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A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.
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    1. Eric 1 day ago

      por lo que dijeron en la anterior actualización, Creo que nos llegarán a casa (España) a partir de la última semana de agosto, no antes. Yo apostaría por la primera quincena de septiembre

    2. Miguel Ángel Íñigo Fernández 2 days ago

      Última decena de Julio. Y todavía esperando el juego. Y esperando también la compra del Talong que hice conjunta.
      Pero no llega ni uno ni el otro. 😟

    3. Thorongil03 3 days ago

      Gonzalo, los envíos a España cuando los vais a hacer?

    4. dokdoyle 3 days ago

      Are the games on the boat now ? Is it possible to get the marinetraffic links to follow their progress ?

    5. Eddy Sin on


      Thanks. I'll be sure to save that somewhere. I can't wait for the package huehue!

    6. Fenrir767 (Jayson)

      To bad it’s delayed until September was looking froward to it but I can wait!

    7. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi 5-time creator

      Thank you for all your support!

      @Ian: It was our initial intent, since we changed some Ks components we have delayed the retail release to September 2018.

      @Eddy: is the best way to reach us with anything related to the games. Thanks!

    8. Fenrir767 (Jayson)

      Glad to get the update on the game thanks for that!

    9. Eddy Sin on

      Hi. I'm just wondering what the best channel of contact would be if there are any issues with our packages? I hope this isn't the case but I am aware anything can happen.

      Great work on a brilliantly beautiful game.
      Every game Thundergryph pumps out looks even more gorgeous than the last. The bar is pretty high for whatever you guys have up your sleeves post Tang Garden. :D

    10. Ian Noble on

      Funny how CSI lists this as being available July 13th. Wonder where they get those dates from.

    11. Capt D

      Wahoo! Great news and the pics look good to. Might get it just before I go on holiday in September.

    12. Daniel Vance on

      Looks great! Really excited to get this game in. Been playing a lot on Tabletopia and loving it, and know it will be that much better with the physical components. Great job.

    13. Ryan Simmonds on

      3 weeks off is a bloody good effort cant wait!

    14. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi 5-time creator

      Hey everyone! You can find more information in our latest update! Thanks :D

    15. Capt D

      @Chryssta - Yep it sucks that comments from the makers about this game are being made in the newer project, especially when I have not backed the newer project so do not see them!!

    16. Chryssta

      @Amarice - which is scary since the amount raised for Tang Garden is nearly twice that was raised for this campaign. And they still have 3 days to go...

    17. Amarice on

      In their new KS, they just have reached the total number of backers of this campaign.

    18. Torojima on

      Last update had been about three weeks ago. Thus not so far in the past one could think there would be no updates. Also updates came about ever once a month in the past more if something exciting is happening). That's a very good schedule in my opinion.

      Now some impatient folks ask for more updates when nothing exciting is happening (except the items being stuffed into boxes, sitting in warehouses or going to be travelling in dark and boring containers), just because they jumping up and down in front of their doors to wait for the package?

      Currently I don't see any indication something could go wrong to demand an out of order update. When will ppl understand an estimated delivery month does not propose the item sitting on their front door at the first day of said month...
      This reminds me at times when my daughter was still six years old, we where out on the road for a longer trip visiting family and every five minutes she inquired "are we there yet?"
      I can understand, accept and tolerate this question from six year old. I can not from ppl old enough to have a credit card and spend some money for a game on kickstarter.

      So my advice for everybody still standing on the front door and waiting for the delivery: Get something else to do. Don't think about the game and spend your time with something more fun and exciting than pondering how many minutes will pass until you can open the box containing SotF. The more fun you'll actually have when the package will arrive and you can actually do it :D

    19. Chryssta

      I can understand being excited about the new one, but this one hasn't shipped yet...

      Hell, I'm excited about Tang Garden too. And the amount they've raised for it is amazing!

    20. Chryssta

      Sucks that one should go to the newer project to get info about the older one though... But hey, at least he answered!

