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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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Pre-production update and a gift for you!

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)

Hello everyone, it’s nice to be talking with you again. Hope you are doing great!
Writing this updates always feels to me like taking a walk with a friend, chatting and discussing a common passion.  

There is something quite interesting when you finally close a chapter related to the creation of a game. The first is for sure our Kickstarter launch. Within moments you will know how people will react to something you really believe and worked for so long. The very second moment is exactly when you end up sending all the game files to your manufacturer. You feel that you have completed a very important task, and from that point forward, you are helping make it a reality.  

Working on the last stages of the game was an incredible journey. We kept tweaking and finding new ways to make the best game experience possible. Time passes by, but you want to keep polishing something that you know you will hand over to someone special.  

Today, we are certain that the experience this game gave us at the beginning has become much richer and it is finally ready to be crafted.  

I want to sincerely thank you for all your support and patience with us.  

That being said, while working on these new choices, we crafted one last item as a token of our appreciation to you all. 

I will talk about the Ninfea card at the end of the update
I will talk about the Ninfea card at the end of the update

Pledge Wizard  

As you know by our last update, PledgeWizard is live!  
We are actively working with the programming company to reflect your free add-ons as soon as possible. We know you are waiting for them and we appreciate your patience. 

Here is what you can expect to be reflected in your cart as soon as we make the update. 

  •  If you got the Early Bird: The Wayfarer character pack 
  • If you are a previous backer: The Swan decoration booster pack 
  • If you subscribed to our mailing: The Apricot decoration booster pack 
  • If you got sleeves in Dead Man’s Doubloons: Tang Garden Sleeves pack 

If your answer is yes to one of these, you will get that add-on for free. If you answer is yes in all of them, then you will get them all. We are not closing PledgeWizard anytime soon. If you still have questions regarding this you can reach out to 

Any update to your order must be done through the original email you received to access your survey in the first place, as we talked in our “How-To” Update. 

Pre-production and Rulebook 

The game is now in our manufacturer hands. We could have posted a new schedule table, but we prefer to wait for their road map so we can update you accordingly. 

We are giving the finishing touches to our expansions rules, but for now here are the main, updated, rules with all changes we applied to the game.

Keith Matejka has received the same file and has also started proofing it. We will update this and the different versions with Keith in the following days.  

For all our Tabletop Simulator players, the update is coming soon! We just have to finish the expansion rules so you will know how to play. Keep you posted.  

Ninfea Card and new set collection type  

While working on Golden Age we wanted to create a fun way of player interaction for the set collection aspect of the decoration cards. We reworked the Vase and Bonsai cards to interact among each others with your new Ninfea cards.  

Each card is worth 7 coins at the end of the game, but every time a player decides to take a bonsai, vase or a ninfea decoration card, the value of all these decorations will decrease by one. Potentially, if players place all of the six decorations on the garden board, each bonsai, vase and ninfea will be worth just one coin.  

The decoration cards are very tempting because these will also grant an element advancement.  


In our last stream Some of you were asking how the herbalist worked. Here is the explanation!  

The Herbalist is a limited edition character for Tang Garden that is available in PledgeWizard as an add-on. The box comes with the character card, miniature, a special scenario and 3 herbs tokens in wood.  

Once per turn, the player can assign one of these tokens to any visible character on the table to copy his/her active ability. The player could also skip a turn to pick up all the herbs tokens placed.  

If the herbalist is placed on the board, she will grant 5 coins for each temple she sees in her line of sight.  

Thank you for reading through this update! Next, we will reveal the roadmap for the samples and mass production.  

Sincerely yours,  
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games
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    1. Missing avatar

      JnkPhilipp on

      Hello, unfortunately, I also have not received any email or the link of the Pledge Wizard to complete my order. Please send this to me. Many Thanks.

    2. Christophe Mazoyer on

      I still have not received the Pledge Wizard link to validate my order. Can you send it to me ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      @Jamie-Lee: I don't think it's been resolved yet. They should be posting an update soon according to the comment page. Maybe we will hear about it then.

    4. Jamie-Lee Wilcock

      I recently checked my order and I am still missing two things,The Swan decoration booster pack and The Apricot decoration booster pack. Is that normal or has the issue not been resolved yet?

    5. Monique Lebhar on

      Will you please post an update once you have the free add-on issue taken care of so we know to verify our cart/order has everything done correctly? Thank you!

    6. Alfonso Madruga on

      The looks of the game - as seen in Essen - are absolutely fantastic. I cannot imagine how much more beautiful the Deluxe edition is going to look like on the table.

    7. T7Cray

      I have not complete my pledge manager. I am not sure if, as a late backer on Tao Long, I could get the swann decoration for free or not. I am looking forward to meet you in Essen

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      @Brian Hou - Here's what they had to say "We are actively working with the programming company to reflect your free add-ons as soon as possible. We know you are waiting for them and we appreciate your patience."

      Sounds like they are still in the process of adding the free rewards to people's pledges, and that it's going to take some time. I don't think anybody's pledge if reflecting the trees or swans. It should automatically get added by them.

      Or at least, that's what I got. I tell you what, every update about the Pledge Wizard just makes me more confused too!

    9. Brian Hou on

      @Kevin Knox are we suppose to modify our pledge to include the apricot tree and the swan, or they will automatically modify it?

    10. Kevin Knox

      I am a previous backer, an early bird backer, who is subscribed to your mailing list and who got the dead man's doubloons sleeves.
      The only free item included was the wayfarer and I completed my pledge manager last week.
      I do not see a way to modify an already completed order as I added the the swan, apricot tree, and sleeves to my order.

