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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
10,923 backers pledged €863,562 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Wizard: How To

Posted by José Ortega (Collaborator)

Hello Everyone!

We are almost ready to start sending emails for PledgeWizard, in the meantime, we wanted to post an update explaining how it works and what you can do on it.

Receiving and completing your Survey

When you receive your email and and you click on the button to start completing your survey you will be presented with some very simple options, like what country are you in, switch your pledge level if you want to, and get started.

After clicking on Get Started you will be presented by a list of add-ons if you want to add any, at the bottom of the page you will see your cart and the items that are part of your pledge, if you decided to add any add-ons you will see them as well.

Remember we have some very limited stock of certain games, so they might not be available for long.

When you are ready, you can click on Checkout and complete all your information, when everything is done you will receive a confirmation message and we will send a copy to your email, fairly simple.

Returning Backers

You will receive your gifts in the next few weeks as long as your email is still the same as the ones you used in Kickstarter at the time of backing our past projects, they won't appear in Pledge Wizard for now.

Adding more items after you confirmed your pledge

If in the future you want to add another add-on, all you have to do is click on the same button you received in the original email, or contact us at if you lost it, and add the items to your cart.

This time however you won't be able to see what you have already ordered, to do so you can click on "My Orders" on the top right to see all your orders.

Modifying your Address

If in the future you need to change your address, all you have to do is click on "My Orders" and select "Manage Addresses"

After changing your address, you can verify this worked if you go to "My Orders", click on any order and select the shipping tab, you will see your updated address reflected.

As you can see Pledge Wizard is very simple to use, and as always, if you have any problem with it, contact us at

Everyone Here at ThunderGryph Games


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      imposible to switch the pledge level once completed! sad but true

    2. Missing avatar

      David MALLEM on

      I still waiting for the pledge manager

    3. Nico Vermorgen on

      same here no email for the pledge manager

    4. Missing avatar

      Hartner Rene on

      Hi, i also did not get an e-mail for the pledge-manager yet. Checked spam... nothing there...
      Thanks for a replay!

    5. Missing avatar

      Myron Mychal on

      Still have not received my Pledge Wizard email. This is not boding well for how I will be answering the Pledge when it arrives.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gregory Jennings on

      I'm glad to see I'm not the only one as I also have not received an email from Pledge Wizard and my email has not changed. Hopefully one will pop up shortly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Darlene Hrtford on

      I have not received anything from the pledge wizard and my email has not changed.

    8. The REAL Bill Richards

      when should I expect to get my email from pledge wizard?

    9. Rob Keith on

      You still haven't answered either of my questions, which are:
      1) Could you please explain the Herbalist? Does it add anything special to the game to warrant the insanely high price tag?
      2) Why can't I add two free Wayfarers to my pledge? I backed as an earlybird for two Deluxe copies, but the pledge manager only shows one and I am unable to increase it to two.

    10. Monique Lebhar on

      @Rodney Thanks for the input! I was thinking of getting them if only to make the game look good for longer, and the price is reasonable (except that I keep adding everything on to this$$$ ha!)

      @Spazzfist If you mean to replace the base level with the deluxe version, you can click on the option on the opening Pledge Wizard page. Under the blue box that says "Get Started!" it says "switch your pledge level" If you click on that you can change your initial pledge and the new choice will appear in your cart instead.

    11. Spazzfist on

      Have they come up with a way yet for me to add the deluxe version to my regular pledge?

    12. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      @Monique - For me, sleeves are mostly to protect the cards from getting scuffed so that the game looks great for a longer time. Some people find the cards are easier to shuffle with sleeves, some don't. The cards are definitely easier to pick up off of a bare table (no play mat) with the sleeves, since it gives a bit of a lip to lift by. I have gotten to the point of preferring sleeves for most games. However, it does take a bit of getting used to. The sleeves pack is a pretty reasonable price here, so I would suggest giving it a try if you are curious.

    13. Monique Lebhar on

      So, fellow backers, is there a great benefit to putting sleeves on the cards? I'm wondering if it's worth the investment and also how it would feel. I've never played with sleeved cards before.
      P.S. José I located the option for changing my current pledge after I wrote my earlier question so nevermind

    14. Missing avatar

      Luz Pardo on

      No se como hacer el place wizar

    15. Negative_Tomato on

      As I was subscribed, I have not seen the Tang Garden: Apricot Tree Decoration EUR3.00 in my pledge.

      So I need to wait it on my list first?

    16. 3Mates Games

      Should I be concerned that I have not yet received the email for the pledge wizard? I understand with this many backers they would probably be sending them out in waves but now that it has been almost a week since this update, I am starting to get a little concerned!

