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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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Pre-Production Update with interesting news!

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)

Dear backers, hope this message finds you well! It's Friday and three weeks have passed from our last update and we have lot to tell you about in this one!  

While we’ve met many of our deadlines for the project, as you can see in light blue, we need a bit more time for more sensitive tasks.  

This project is by far the most complex we have worked on and while it is so exciting and challenging, we feel that it deserves all of our attention to meet our delivery deadline of January 2019.  

That being said, we’ve decided that we won't be publishing any more Kickstarter campaigns during this year. While we know some of you were excited about our next game, I'm sure you will understand that we want to create an incredible experience. You deserve it.  

Tang Garden Soundtrack  

Veronica recently finished the soundtrack for Tang Garden. We already have played a game with the music and it’s an amazing experience. She’s now going through some changes and tweaks. We will keep you updated.  

She’s opening soon a Patreon page, where she will be posting background songs for your favorite games, which you can also vote for! If you are interested in supporting her in this new exciting project, be sure to subscribe to be notified when it goes live!  

For now, here is a new song that will accompany you while reading this update which is untitled yet! She would love that you chose the name of the song based on how you feel about it. You can give it a go in the comment section you find below and Veronica will chose one of your titles!


Regarding the models, we were just missing two miniatures, the Sword Dancer and the Poet, which you can find here.  

We really wanted to ensure that we give you a game that is structurally solid and easy to play with. While we were OK with the Pavilion and Bridge, we wanted to make them more durable for you to store it without any issue inside the insert.  

Considering our limited experience in building interlocking pieces, we decided to reach out Noah from Game Trayz to ask for his expert opinion. We ended up reworking the Pavilion and Bridge interlocking by adding a piece of plastic that will hold everything in place.  

We are working on the decorations and details on the plastic engravings, but we are very happy about how it will look and feel on the table.  

Graphic Design  

It is quite important that the game layout communicates in the simplest of ways while you play.  

As you can see in our schedule above, this was not a planned task, but we felt that there were better ways to explain each ability on the cards. We analyzed all the iconography in the game and worked on improving it. We are very pleased with the result and if you are curious about it we have uploaded all the changes in our Tabletop Simulator mod.  

If you don’t have Tabletop Simulator, the next topic will be of your interest.  

Replayability and Live-streams  

Before sending the files to the manufacturer, we wanted to make sure everything was working perfectly together. We have been testing the game several times per day with the different Scenarios and random setups during the past few months, and we’ve applied small changes to make the experience richer in terms of replay value.  

This is what we love most about the game and we had so much fun playing different strategies and aiming at different goals during each game. With Tang Garden the more you play and get used to all the characters, tiles and decorations, the more you will enjoy understanding all the intricacies of the game.  

It is so amazing that with experienced players, scores are always very close.  

We would love to play with you to show you the final stage of the game and for that we will plan live streams that we will announce every three weeks in our updates.  

Sunday, October 7th at 21:00 GMT+2
, we would like to invite you to another Twitch live stream where we will be playing together the Imperial Palace Expansion. You will be able to vote in real time for your next move. Surprisingly, even with all the voting system triggers, it takes less than 1 hour to play a full match (including initial explanation of rules).  

As usual, we will be doing special raffles between turns for Metal Coins and other add-ons you can win.  

Pre-production and Manufacturing Process  

We are close to send all the final files to the manufacturer for the three boxes. As soon as we do that, our manufacturer will start working on the final samples for the game.  

We have a great relationship with our manufacturer: Ninox, and this time around, we want to make something special that hopefully you will like!  

We really feel Nick and his manufacturing company are part of our team, and for that reason sometimes he will take over in some sections of our updates to tell you more about how it is going over there. It is so interesting every time and I’m sure you will have fun reading our updates, if more, you will be following closely the creation of your game.

 Pledge Wizard  

We have been seeing comments asking for Pledge Wizard, and now we have a date! 

The opening time will be on Thursday September 27th at 17:00 GMT+2  

Having more control over our pledge manager system, will give us room to improve with each campaign, adding important modules that will help us in organizing the information for fulfillment. 

We will make sure to craft the website together with our friends from Final Frontiers to make everything better for you.  

Once we launch Pledge Wizard, you will be able to do the following:  

- Confirm your address, that you will be able to update and change during the course of our production. 
- Upgrade your pledge. 
- Let us know which add-ons you pledged for during the campaign. 
- Buy any additional content you like. 
- Buy some of our older Deluxe games or Retail editions with interesting gifts. 
- Buy our next upcoming Title: “Rolling Ranch” with an exclusive gift for our Kickstarter backers. 

