifts will show up in my cart before completing my order?

    22. Francis Binnie

      Are you planning to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp? Would be cool if you did! :)

    23. Luis Gonzalez Collaborator on

      @Patrick Hampton that is not possible right now, I'm not sure if it will be possible but I don't wanna make fake promises. Thank you for your support!

    24. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      The wood components are looking way better than the plastic ones. With some laser engraving Art and red stained they would be awesome! If possible, try two thinner wooden layers to avoid the burned character. This way you can also add more detailing 

    25. Alfonso Madruga on

      I am trying to make constructive criticism. I would really not want to see the rulebook uploaded as the final version. It has too many inferences which is not good in a rulebook: you have to be explicit about things, and not assume it is going to be read by people who have already played the game or similar. And use the same terminology throughout the book. Why skills and abilities? They are synonyms. Why not just define Character Ability (as printed on the character card) and Special Ability (as triggered by the lanterns)? This would eliminate a bunch of grammatical errors that can be found especially in the 'Influence' section. Which by the way never references to the illustrations - I was lost trying to figure out as from which how to influence new characters until I saw the badly cropped image above which again makes me only guess about what it relates to.

      Guys this is a beautiful game, with an excellent gameplay - I was impressed when I saw it in Essen. Let's not have the reference material spoil the experience. You know how damaging it can be to the image of a game and I would hate to see that happen.

    26. acorns2009

      +1 for Alfonso's Rule Suggestions and request for clarifications in the Rulebook itself.

    27. Adam Thornton on

      Thanks for trying out the wood! I'm sure it sounded good in theory but doesn't look like it would work out. I'm happy with plastic, or whatever method you determine works best!

    28. Missing avatar


      +1 for Patrick Hampton's request. I would also like to be able to get the printed material in two languages.
      +1 for Alfonso's remarks regarding the rules. If you have a chance to make them even clearer, that would certainly be an improvement. Thanks for striving for the best possible game!

    29. Alfonso Madruga on

      Had a quick read through the definitive rules (English). I have to say that in spite of the extensive proofreading carried out by backers while they were a live document, they still need a lot of work. I foresee a lot of questions be raised during a newcomer's first play.

      A few of the very noticeable things:

      - Turn structure: in what order are the actions performed (not explicit), would affect for instance whether it is possible to refresh a lantern and use it in the same turn.
      - Definitions missing: footpath, region (maybe with pictures to illustrate those concepts) to name a few.
      - A close-up on the character sheet and its parts (how is this missing??)
      - Typos here and there (oriented not 'orientated').

      I could go on but just to give you an idea that this still looks like a wip in my eyes.

    30. Daniel

      I want what is most durable, Without the pieces in hand to test, this is impossible for me to tell, so I hope you will have durability at the front of your mind when you make your decision.

    31. Alfonso Madruga on

      Great show and yes, go plastic!

    32. Alfonso Madruga on

      @drmandarin I believe that would be hell from a manufacturing point of view. In mass production you want to leave the machining for the end, cutting from printed templates so normally during a single process. The other way around takes too many processes: one per part. And if there is a misprint you need to produce again that part rather than reprinting a template which is way cheaper. I am talking from my experience in the industry of course. I don't think it is that different with board games.

    33. drmandarin

      Regarding the point in your update addressing the burning produced by the laser cutting - why not apply the printed art *after* the laser cutting so that the burning is on the bare wood and covered by the printed art?

    34. Missing avatar


      To be clear , I don't mind if it is late, I just want them to keep us updated on the likely delivery date if it has changed.

    35. ShadowsKat on

      Ugh. I really dislike how the bridges will look now, if that's the finalized design of them. Very ungraceful and clunky. I really hope they'll trim that down so it looks more like a bridge and not a slab of stone with railings.

    36. Patrick Hampton on

      @Luis Gonzalez. I am glad that Ghost Stories will be multi-language (I am German-American) so I can read and explains things in both languages. For the others, I know the rule book is language specific so I selected the English rulebook since I live in the U.S., is there a way to request a second rulebook in German? It would mean the world to my family. Thanks.

    37. Allen Erb

      @Sebastian Zarzycki Please consider me incredibly jealous you met the composer. What I have heard due to this update is... amazing. As far as "maybe going to be late", @Thunder Glyph, you take what time you need. I am Really looking forward to this one.

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      Thanks for exploring alternatives for the pagoda and bridge, but... and maybe I missed it... is there any actual status update in this update? Is it time to admit this will be late? Or did we already say that?

    39. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update good progress, and I was struck about how much care you are taking.

      Can you give us a rough idea as to when we will recieve our games as January doesnt look likely anymore

    40. Sebastian Zarzycki on

      (me during Spiel)
      - Hey, excuse me, could you explain us the Rolling Ranch?
      - Sure.
      (the game is in progress, I'm scribbling "Can't wait for Tang Garden!" at the side of Rolling Ranch sheet)
      - Hey, have you heard the soundtrack for Tang Garden?
      - Yeah, a song or two. It was cool!
      - Why, thanks, I'm Veronica. I've composed it.

      (jaw dropped) :)

    41. Jonathan Nelson on

      Stick with the GameTrayz versions of the pavilion and bridge. Wouldn't be very happy with burn marks on my pieces. I'd rather see that lovely artwork.

    42. Jeremy Kruger on

      #Roberto Mol
      You can verify the language you selected via the order confirmation mail.
      I just tipped tang garden in my mail search and found the confirmation mail.

    43. Luis Gonzalez Collaborator on

      @Roberto Mol when you select your language during Pledge Wizard, that's the language you will receive the game

    44. Luis Gonzalez Collaborator on

      @James Rasing please send an email to if you haven't already

    45. Jeremy Kruger on

      I was first against plastic but when you showed it more advanced i was satisfiat with, now with this kind of wooden material there are always small parts who break, but since its wood its very easy to repaire.
      Since every looks Gorgeous in this i trust you fully to make the best and most esthetique choice.

    46. Harry Gee on

      Great updates as always. I enjoy the twitch games and art work shows. I've watched them all. They're informative and fun and keep the kickstarter excitment going. Thanks! Can we get wallpapers of the game covers? They look great!

    47. Filipa Tato

      I like the Game Trayz version of the 3D components better and I think they will last way longer than these wood ones would!
      But I'm no expert. I trust you guys know what to do :)

    48. Asafox on

      Thanks for that update. Good news, and I don’t care if bridge is into wood or plastic. I think you’ll choose the best option. Thank you.
      Music is beautiful ! On Apple Music toi of course?

    49. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Reolon on

      And what about Magichmerchant's translation into Italian? It will be completely translated including the Tang Garden expansion: Ghost Stories?