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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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More pre-production talk and two new components added!

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. It’s time for another update! This one is coming out a few days late, but given that our manufacturer sends updates to us early in the week, scheduling our update day on Wednesday allows us to give you the most complete information possible.  

We have a lot to tell you, so let’s jump right in!  

Pledge Wizard  

First of all, We want to let you know that we will have the new automatizations and fixes from the software company back soon.  

We don’t plan to close the Pledge Wizard until late December. We will send an official update as soon as your rewards are updated on your account.  

Thank you for your patience  

Spiel Essen 2018  

This is the best time of the year. Watching you play our games sends our excitement for Spiel through the roof!  

Our Spiel started with some serious hiccups, (car rental company, I’m talking about you!), but everyone was very collaborative and the convention was incredible!  

Thanks to all of you that came by to the booth to say hi or to try Tang Garden with Francesco. He created a beautiful way to explain the game in three parts while playing through the rounds. We were so glad that to see that you enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to all of you that came with your copies of Spirits of the Forest to get them illustrated. Natalie was over the moon with your kindness and love.  

This time of the year really ramps up with excitement because we love to interact with you. It will always be a time we will treasure.  

Pre-production last changes  

Working on this game has been a very interesting challenge, because even when we are close to completion, we always find something that can be even better. Improvements are always a positive thing that we strive towards, but that process is time consuming. In the end we feel it’s worth it to bring you a quality experience. 

With these last changes, we consider the game complete and we are sure you will enjoy the experience. Now it’s time to wait for the manufacturer to create the final master copy for us, before starting mass production. By our recent conversations, after their holidays, we should receive more news and photos soon.  

Pavilion and Bridges  

We want Tang Garden to last. We really tried different options with cardboard, but none of them were convincing enough in terms of durability.  

Thanks to Game Trayz, this is the final look at the Pavilions and Bridges. We are using plastic elements for them that will complement the cardboard aesthetics and give a solid structure to the decorations. Also, as you can see in the picture, we managed to add the character spot symbols to be more consistent with the game rules.  

We will start showing more pictures as soon as we receive them!  

And in case you are wondering, decorations will only need to be assembled once and then stored in the plastic insert.  

Spectral Tree  

We went for a final graphical rework. White was definitely the way to go! Hope you like it.  

Scenario Cards  

The scenarios were always meant to be a way to play the game while maximizing the interaction between the different elements in the game.  

A closed group started testing the scenarios together with Francesco. While playing the different setups we started creating unique ways to play the game by adding some additional rules.  

We ended up having markets where you can buy tiles, cats walking around the garden, and more interesting fun mechanics that the scenario cards could not contain. The purpose of the cards was to communicate the rules in a way to make the rule book necessary only once.  

With the variety of scenarios we are adding, it felt more practical to replace the cards with dice. We are including one d6 in Tang Garden: Golden Age and one d10 in Tang Garden: Ghost Stories.  

Dice feature Chinese numbers that will suggest which scenario you should play. Refer to the number in the rule book for a thorough explanation of the scenario selected. An initial narrative story will set the mood for the game.  

Herbalist Update  

We talked about the Herbalist in our previous update, here is a new mock up of the components in the box. You can still add it by logging in to your Pledge Wizard account from the email we sent.  

Final Look  

We would like to end this update with the final look at each of the boxes you will receive. Tang Garden Base Game, Tang Garden: Golden Age with all your stretch goals and Tang Garden: Ghost Stories, our limited deluxe exclusive expansion.  

Tang Garden, base game.
Tang Garden, base game.
Tang Garden: Golden Age
Tang Garden: Golden Age
Tang Garden: Ghost Stories (Deluxe Exclusive)
Tang Garden: Ghost Stories (Deluxe Exclusive)

We are looking forward to talking with you again with more news.  

Sincerely yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games

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    1. Asafox on

      Golden Age box look gorgeous !

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ledgerwood

      I never got an email for the link to the pledge manager. There's some add-ons that I would like to get.

    3. Nabend

      Best thing about the bridge is it is only ugly. The pavillion is ugly and impractical. We have yet to see a character inside a pavillion , something I imagine will be fiddly to no end.

      Maybe skip the roof of the pavilion entirely? Might have to rename it to dais..