    17. Christopher Bragg on

      @sozin - Correct, the following info is provided within the Pledge Wizard: "Premium 100 micron thick card sleeves for all the cards in the game plus extras, regardless of version selected."

    18. Patrick "Class 5 FRV" Reynolds on

      Where'd the herbalist go? It was in my cart but now I can't find it anywhere.

    19. Markus Stadler on

      Character Cards: 63,5mm x 88,9mm - Poker-Size (2.5 × 3.5 inches)
      Decoration Cards: 45mm x 68mm - Mini-Euro-Size

    20. chuassg86 on

      Character Cards: 63,5mm x 88,9mm
      Decoration Cards: 68mm x 45mm

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hui on

      I've commented and sent a message to the dev already. But how hard is it to get an answer for the dimensions of Decoration and Character Cards? Most sleevers have so many left over sleeves that they don't want to buy new ones unless the dims are very obscure. I can't fill out pledge manager until I get the answer.

    22. sozin on

      Hi, is only one pack of sleeves necessary? Ty!

    23. Monique Lebhar on

      I know it's been asked already, but will we have the opportunity to upgrade to the deluxe edition if we only pledged for the base edition?
      Currently we can only add the deluxe but cannot remove our base edition from the cart. THANK YOU!!

    24. PK Levine

      @Pete: Thanks, that was very helpful! Now if they'd just tell us more about the Herbalist and why we should want to add it . . .

    25. Pete Thane on

      Add ons;
      The coins are not included with any pledge level
      The Herbalist is new and is not included in any pledge level
      If you pledged during the Early Bird period then you will automatically get the Wayfarer for free so you do not need to add it in the Pledge Wizard - check your Pledge Level on the Camgaign page or via the View Pledge if you aren't sure
      The Apricot Tree will be added automatically if you registered/completed the survey on the Thundergryph website a few weeks before the KS campaign started and you will have received an email confirming this. From earlier design commenrs it was said that the intention was for this tree to be a one off in the game so you do not need to buy a second one unless you really want to although there would probably began is due fitting it in the insert (which wouid be tge Ghost Stories box for purchased add ons) .
      If you backed DMD, Tao Long or Spirits then the Swan Decorations will be added automatically.

    26. Jeff Pearce on

      So - what does the Herbalist do?

    27. PK Levine

      Are we going to get an update explaining what the Herbalist is? Right now there's not enough information for me to decide if I want it.

    28. Negative_Tomato on

      What is the dead line?

    29. Edward Petersen

      You had mentioned in the previous update that you would go into detail about the add-ons. I have added all the add-ons to my basket just to see and we are talking about €44, which isn't trivial. My gaming group doesn't always get around to playing all the extras I used to buy, so I am trying to hold back on things that won't get used. Also, reading in the comments below it seems I am or may be entitled to some of these for free.

    30. Claire

      Can all the add on's be used with solo play??

    31. Arjun Sukumaran on

      Not sure if I'm missing it, but I'd really like to know how long the pledge manager's going to be open.

    32. Missing avatar

      Llewellen on

      No PM for 1€ pledge?

    33. Pete Thane on

      @Cole - i believe it was Jose who confirmed but since they updated the comments section you don't seem to be able to click on someone and search their comments

    34. Spazzfist on

      Has there been any answer as to whether people who pledged for the basic set can now get the Deluxe set?

    35. Cole Feeser on

      @Pete - You are probably right on that but since I couldn't find where anyone from Thundergryph said as much I didn't want to swear one way or the other.

    36. Pete Thane on

      @Cole - they said sometime ago that the intention was to only have one Apricot Tree in the game

    37. Cole Feeser on

      As always, I'm happy to help so let me offer an opinion in regards to the Apricot Tree add-on.

      First let me state simply that this tree is just like the other 5 normal trees (not the Ghost Tree from the deluxe exclusive expansion). This tree doesn't have special rules (like the Ghost tree) and it doesn't change any preexisting rules. The rules as is state that a set of one unique tree is worth 1 point. 2 unique trees is worth 4. 3 is worth 9. 4 is worth 16 and 5 is worth 25.

      Adding the Apricot Tree (a 6th unique tree) does NOT allow you to build a set of six unique trees worth 36 points. All it really does then is make it ever so slightly easier to get a set of 5 unique trees. Instead of having 15 tree cards out of a possible 54 to draw from you'd have 16 tree cards out of a possible 55 to draw from. Note I'm only considering if you add this tree to the base game and nothing else (no stretch goals or the expansion).

