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A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
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    1. Henry So 1 day ago

      @ShadowsKat: Seems about the same as Tao Long and DMD to me.

    2. T Jones 1 day ago

      I personally like the original box art.

    3. Penguin 1 day ago

      The box inner art is absolutely stunning !

    4. ShadowsKat 3 days ago

      Is it just me or has this campaign been really quiet lately? I don't remember it being this radio silent during Tao Long.

    5. Missing avatar

      Johan Stanleyson 4 days ago


    6. Missing avatar

      Callum Sharp
      4 days ago

      @Dan they posted a video showing the rules for the golden firefly a while ago...

    7. Lutz Wolf 6 days ago

      @Amarice: Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Liuzhongxiong 6 days ago

      Hello Martyn, Gon

      I sent message and mail to you for a long time, some questions, could anyone can help me?

    9. Amarice 6 days ago

      @Lutz, change it in BackerKit, check update#22 for a link, or as they say "If you have any questions please write us an email to".

    10. Lutz Wolf 7 days ago

      How can I change my address?

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric on April 8

      @Miguel. He seguido desde el principio esta campaña, y puesto que últimamente los creadores no están muy activos en los comentarios, te intento responder a ver si te ayuda un poco.

      Cobrarán los add ons del backerkit cuando lo 'cierren', que en teoría creo que será alrededor del 1 de Mayo. Hasta entonces hay tiempo para añadir/quitar productos, y editar datos de envío.

      En cuanto a la traducción, yo diría que el manual vendrá en varios idiomas, entre ellos español. Los componentes de juego no llevan texto. Supongo que en la parte trasera de la caja vendrá alguna descripción del juego, y lo probable es o que esté en varios idiomas o solo en inglés. (Lo de la caja es pura conjetura mía).

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan leacy on April 7

      Did we ever find out what the rules were for the golden fireflies? Doe they just replace the normal ones?

    13. Micheal
      on April 5

      This is ridiculous. I have sent this man 3 emails. No response. This is unacceptable. I would like my questions to be answered.

    14. Miguel Ángel Íñigo Fernández on April 5

      Cuando cobráis los añadidos o extra procampaña? Metí el Taolong Deluxe en la página de Backerit, pero no me cobrasteis nada. Más que nada por saber cómo lo vais hacer. Aunque estoy que mejor compro la versión Retail de España.
      Y a todo esto. El Spirit of Forest para los que los pedimos en España. Nos vendrá traducido??

    15. Missing avatar

      Knuivers on April 3

      Has there been any announcements on the golden fireflies? Would really want to know if these are worth it before adding them.

    16. Jurriaan Ruitenberg on March 31

      Not quite though. The quality of the delivering service is in their hands. The companies part is not to send out the game, but to make sure I get it. If the delivery service they hired (which in their own words has made mistakes and has been replaced since) made an error it is up to ThunderGryph to fix the error. I never had a choice in who is going to send me the package. But all this is a moot point. My grudge is not that the package was not delivered, nor that it since has taken 2 months and I am still to receive it. My grudge is that within that time there was no communication from ThunderGryph even after multiple attempts. Even a mail with.. sorry, can't help you would have been better than just leaving me (and others) in the dark.

      However, the day after i posted the previous message on this board (and sent a 4th mail, including the same text) they suddenly did respond: "we will process a reshipment as soon as we finally get the items we need at the warehouse and we process everything in the next 2 weeks, I've added your details already. Next time it will be through DPD just like with Dead Man's."

    17. ShadowsKat on March 31

      Jurriaan - That seems like something you'd have to take up with your Post office, rather than ThunderGryph. The company has fulfilled their part by sending out the game to you. It's not their fault that your local post office is unable to deliver the package to you. To expect them to have control over the delivery itself is unreasonable.
      Hopefully when you contact the post office, they'll be able to locate and hold your package and you'll be able to get your game.