    4. David Kmenta

      Still waiting for the group pledge option :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      Bummed about more plastic pieces, but if the cardboard didn't work, eh, you do what you gotta do.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben Dallas on

      Just add my opinion to the others. 1) Tremendous job so far. 2) The desire for structural integrity and durability is admirable, but the form, color and texture of the plastic pieces as presented do more to detract from more important things, than the added function of making them sturdier. I am not alone when I say that if I play TG enough to make the bridge and gazebo look worn or to accidentally break it, it means that I am happy enough to purchase stand-alone replacements to preserve the elegance and pure aesthetic which includes a sense of delicate elegance. The plastic parts give the "feel" from the picture, more like a child's toy, and far lass than a playable art piece for adults. As a designer myself, I would guess from past real world trial and error...lots of errors... in designing things for real people, that - because every object with it's elements conveys expectations on how it is to be treated (just like people in the way they dress, carry themselves, their vocabulary, etc.) - you would find this game designed for adults to elicit a certain reverence and therefore greater care than otherwise might be expected from a game where players aren't thematically TAKING CARE of delicate things. Adding plastic that LOOKS and FEELS and FUNCTIONS plastic, is simply to invite players to take the game components and the gameplay less seriously, less reverently.

      Beautiful and delicate pieces in a game where players are immersed in a beautiful, delicate, almost sacramental world, seem not just preferable, but to do anything other, is to do less for the game and the experience. Knowing something which by nature and custom most gamers strive to take care of, has been made uglier in order to make it more durable... so they don't have to worry about caring for it, is like adding toddler bumpers around the rims of all your fine china to take away the anxiety of it accidentally getting broken.

    7. Missing avatar

      Julie on

      The combination of plastic and cardboard definitely degrades the look, but if it can't be helped... Michael's suggestion of adjusting the shade of the pavilion roof to match the walls would make it better. And as others have mentioned, if possible, please find a way to retain the arched appearance of the bridge... If only we could have both the plastic and cardboard versions available; I'm very careful with my games so I can't imagine my pavilion and bridge falling apart that quickly.

      I would've liked the scenario cards, but the dice seem nice also - I especially love the use of Chinese numbers. And overall everything looks great. Thank you for all your hard work! Can't wait to be able to play this. :)

    8. Sammy on

      This all looks fantastic!

      Plastic pieces for the pavilions seems like a good idea. The scenario dice are awesome.

      Happy to know there will be cats included! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Price on

      Great to see this coming along : D

      I hope they can figure out a better solution for the bridge. It looks like the plastic is just too wide and thick, so it covers up the arch of the bridge. If they could just keep it the same dimensions so the walkway doesn't poke out around the edges it might be better?
      Please fix it... Please.. there has to be a better solution...

    10. Patrick Martin on

      Is there any chance all the expansions will fit into the base game box? Or will we have to store this game in 3 separate boxes on the shelf?

    11. Presley M Cheshire on

      Outstanding update!! You've had a lot going on, to say the least. 🤓😏😀
      I figured there was more going on than was hinted at. Thanks for opening the "update" door for us!! 😍 We love it!! 💖💞
      You've just made me pine for this little gem even more. 😳🤭😘 Well done!! 😆

    12. Justin Boehm

      @George yeah I can see how it's more sled-like lol. Not sure what can be done, but we'll see I guess.

    13. Michael Reb on

      i get that the plastic is needed for structure. just want to add two ideas that might help(if possible to do) darken the roof to better match the side walls in shade. this might not be an issue in person but im just going off the picture. and adding a stone pathway look to the gray plastic.

    14. George on

      @japester - I agree it's the combination of cardboard and plastic that ends up looking gaudy and cheap. All cardboard, or all plastic, would look much better for the pavilion and bridge. The new bridge looks more like a sled than a beautiful arched bridge. Trying to stay positive but this change is bothering me more and more since these are centerpieces of the board. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      A.G. on

      "[Francesco] created a beautiful way to explain the game in three parts while playing through the rounds.".

      Please include it to the Rulebook or post a update/pdf on you website !

      Teaching to new player is always my job and a bit of help is always appreciated :p

      I'm verry eager to play this beautiful game !

    16. Markus Stadler on

      Ghost Stories: In an earlier Update i wrote as an Comment that the 2 small Ghost Story Panoramas are missing a bit fancyness - i can't see that you improved this (so far i can recognice something on the littel Final-Look-Picture).

      Didn't you found it worth to consider?
      But the Spectral Tree looks now exact like i wanted to have it :)

    17. Stian Haugen on

      What happened to the retailer deal?

    18. Justin Boehm

      Also, with the Wayfarer and the Herbalist, please tell me there will be a way to store them in the 3 main boxes? Or will I need to store an additional 2 box that are just for 1 miniature each?