For all of you that are interested in our Deluxe Editions, we will offer a limited quantity of them. From previous experience, we have seen that emails were received in batches. With more control with our own pledge manger, we will be able to trigger the e-mails at the same time. 

During our pledge manager launch, the whole team will be available in our Discord channel to help you out with any questions you may have. 

We have a couple of surprises planned for it, including a very special character, the Herbalist! 

We will reveal more information about it on our launch of Pledge Wizard. 

If you reached this point of the update, thank you so much! We love to share the process with you all and we hope you like it back! 

Talk to you soon and wish you a great weekend full of fun gaming moments. 

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section or in this update. 

Sincerely yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games

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    1. Joshua Berube on

      I would call the song serenity. That is what I feel listening to it.

    2. acorns2009

      The iconography refinement looks great! Thanks for revisiting those!

      I feel torn on the Pavilion update. I didn't mind all cardboard as long as it's really well done in quality. While plastic may help in a practical aspect, it can also detract from the game aesthetics (which is what this game is focused on). I honestly don't know if you are going to be able to find the best of both worlds.

      Thanks for your hard work!

    3. Unisus

      @Jeremy, @Oliver: The comment from the creators about plastic looking out of place was about complete plastic pavilions and bridges like some backers suggested. Small plastic parts to help keep things together were not talked about.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Cox on

      "Apple Blossoms"

    5. Mario López Menés on

      This is one of the best updates I've ever seen (and heard!) in KS. Loving the changes, specially in the graphic design area as the previous icons were kinda confusing for me. The song is beautiful, the models look good and the plastic pavillion seems to fit better than expected.

      Keep the good work coming!

    6. John Michael Huang

      Song title: "Winds of Change" (:

    7. Missing avatar

      Jens Auberg on

      What do you think of "Awakaning of the ancestors"?

    8. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Still no answer about the component downgrade.

    9. Veronica Emer Collaborator on

      I would like to thank all you guys for your amazing suggestions about the last track and for all your subscriptions to my website! I will now take some time to decide which one to use since they're all great titles :)


    10. Missing avatar

      Julie Wood on

      Song title submission:
      Promise of a New Dawn

    11. Anthony DMello on

      Song: "Soaring Above the Caravan"

    12. Missing avatar

      David V Martinez on

      Song suggestion: The Traveller or The Passage

    13. Sam Richardson

      @Charles it need one in the middle so that it’ll fit into the other piece that goes on top, The top piece won’t go down far enough to touch the plastic as it is now.

    14. Charles Russell

      @sam - In regards to the top pavilion piece needing another notch, it doesn't. The plastic base piece only has 3 bump ups that you need to cover. The missing notch isn't missing so much as unnecessary.

    15. JMC on

      Yeah I have to agree with a few others. I think the Pavilion looks worse now with the mix of plastic and cardboard.

    16. Paul Boos

      Sunrise in the Garden

    17. Missing avatar

      Marc Fuller on

      How about willow blossom for the song name..

    18. Petr K.

      Great update :-) the game looks exclusive! :-)
      The song name I sugges:
      or "FLOW OF TIME"
      or "EXPECTATION"

      so it is a really nice song!

    19. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Jeremy wrote:
      >> When people asked why the pavillon and the bridge was not made of plastic, you sayd it would not fit and look out of place. <<

      He is right! And I think - as you did ! - that it does really look out of place. My question below was not answered:

      Is a mix of cardboard and plastic the final word?

      In my opinion, this would be a downgrade of my pledge.

    20. backing War for Chicken Island Stephen

      This game looks beautiful!

    21. Amarice on

      @Teresa, it might be a "stretch goal" during the "pledge wizard", "late pledge", period, we will unlock it for free.

    22. Ralf Steinberg on

      Is 17:00 GMT+2 the same as MET 17:00 (Germany,Summertime) ?


    23. Missing avatar

      Marc J. Busscher

      Refreshing evening rain after a hot day

    24. Sam Richardson

      Looking good! I do have a couple of concerns however. The deconstructed pavilion as you show it to us will not fit together, the top most piece needs another notch cut out of it for it to slide on.
      Also concerning the pavilion, while more can be done with plastic in terms of shape, I’m a bit worried that if it’s just a thin sheet of it it’ll be far easier to break than the cardboard version would have been.
      Finally, you said you would be reworking the mechanics of the old Poet and the Artist. I do like the new Poet and the Sword Dancer but I like the characters they replaced in the base game too and really hope you’ve included them in the expansion with some new powers and sight preferences.