    18. Jurriaan Ruitenberg on March 29

      "Here at ThunderGryph games we want to give every backer a pleasant and risk-free Kickstarter experience"

      I do not share Dirkjan82's experience. After supposedly 2 failed delivery attempts at times I was at the delivery location, without leaving a note, my Tao Long has been lost in Germany since Feb 16. I sent 3 mails asking for updates, without any response. I asked the questions in the comments and updates section of the project. No response. I backed overseers and dead man's doubloons and received them without problems and with good quality. However, good communication is also part of good customer support and a good experience. Ignoring me for 2 months is definitely not part of that. So I want to use my money back guarantee to cancel this game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Earthslug on March 28

      Mystery SG?

    20. Steven Tolhurst on March 28

      Hi Great update glad things are going well / I agree with Thaen some wallpapers of the lovely art work would be nice.

    21. Pete Thane on March 28

      @Luke Murthwaite - for the Overseers promos the official line (from a DMD update on the 12th of March) is "Overseers expansion is postponed at the moment" .
      There is mention of having to change manufacturer for the foreign language DMD rules printing and this has caused a delay in those and not sure if the same reason applies here.

    22. Thaen
      on March 27

      Hi !
      Could it be possible to get some of the stunning artwork from the game made available as wallpapers ? Even the illustration used under the insert is beautiful !

    23. Luke Murthwaite on March 27

      So long as I don't get charged the insane prices and shipping rates ($10 for one card and $30 shipping) that were being asked by MvM after their previous campaign, then I'm happy to add them on :) Now if only I could get the DMD Overseers promo too... information on that one is sparse!

    24. Missing avatar

      David Millán on March 27

      Hola, muy buenas tengo ganas de poder tenerlo ya, pero tengo una pregunta.

      Yo ya he hecho el paso previo de la campaña para administrar la contribución pero ahora me he arrepentido y me gustaría coger también un Tao Long.

      Aún es posible ?

    25. Amarice on March 27

      @Dirkjan82, Thanks, I trust them too. Often, backers are used to receive poor excuses from publishers/creators, so I guess backer's "spider-sense" triggers easily. I will try to use that money back guarantee for one item and not the entire pledge, if feasible.

    26. Penguin on March 27

      @amarice nope through message but I post in the group and response by comment

    27. Dirkjan82 on March 27

      They just send out an update regarding the replacements parts and few not yet delivered games in the Tao Long campaign.

      Personally, I noticed that I got good response on my questions in the KS comments there. I got a great copy of Tao Long and a nice copy of Dead Man’s Doubloons. The last one had 2 damaged ships. I e-mailed their replacements service using an e-mail address from the comments and got a reply in less than 24 hours. In 2-3 days of mailing back and fort to get all the details right they promised me replacements. Those have yet to arrive, but I have faith they’ll come (I wasn’t expecting the, yet).

      I also contacted them through the form on their website to ask what I had to do to receive Pot de Vin with this campaign since I backed Tao Long, and late backed DMD (after the campaign ended, before shipping started). Got no reply there, but everything was clear in the Pledgemanager, and a copy of Pot de Vin was added manually by someone there.

      So they may not always respond, they are working for every backer. Again, I have faith in them, but you do need some patience. They are extremely busy with different stages of different projects.

      Of course they offer a money back guarantee, so if you have a different experience with them, it’s up to you to make the request.

      on March 26

      No @Amarice, nobody is answering on Facebook.

    29. Amarice on March 26

      @Joshua, there are hundreds of games that wouldn't exist for those advertising companies to profit from but for the actual funding and support backers and fans have brought them. About the chicken-egg question, the game comes first, then the advertising.

      @Penguin, backers are receiving no reply to messages through KS and to their email accounts regarding issues with their previous KS, are they active in Facebook replying to messages there?