    19. Justin Boehm

      Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought there was supposed to be a chance we'd unlock the Herbalist as a PM Stretch Goal, is that something that it no longer possible? The €8 tag seems a bit high for one character.

    20. Finrod on

      I really hope you dont forget to solve the problems with group pledges. Still heard nothing from you and 60 copies needs to get added!

    21. Mike Brodu on

      Why couldn't you make the plastic roof octogonal like it was with the cardboard version? Six sides looks just weird with the 4 "arms" of the cardboard roof.

    22. Missing avatar

      Marta Szulczyk on

      I liked the original shape of the bridge better :/ new one is a lil bit to square for me but oh well... the rest looks great!!!!

    23. japester

      The plastic roof piece looks a bit jarring and cheap, but maybe it will look better in person. Plastic and paper bits don't mix well to my eye. Color and texture differences make the final product look disjointed. But it's not a deal-breaker or anything.

    24. Raoul A. on

      Looking forward to play there I hope, have it for my birthday ...

    25. Aonline

      Cardboard gazebos looked better, but the change is not too disappointing and at least solves a problem. TG is on my top most anticipated from my backed pile of 2018.

    26. AGN1964 on

      How will Canadian fulfillment be handled for this project?

    27. George on

      I'm not really a fan of the plastic in the bridge and pavilion. Thought all cardboard looked better. Oh well, not the biggest thing. Still looking forward to playing!

    28. Pierrick

      Great work :)
      Is there any space in the trays for the add-on (Like the wayfarer or the herbalist) ? If I purchase them, I don't want them to be loose next to the boxes on my shelves.

    29. Teresa @tlarraya

      Everything looks amazing. I love your updates. They are filled with beauty, thanks ; )

    30. Missing avatar

      Paolo Prina on

      Francesco über alles!

    31. Missing avatar

      Melanie Broggi on

      Just a quick question: how do we know we correctly subscribed to the mailing list and get the Apricot tree in our pledge. Don't want to miss it.. Can't even find the link to check if I already did it..

    32. Russonc

      Looks fantastic.... I had to go back and make sure I was in for the Deluxe ...

    33. Steven Tolhurst

      Great job guys dice add well to the theme well done . Love the white ghost tree too

    34. Asafox on

      Thank you guys for that update. I like new bridge and pavilion. Good idea! Hope all backers understand like me your choice. Keep going and have fun with that amazing project! Can’t wait to play with it.

    35. John C

      Beautiful game!

    36. Missing avatar

      Dustin Duke on

      Is there any chance you could include the three part rules explanation in another update? I would love to have a reference the day it arrives to help tech it to my group for the first time

    37. Missing avatar

      Pit Malek on

      Thanks to everyone at Thundergryph Games for the great work and the wonderful presentation at the Spiel in Essen. It felt great to see and touch it for the first time. It’s just gorgeous.
      Can’t wait to have it in my hands.

      Wish you allthe best and continue the great work.

      Kind regards, Pit M.

    38. Andrew Mckelvey on

      Looking great folks!

    39. Stephie on

      It looks incredible! Thank you guys so much for your passion and hard work to give us all these fantastic games.

    40. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi 6-time creator

      @Ben: Hey man! Glad to see you around here!

      @Kelly: When I played it for the first time I was so engaged! Can't wait for you to try.

    41. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi 6-time creator

      @Martin Mamone: We are very sure dice is the best approach to it! We definitely can't wait too.

      @Adam Thornton: Thank you for your trust!

      @Peter Sikachev: We still need to see how fast the manufacturer is to make the master copy. We will update you as soon as we'll know.

      @Allan Meeks: With all the stretch goals unlocked, we were able to build a full expansion set for the game.

    42. Kelly on

      Love the Spectral Tree!
      Cats walking around the garden, yes please :)

    43. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches

      This is beautiful!

    44. Allan Meeks on

      I've got a dumb question for clarification.
      Is the "Golden Age" box just the KS stretch goals?

    45. Peter Sikachev on

      Thank you for your update. Do you still expect to deliver in January as planned or will it be postponed?

    46. Adam Thornton on

      That all looks amazing! Thank you for continuing to refine the materials, too. As much as I liked the "all cardboard" approach, I would not have liked components that fell apart after playing. If a bit of plastic solves the problem, then plastic it must be!

      I am really, really looking forward to trying out all these scenarios. The dice are a nice touch too!

    47. Martin Mamone on

      This game is looking awesome. I hope you guys made the right choices with dice vs cards. Well done! can't wait