      Noting all of that, nothing is stopping you from adding a second Apricot Tree to your order. I can't say truthfully what Thundergryph Games' intentions are on this specific matter but if I had to guess it was simply that you'd get one tree (and thus one card). There is no real reason though you can't get two (or more) other than that any additional Apricot Tree add-ons probably won't fit in any of the provided inserts.

      I understand that having two Apricot Trees would give you an even amount that is on par with the other 5 regular trees. Another way to look at it though is that a single Apricot Tree could pair with the Ghost Tree from the deluxe expansion to give you and even set of 12 total trees.

      For me personally, I've only opted to get one copy of the Apricot Tree because one is all Thundergryph Games' giving away for free to those who signed up for their newsletter in time. That and at no point did they suggest the notion of having two. Of course I'll let them prove otherwise but either way I hope this info is help to someone.

    38. Ady Wu

      @Cole Feeser, thanks for the information :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Schnepp

      Gentle folks, Gentle folks... calm down a bit. Think of it This way, if you accidentally but an extra you can always flip it, Some one will buy it when it all goes to retail.
      That aside is one apricot tree sufficient, or would two be better? I would hate to get an extra if it has a large victory point amount.

    40. Missing avatar

      Agnieszka Sander

      Do we have the information, how long will the PM stay open?

    41. Nabend

      hkitch, the PM does not explicitly say so but from comments I gather that that if it is already included in your pledge level it isn't offered as a add on

    42. Missing avatar


      Any summary of what has backed/done before, then what gifts will be got?
      I don't want duplicate or missing some items.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sally Smith

      I wanted to upgrade my pledge from Base game EB to Delux version EB but I don't see an option in the PW to do so. Can anyone explain to me what I need to do, please.

    44. Cole Feeser on

      I hope this helps so allow me to jump in here with some information.

      If you were an early bird pledge then you should automatically see a free copy of the Wayfarer in your cart when viewing it in Pledge Wizard.
      If you backed Tao Long, Dead Man's Doubloons, or Spirits of the Forests you are entitled to a free copy of the Swan decoration that will show up in your Pledge Wizard cart at a later date.
      If you backed Dead Man's Doubloons specifically then you'll also be entitled to a free set of sleeves for Tang Garden that will show up in your Pledge Wizard cart at a later date.
      If you signed up for Thundergryph Games' newsletter before the campaign for Tang Garden started you're entitled to a free copy of the Apricot Tree decoration that will show up in your Pledge Wizard cart at a later date.
      The Herbalist is a totally new character (READ new gameplay content) for Tang Garden that is exclusively available through Pledge Wizard. If you want it get it while you can.

      Basically all the additional gameplay content available is the Wayfarer, Swan decoration, Apricot Tree decoration, and the Herbalist. Non gameplay content is the metal coins and sleeve pack.

      If you are entitled to any of the freebies don't add them to your cart at this time. Someone from Thundergryph will sort it out soon. If you pledged for a base copy and now want to upgrade to deluxe (even if you pledge early bird) that is definitely possible but I defer to someone from Thundergryph to sort that out for you personally.

      Any other questions, comments, or concerns I defer you to someone from Thundergryph in general.

      As a side note, thank you Thundergryph / Gon! My wallet may be crying at the moment but in the end (early next year, hopefully) it will all be worth it!

    45. Rafał Pieczyński on

      It was said I will be able to upgrade to EarlyBird Deluxe edition if I have EarlyBird Base pledge.
      How do I get DeluxeEB with the bonuses?
      I have already paid for everything in throught kickstarter - why is it made as if I should pay again?

    46. Missing avatar

      Ivan Huntington-Thresher on

      Any info on the Wayfarer?

      Is that included in the deluxe pledge or a freebie for doing anything else?

      If I buy it but then find I get it free or included in the deluxe pledge can I cancel it later and get a refund?


    47. Rick Scholes on

      No email yet! How do I get on to the pledge manager?

      Also, how can I be sure my bonuses for early pledge and "returning pledger" will be added correctly so that I don't need to purchase then now?

    48. Missing avatar

      Florian Prz on

      Hi guys !
      I pleged the « deluxe bundle » with all the extensions. How i do if i whant to sleeve all the cards ?


    49. pabi on

      Hi guys, I have a serious problem though - when buying the game, I was able to pay with PayPal. Now when trying to add some add-ons (actually all for Tang Garden) I'm not allowed to use PayPal, only credit cards. What up with that?

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hui on

      Can someone please remind me of the card dimensions of the 2 sizes? Character and the standard cards.