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Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
Build an imperial garden by creating the landscape and placing the scenery in a Zen-like euro game. Play solo or up to four players.
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Pre-Production Update and new Illustrations!

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)
Hello everyone! We hope you are all doing great! 

It's time for an update and we are very excited that our deadlines were met; we also have some amazing illustrations to show you!  


During these past three weeks we’ve been working together with Mat on the final illustrations for the game. While Mat was working, Daniel was preparing the punch-boards and files for the manufacturer that we should send by next week.  

We also started modeling the miniatures for the new characters introduced during the campaign, the Poet and the Sword Dancer, both should be done by next week as seen in the schedule.  

We know you are waiting for our pledge manager and we will make sure to update you very soon so you can prepare, in that update we will also reveal the final design for the Golden Age Box!  


First of all we would like to show you the miniatures for the two characters we revealed in our last update. 

The Medium, which was a Kickstarter Deluxe Exclusive and the Literate. Hope you like them!  

We are also excited to introduce the new Poet and Sword Dancer for Tang Garden that we mentioned during the campaign but we didn't have the chance to show you.  

The Poet
is an homage to Xue Tao. Even though it wasn't contemporary with Xuanzong, she is one of the most influential poets during the Tang Dynasty.   

The Sword Dancer is an homage to the famous Gongsun daniang (公孙大娘). She has been represented by different painters over the years.  

Panoramas and tiles  

Mateusz also worked on the two panoramas for Golden Age (the expansion box with all the Stretch Goals unlocked) and the two small panoramas exclusive for our Ghost Stories expansion (Deluxe exclusive).  

We heard you about the tiles for Ghost Stories and we added a little more elements of mist and mystery. We also finished the Imperial Palace tiles (that will have foil elements) with the updated icons for the four Spirit Animals.  

Imperial Palace

Finally, we are very excited to show you the four boards for the Spirits animals of the special scenario “Imperial Palace”, our last Stretch Goal for the campaign. 

These boards will also be manufactured using a golden foil finish. More information about the rules of Imperial Palace coming soon! We are preparing a live stream where you all will be able to play with us Tang Garden using this scenario completely live. 

We are working very hard and our next update will most probably be before our three weeks gap as very interesting news are coming! 

Sincerely yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games

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    1. Alexandre Goh

      Nicely done, keep it coming guys! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Narie Vermond on

      Thats professional backer care, cant wait to lay my hands on the game, great job guys. :)

    3. Asafox on

      Awesome! Everything! Can’t wait to play with it!

    4. Markus Stadler on

      Topic: The two small panoramas exclusive for the Ghost Stories expansion (Deluxe exclusive).

      Can you add some light elements like lampions(at trees, houses or at a river) or fireflies or night glow and so on to it? In the current state it looks very boring and more like a destroid land of peace after a war. A bit ghost magic is missing.

    5. Adam Thornton on

      Absolutely beautiful work!

    6. Pete Thane on

      @Brenton - due to the artwork/colours and the varied shapes they said the cost to produce the decoration tokens in wood would be prohibitive. Also all the other decorations like the pavilions and bridges are cardboard (except the cats I think)

    7. drmandarin

      @ThunderGryph, please note "pavilion" not "pavillion". I have sent you several messages enquiring about your plans for proofreading the English text for the game but have yet to receive a response. Please respond urgently. It would be very disappointing if the final product goes to print with errors.

    8. Missing avatar

      Graham Bullock on

      When's the Pledge Manager available?

    9. Missing avatar

      Brenton McKinlay

      Are the decoration tokens going to be wooden as well? It doesn't seem like that's the case from the campaign page, but it seems a little odd to have other tokens being wood in the deluxe version but the decoration tokens still being cardboard so I wondered if there's any chance that this would be changed to make it consistent and feel more appropriate for the deluxe version?

    10. Nabend

      Anyone got an idea how to help the 'where is the PM? is the PM still open?' faction? If they could read, it would be easy for them to figure it out since it is all over the project. Since they can't read, I am reluctant to merely regurgitate what has been written many times before

    11. Stian Haugen on

      Still no word for us retailers? I was told I would be contacted right after the campaign ended, still nothing...

    12. Javier on

      It looks beautiful, I'm so curious about the golden palace. Also I like so much the the ghostly style for the tiles of the expansion.
      @Marty the pledge manager is still closed, the asked us to be patient as they moved on to a new one.

    13. Missing avatar

      Danilo on

      When the backer's kit will be available? I'm quite afraid about this, maybe i've missed it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Marty on

      Please could you send me a respons because last month i wrote you but there wasn't news of you part....

    15. Missing avatar

      Marty on

      Hi, i don't have make the pledge manager yet and i'm affraid because i didn't give my adress it normal??
      I pledged lux version

    16. Sammy on

      Panorama's & tiles are looking really beautiful!
      Loving the Medium & the others. Though, once again, no noticeable variation in age/body types of the adult women.

    17. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!

    18. Isaac F on

      Great update guys. Looking great!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tay Teck Siang

      Artwork looks good but I am sorry not to be completely positive.
      Can more be done with the miniature of the Medium? For some reason, the feel I have of it is that it looks flat.

    20. RavenMad on

      As always, everything is looking fantastic. This game is going to look seriously gorgeous on the table. :)

    21. Cole Feeser on

      Love this update and everything I'm seeing. I am anxiously waiting for the pledge manager to go live. More than that though I'm waiting for if and when you'll update the tabletopia release with the solo mode and possibly some of the stretch goal content or at least add the monk that was missing!

    22. Jose Morales on

      That's palace will be glorious!!! Love the new Poet and Sword Dancer, though expecting the previous ones late on..
      Regarding small ghost panoramas, I did not see any icon for them, will this be truly dark point-wise??
      Really happy for everything displayed

    23. John C

      The game is beautiful! The new work is terrific!

    24. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi 6-time creator

      @General Cammy: Thank you!

      @Cory Fleury: I just fixed the update :)

    25. Cory Fleury on

      Everything ia looking awesome! Just a note, the sword dancer card sausage artist on it. I'm sure you guys would have caught that, but I figured I'd mention it.

    26. General Cammy

      Awesome looking characters