    21. Jason Elliott

      Be professional and give an update.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Bulaun on

      It looks like Chryssta asked on the Tang Garden page and Gon replied that there will be an update on Monday with "lots of photos and details".

    23. Missing avatar

      kevin driske on

      I would like to know what the progress is too, are we still on to receive by the end of this month ?

    24. Chryssta

      Maybe we should ask about SotF on Tang Garden.

    25. Chryssta

      I know Tang Garden is huge and everything, way bigger than this was, or any of their other projects, but they could still come back here every now and then... Maybe...

    26. Miguel Ángel Íñigo Fernández on

      Cuando van a empezar a mandar el juego Deluxe? Y junto a este el Taolong que tengo pedido?

    27. Enzo Maini

      I would like and update as to where things are right now.

    28. Eddy Sin on

      Don't feed the trolls.

    29. Brian Hou on

      When are we expect to receive this? I haven't receive any e-mail or tracking info...

    30. Missing avatar


      I didnt say I did not like the game, Just that it is not the value it is claimed to be plus the very high shipping cost compared to other offerings.

    31. Jack Talon


    32. Michael Reb on

      @Stev0 it may be ironic but it is no less valid from being so.

    33. Missing avatar


      It's ironic to complain about complaining.

    34. Missing avatar

      Marcel Douwstra on

      @Stev0 I see plenty of KS campaigns that don't interest me, some due to price. I just don't back those games. If a game is truly overpriced it will probably not get funded but it's all personal choices for the backers.

    35. Bryan Salazar on

      @Stev0, if you are not happy with the price, don’t back it and move on. I don’t understand why you continue to rant about this with your exaggerated analogies.

    36. Missing avatar


      So if I made a $40 game and dropped a bunch of crap/fluff and figures in it and then charged 2x the price and tossed another $40 on for shipping because of the extras THAT is justifiying price and shipping?
      As for discussing Tang Garden here. It is the same developers and the developers advertised it here in an update.
      I am starting to think about making a snakes and ladders clone and add a bunch of fluff and flash background pieces for addons and load it up with figures. Price it at $120 with $40 shipping because if the art and figures look great people will buy it. Just saying.

    37. Pete Thane on

      @Luca - based on the timeline in the last update then the games should be about to leave the factory very soon to be shipped round the World for fulfillment. So a little while yet before it arrives, I reckon I may get mine in the UK in mid to late August

    38. Amarice on

      They will probably make an update here before the end of Tang Garden campaign, so they have a chance to remind potential backers.

    39. Logan Wp

      Any new news?
      Or are they focused in the Tang Garden campaign?

    40. Missing avatar

      Luca Manola on

      Excuse me.... when will my copy arrive? I’m in Italy.

    41. Padraig on

      @Manuel beat me to the punch. They said 2-3 weeks to shipping to the fulfilment centre which was about 2.5 weeks ago so I'd be interested too to know. Thanks.

    42. Manuel Buchwald on

      Any news about how assembling is going and when shipping will start?

    43. Eric on

      @kinikepike SotF's backerkit was done more than a month ago

    44. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Deligne

      @Kinikepike. The PM is closed for almost 2 months according to the update from April 24th.

    45. kinikepike

      Did the pledge manager happen yet? If so I didn't get an email.

    46. Pete Thane on

      @Henry So - as they have moved the number inside the box "since it was breaking the art of the cover" I can't see them slapping a massive great signature over the cover. I wonder if the signature will come on a label that we can apply where we want on/in the box as I expect the game itself will be shrink wrapped and it would be a major undertaking and very time consuming to remove the shrink and sign them individually.

    47. Pete Thane on

      @Rosanne - can't remember seeing the result being announced

    48. Missing avatar

      Rosanne on

      Does anyone know if anything happened with the firefly contest?

    49. Padraig on

      @Henry. Cool. There will be a very sore wrist that'll have made a lot of people happy so 😉

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