    25. Stian Haugen on

      When should we retailers expect a reply regarding the retail pledge on this campaign? We were promised "soon after campaign ends"... It has now been several months..

    26. David Tortosa Sarrió on

      Awesome music! My titule sugestión: rise the sun

    27. Corey Hastings

      Take all the time you need to make this game the best it can be! 🤠

      The only criticism I have is with the sword dancer. The model makes her look like she is just awkwardly holding the sword, not that she is dancing with it. There does not seem to be any indication of movement via the clothing or body, so she just appears to be standing still with a sword above her head.

      Other than that, it all looks great so far! 🤠

    28. Missing avatar

      Carlos Osberto Cázares Romo on

      "sunset of the blossoms"
      "blossoms at the mountain"

    29. Joshua B. Crisman

      “A Rising Sun’s Journey”

      I love the build, and the peaceful finale.

      The sun is awake. The day is yours.

    30. Jeremy Kruger on

      To the plastic for the pavillon i just want to remember. When people asked why the pavillon and the bridge was not made of plastic, you sayd it would not fit and look out of place

    31. Asafox on

      I like all of news you give us in this update! Music is beautiful, « Butterfly’s Journey » ^^.
      Fig looks amazing, especially the new one.
      Sword dancer look a bit strange, but not a big deal.
      I’m so glad to participate to this project.
      Thanks and keep going your amazing work.

    32. Missing avatar

      Colin Nicholls on

      Gaming and gardening are two of my joys in life. Listening to this music, I can picture myself taking in the colours, the sounds, the smells and the warmth of the sun. Perhaps I would name this song something like “Behold my Beautiful Garden “.

      Looking forward to playing this gorgeous looking game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Wayne LaFleur on

      I suggest... "Celestial Clockwork" as the song name.

    34. Filipa Tato

      Thank you for this super informative and thoughtful update!
      I truly appreciate that you focus on doing the best on the ongoing projects than starting new ones without fulfilling the older, that sounds great to me :)

      As for the song, the immediate feeling I got was that of an adventurer or explorer out on the world, discovering new places, so I would name the song simply "Exploring" :)

    35. James M.

      "We have a couple of surprises planned for it, including a very special character, the Herbalist!" So we're going to have to pay more in the pledge manager if we want this additional character? :/

    36. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Song Title: "On Butterfly Wings"

    37. Patrick Martin on

      Love the new character! This has been one of my favorite Kickstarter campaigns. You guys are awesome!

    38. Sweaty Cheddar on

      Song Title: “Jade Dreams” - Jade is a symbol of purity and beauty. As I listened to the song I imagined myself surrounded by pure and beautiful scenery that could only be found in dreams.

    39. Teresa @tlarraya

      So we will have to pay extra for the Herbalist in the Pledge Wizard? How much?

    40. Failtasmagoria

      Blossoms Waking... The song reminded me of a slow and plodding movement in the cresting dawn when insects shake off the dew, creatures stir from their beds as the first rays of morning warm their fur, and the blossoms open for their first caress of sunlight as the day unfolds. Very relaxing little movement you've composed!

    41. Rafał Pieczyński on

      "Sunset Winds" | "Updraft wind"

      It actually feels like an adventure to come as You look downward towards the panorama from a cliff. With the pattern repeating itself over and over again making you calm yet anxious what's ahead of you.

    42. Steven Tolhurst

      Title suggestion " Raindrops on the Zen Pond" Great update guys loved the new character too. I have every confidence in your decisions. I think this project will take a lot of time so a good idea to delay any more launches. The cards are looking good. Keep up the super work. Can we get a CD of the music?

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Garafola on

      I don't know if this has been answered yet, but I haven't seen any mention of the materials you're planning to use for the models. The sculpts are beautiful and one of the biggest reasons I backed and I am looking forward to painting them. It would be a dream to see them done up in resin. Can we see prototypes up close once they arrive?

    44. Unisus

      "Autumn Wind" is a wonderful song ;)

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike Smith on

      Now That’s What I Call An Update 26.

      Everything looks great, I am a little unsure about the plastic BUT I do have more certainty about your decisions.

      The fact that you have decided no more kickstarters is a good sign of commitment to your current work,

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Phelps on

      Song title: "Spring of the Golden Powder"