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An abstract-like game where players represent different tribes; traveling and expanding settlements in a strategy game of majorities.
An abstract-like game where players represent different tribes; traveling and expanding settlements in a strategy game of majorities.
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Last 48h! Stretch Goals Recap and Livestream announcement

Posted by Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi (Creator)

Dear travelers, the campaign is coming into a close and in very few hours the last 48 hours will begin. 

We are so excited about all your support towards Iwari and in this update we have many things we would like to say!

Last 48 hours backers, welcome!

Thanks to our backers, the game has been funded 10 times over and 22 Stretch Goals have been unlocked.

Instead of listing what we have unlocked here, we have updated the Inside the Box image to include all the stretch goals and improvements up to the 23th Stretch Goal.

If you have any questions, be sure to write us in the comment section, we are glad to help!

A special gift for you

We are very happy about your response on the Solo mode for Iwari. Last weekend we played a very tense match. In case you missed the livestream and you are curious to know how the Solo Mode works, here is the video!

With the Solo Mode, the co-op and all the other elements you have unlocked in the game, we wanted to create a special commemorative rulebook for the Deluxe edition.

Inside the Deluxe, you will find your base game rulebook and your void rulebook with all the additional ways to play the game.

Big livestream tomorrow!

Tomorrow, March 20th starting 20:00 GMT+1 we will make a special end of campaign livestream on Twitch! That doesn’t mean we won’t stream after, but we feel this one is special.

At 20:00 GMT+1 Mat will be illustrating live the special void cover for the deluxe rulebook
At 21:00 GMT+1 Join Gon, Pier and Luis for a Co-op live game of Iwari
At 22:00 GMT+1 A four players match with the community

During the live stream, we will be answering any questions you may have about the game and we will raffle some of our add-ons in-between turns. 

Michael Schacht Designer Diary

Since Iwari reimagines the award-winning game Web of Power by Michael Schacht, he decided to write a beautiful diary about the story and the evolution of the game.

If you are interested and want to read it, be sure to visit the diary on boardgamegeek.

Metal totem and the storm add-on modules

As many of you know, we offer a small quantity of add-ons in our campaign. We know you are interested in the rules for the metal totem and the storm modules, so here they are!

The Metal Totem Pawn

Place the Metal Totem Pawn on the connection number "1".

When a player places a totem in a territory which is part of the connection with the Metal Totem Pawn, the Player is allowed at the end of their turn to do the following:

a) Immediately score the connection with the Metal Totem Pawn (for all involved players) and move afterwards to the next connection in number order.
b) Do nothing.

Two metal storm coins

Preparation and Scoring
Each of the storm coins will replace two mountains in the game. Assign the coins to the mountain spaces following the game rules. Storm coins block connections at the end of the game.

Moving the storm
After you explore both territories that belong to a storm connection in its entirety, the Player that has the most Tents in total for both territory of that connection decides if the storm will stay or move to the next higher number. In case of a tie the storm will move.

Thank you once again for all your support and see you in the comment section!

Sincerely yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games 


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    1. Russonc

      Looking forward to seeing how this takes off during the final 48 hours! Thanks for the update.