    11. Petr K.

      How do I know I was properly associated with "apricot tree" when I met the conditions? Will it be seen in my survey? I do not want to deal with some delayed sending :-/
      Would not you be able to resolve with a bulk email for those people that you are hereby confirming the allocation of one or the other promo?

    12. Iuri Bachnivsky

      I still haven't received an invite for the pledge wizard. I emailed the support address you sent and I hope for a response soon.

    13. Brian Hou on


      I just saw the newest update,
      so I should expect to see 'The Swan decoration booster pack', and 'The Apricot decoration booster pack' soon reflect in my survey?
      So far in my order history I only see 'The Wayfarer character pack'

      If you got the Early Bird: The Wayfarer character pack - YES
      If you are a previous backer: The Swan decoration booster pack - YES (I backed both 'Tao Long' and 'Spirit of the Forest')
      If you subscribed to our mailing: The Apricot decoration booster pack - YES

    14. Missing avatar

      Mateusz Lopacinski on

      @hitme - yes. It's only for backers who subscribed before the campaign.

    15. hitme on

      For me it stills says that the apricot pack costs 3 Euro even though I had subscribed. Did you have to subscribe before the campaign started?

    16. Asafox on

      Tank you guys. It’s awesome. Look great. I like the new token.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sonja Dawson on

      Hi all,
      just had a look at the pledge manager. I tried to upgarde to the deluxe edition, but can't figure out how. I also am a previous backer but dont have the swan addition in my cart (I do have the wayfarer for early backer). Thanks for any help :)

    18. Missing avatar

      David on

      I imagine "sight preference" cleans up a lot of the rules confusion but I can't help but think of Hume's aesthetics... I'm going to probably refer to that line of text on a character's card as their "Aesthetic"

    19. Missing avatar

      Aibohpphobia on

      Everything looks really great! I really appreciate all the hard work you all have been putting in on this game.

      I noticed a few issues when looking though the rules - mostly grammatical, no serious flaws in the rules. Would you like to crowdsource your proofreading now, or have us wait for Keith Matejka to go though it first?

      For example, the Overview paragraph on page 1 says "noblemen will visit the garden", but the term "noblemen" is not used again anywhere in the rules. I assume these are the "characters" mentioned elsewhere in the rules? Personally, I think "noblemen" has more flavor - or, better yet, "nobles" as some of them are women.

      Page 7, Reminder Box: Should be "on" the last page, not "in" the last page.

      There are a few more ... should I continue?

      It really is very good work so far, and you do have my respect.

    20. soniaandree on

      Ps. And the ‘n’ should change into an ‘m’ as a result?

    21. soniaandree on

      Otherwise, I’m really excited about the game!

    22. soniaandree on

      Ninfea - should it be written with ‘ph’ instead of ‘f’? Just wondering.

    23. Steven Tolhurst

      Many thanks team for the update and the free gift

    24. Missing avatar

      John on

      Also, can the Ghost Soldier make all the case, bonsai and ninfea cards worth 0 points if he uses his ability?

    25. Missing avatar

      John on

      For the vase, bonsai and ninfea cards, if I take just one card and that card is the only card taken for the whole game, then does it score 6 points? The cards will never be worth 7 points because the moment a player takes the first one, it's worth immediately decreases, right?

    26. Filipa Tato

      Tahnk you ThunderGryph, for Ninfea and the update :)

    27. Missing avatar


      I have a comment with the rulebook. When you talk about placing tiles adjacent to temples, you only get a coin for the corresponding terrain, right? As it is written now, it implies that any terrain placed adjacent to a temple gains one coin. (Bottom of the first column, rulebook page 5, PDF page 4).

    28. Missing avatar

      Cyprian on

      How can I subscribe to mailing?

    29. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      @GinjaNinja: You only need one pack of sleeves. This question was already asked multiple times (during and after the campaign) and @José Ortega already confirmed "The sleeves pack has enough for everything"

    30. Draxon Fly on

      In the Ninfea, something your sending to everyone or do we have to go back in to the pm and 'buy' it?

    31. GinjaNinja on

      How many sleeve packs would I need for all cards assuming I got everything?

    32. Stian Haugen on

      What happened to us retailers? Still no information...

    33. Alexander Willis

      I'm exited about this game. Have you done any painting of the figures? I plan to paint and use the character cards as a guide, but I was hoping you might have some inspirational work you can share. Thanks.

    34. Fernando Costa

      Can we have Dead Man's Doubloons sleeves as add-on? Custom sizes makes it hard to get them anywhere around here.

    35. Missing avatar

      Joe H on

      Great update! Question: I had already added and paid for the add-ons. It looks like I am eligible for a couple of those as freebies. Will my credit card be automatically credited for the free ones that I had paid for earlier?

    36. Akino on

      How come I subscribed to the mailing list but in my cart only the early bird figured? I remember having the right for the Apricot tree because of the initiative to plant a tree for each subscription.

    37. pabi on

      Hi Gonzalo, one question - would it be possible to provide us with rulebook in doc or other editable file? I would love to translate in to polish for my family, to they can understand the rules without me explaining everything to them all the time.

    38. Kelly on

      Agreed, awesome update!
      Thank you for the Ninfea :) beautiful!

    39. Missing avatar

      Keith Farmer

      Super excited to get to play this game and see it's magical glory

    40. Chris Lane on

      I am not seeing how to up my pledge from base to deluxe.
      Also, are we still just supposed to assume the freebies will be added? I'm only wondering because the wayfarer IS shown in there for free, but the others are not.

    41. Missing avatar

      C.Ratcliffe on

      Really can't wait for this!

    42. Sky Carlisle

      Great update! Excited for this game!

    43. Yra