    30. Penguin on March 26

      @gicomadi I got the info inside the ambassador group in Facebook

    31. Joshua Lawson
      on March 25

      I am going to assume that the people calling for the promo cards to be included for free haven't been around the community long enough to know for what it is they ask. So... First, producers are under no obligation to give their base game owners free expansions, regardless of when those expansions are produced. In fact, to do so would be highly unusual in most any industry. Second, offering new promos to MvM, Dice Tower, and the like to give as rewards supporting their own KS's (or on BGG for similar reasons) is a phenominal method for game producers to bolster the review/support community, which does an incredible amount for them in return, and for us as enthusiasts (even if you don't personally watch their reviews.) There are hundreds of games that wouldn't exist for you to choose to own but for the visibility and credibility MvM, DT, etc. have brought them. So... would it be nice to have the extra cards free? Of course. Would it be more appropriate to be willing to pay for them, particularly through a vehicle that supports the wider industry, I think so. If you are a completionist like me, you should already have come to grips with the fact that you are going to be spending more money than you ought to in order to have all the things. Don't resent the producers for doing what they do reasonably, especially when it serves a worthy purpose.

      on March 25

      I want a 100% refund please. I'm not comfortable with your Tao Long post campaign and I don't trust in your company.
      I know you offer a 100% back guaranty. I want it.


    33. Padraig on March 25

      PM doesn't close til June 1st so I can see games being shipped by July. Maybe any add ons like Tao Long. I'm just guessing though.

    34. Radioland on March 25

      It has been more than a month since last update. Chinese New Year is long past...are we gonna have some kind of update? Are we still talking July delivery?

    35. Pete Thane on March 25

      The MvM promo cards will be available to purchase via Backerkit in a little while (maybe April) per a comment on the Facebook page some time back

      on March 25

      Olvídate de las promos Amarice. Eso les llevaría un quebradero de cabeza de logística.

      Bien, escribo para dejar claro mi mal estar con esta empresa por el trato recibido en la post campaña del Tao Long y con ello quiero anular mi pedido de Spirits of the forest versión deluxe con vuestra politica del 100% refund.

      Habéis perdido un mecenas que confió en vosotros desde el principio. Muchos me piden opinión sobre que empresas son de fiar en KS, bien, ya les estoy hablando de vosotros para que os tengan en cuenta para que no os subvencionen.

      3 meses para imprimir y enviar un manual en español pagado. que no gratis. Sin decir nada. Sin actilizaciones. Pero mientras tanto sacamos más juegos. Sinvergüenzas.

    37. Amarice on March 25

      I hope they include those cards in our pledges for free (if they are not already), the money raised in backerkit should be enough to "unlock" them.

    38. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi on March 25

      Thanks, Penguin! Where did you get that info? Are they going to put out an update to inform all the backers who don’t browse the comment section regularly?

    39. Penguin on March 24

      the promo will be available at pledge manager around April :)

    40. Phill on March 24

      Thanks for pointing out that promo. I don't really care about man vs meeple, but wonder if we can get that. Especially for us collector edition people

    41. Henry So on March 24

      @Amarice: At this point, everyone who is buying the game is a backer.

    42. Amarice on March 24

      @Henry, it would be an offering for those who didn't back the game. To deny content to actual backers of the game doesn't make any sense at all.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Harmon on March 23

      I didn't get my pledge manager and the link to get one is broken..........

      Sad face

    44. Henry So on March 23

      @Mike Morris: That would not make much sense. If everyone backing this game gets those tiles, why offer them somewhere else?

    45. Russonc
      on March 21


    46. Missing avatar

      Mike Morris on March 21

      I assume we will all be getting the promo tiles from the current Man vs Meeple campaign for free, since our pledges made this game possible and it hasn't even been made yet. Thank you in advance!

    47. Roksan on March 21

      Are you going to be at the UKGE in Birmingham? (sorry in advance if this has been asked and answered)

    48. Henry So on March 20

      Having both the board and the mat, I think I prefer the board.

    49. Steven Tolhurst on March 19

      Hi earthslug,
      Thanks for note sorry I have been away not sure what you mean by incoginito tab on browser#

      thanks for trying to help

    50. George
      on March 17

      I am still waiting for my Tao Long Playmats. Has anyone had success in contacting them?

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