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A simultaneous action selection game of high piracy: attack, pillage, & board rivals, racing to endless riches on the mysterious isle!
A simultaneous action selection game of high piracy: attack, pillage, & board rivals, racing to endless riches on the mysterious isle!
A simultaneous action selection game of high piracy: attack, pillage, & board rivals, racing to endless riches on the mysterious isle!
2,772 backers pledged €174,939 to help bring this project to life.

Fulfillment Update #2: Arrivals & Departures

Posted by José Ortega

Hello Everyone.

First major update, besides of what we posted on the comments during the week since the first fulfillment update, we got asked about a lot of things and we got answers!

Fulfillment Status

Batch 1 Status
Batch 1 Status

While we might take longer than we expected to pack everything up in Europe, the deliverability rate for this project has been astonishing, only 8 exceptions (of which only 2 are real incidences) out of ~1600 shipments for the first batch.

the US has been served by QML and pretty much everyone in the US that completed his survey before the games were loaded into the ship has received their game.

Europe has been served directly by us, and yes we know the packing has been slow but this one is heavier and a little bit more difficult to pack than Tao Long was; A batch of 434 games were sent in the 1st batch thorugh DPD, most of those have already arrived, only 20 are still in transit or out for delivery today, DPD so far has been an amazing carrier, other 153 games were served by CorreosExpress in Spain and Portugal.

A 2nd batch with the rest of backers in the EU and some countries outside the union but still in the continent is to be picked up by DPD tomorrow and we will receive the tracking numbers the next day.

Asian backers should be receiving their games shortly through SF-Express (in most countries) as VFI has started packing the games today.

Canadian backers, fear not, as Snakes & Lattes is receiving today in their warehouse in Buffalo, NY a few pallets with the games for fulfillment, they will import it to their warehouse in Toronto and send everything out with FedEx.

Australian (and NZ) backers, VR distribution already received a few pallets in their forwarder warehouse in California and they will send it to Australia and handle the Domestic shipment.

Mexican backers, Aether Tower will receive a pallet soon in their warehouse in Texas and they will take care of you.

Check your shipping box

It has come to our attention that sometimes the metal coins go unnoticed by backers in the US that receives their games with, perhaps, a little too much packing peanuts, they are in the shipping box so check that thoroughly before disposing of it.


In our tracking notification emails we've put a little note, well, actually a really big note, formatted as a header, explaining this but there are a few that don't read them at all and thus the note goes unnoticed as well.

The Insert

We know several people are worried about the insert because it is designed so that the ships don't go jumping around everywhere in the box and thus it might seem a little to difficult to take out the ships, but we are very proud of them as they are incredibly flexible and they can be taken out of the insert with ease if you know where to pull them from. Here are a few examples by the manufacturer, we apologize if you die because the video was recorded in vertical.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


As you can see the ships are very flexible and while they should be treated with care to avoid any issues, you shouldn't be afraid to pull them out.

There are also a few complaints about the sleeves as they apparently don't fit in the insert, we know the sleeves are a little bit too long but the cards fit sleeved in the insert.


We know this isn't the best case for everyone and we've taken the feedback to heart, anyone that bought these sleeves will get a free pack of the sleeves of our next project if they pledge on Kickstarter.

Missing Add-ons?

Rulebooks in other languages will be sent separately as we originally intended to print them with a certain manufacturer that we don't plan to work with anymore after the issues we had with another project, so they didn't make it on time to be delivered in the same shipment.

Overseers expansion is postponed at the moment, and the same thing as the rulebooks applies until further notice.

Until next update!

Everyone here at ThunderGryph Games.


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    1. Jeremy Armstrong about 3 hours ago

      Hi, I got my parcel in the UK today and in my outer packaging was an empty little baggy, was that meant to have a coin in?

    2. Missing avatar

      stjuju about 4 hours ago

      +1000 Ashley Tarr : we have a problem with sleeves, need an answer !

    3. James Schroeder
      about 8 hours ago

      Got my copy a little bit ago and much of it is very impressive looking, though I do have one item that got damaged. My transparent blue ship in the bottom left appears to have unsettled and was crushed a bit by the board on top of it. The paddles on both sides feel very loose and move to the touch. Is there any kind of plan to help with replacement parts? Thanks!

    4. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy
      1 day ago

      my Tracking number arrived here in the UK, and I have received a separate email from DPD saying my package is due for delivery Monday, but that may be a different package

    5. Jeremy Debrosse 3 days ago

      Here it is !! Just received my game today :)

    6. Jonathan Reid
      3 days ago

      Still nothinh here in UK.

    7. Krista
      4 days ago

      Still waiting in California... No tracking number, no game, nothing.

    8. Thomas "El Capitán" Nedbal
      4 days ago

      Tracking number recived in Germany

    9. Jeremy Debrosse 4 days ago

      My bad...I just received my number !!! :D

    10. Jeremy Debrosse 5 days ago

      Still nothing..... in France

    11. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Gonella
      5 days ago

      Nothing also in Italy: no tracking number and no shipping

    12. Jan Kučera 5 days ago

      No tracking number for group pledge for Czech republic.

    13. Rodolphe Peccatte 5 days ago

      I can get my cards in their sleeves the same way as in the picture.
      At least for the top of the deck. The sleeves in the bottom got folded after one night, though.

    14. Jonathan Reid
      5 days ago

      "2nd batch with the rest of backers in the EU and some countries outside the union but still in the continent is to be picked up by DPD tomorrow and we will receive the tracking numbers the next day.". This from you 2 days ago.
      No tracking number received here in UK please investigate and explain?

    15. Thomas "El Capitán" Nedbal
      5 days ago

      Again nothing in Germany

    16. Jeremy Debrosse 5 days ago

      No tracking number and no game here un France...

    17. Vandergore 5 days ago

      can you pleased give us an update about the german shipping ?
      It seems there are several ones who does not get the gane nor a tracking code ...

    18. Thomas "El Capitán" Nedbal
      6 days ago

      No E-Mail no Game in Germany

    19. Stacey Barteck 6 days ago

      Got mine, and have to say this is a beautiful product. Such awesome artwork and components. Haven’t been able to play it yet with the family but really looking forward to it.

    20. Scot
      6 days ago

      For US Backers, if you added a copy of Overseers that might be why your package is late. I got a response this morning from QML that they were short about 18 units of overseers, so 18 US backers like me who added overseers have been delayed while waiting for extra units to arrive.

    21. Lynda Orm
      6 days ago

      Still waiting in Michigan USA

    22. Aaron D
      7 days ago

      @Andrew Loveday I emailed about it earlier (I'm in NZ) but haven't heard back as yet. Slightly annoying if the pallets have been in the US since last month and yet second wave is heading out in places for late pledgers.

    23. Jeremy Armstrong 7 days ago

      No sign of anything here in the UK yet, looks like it's all in order though so no worries - Can't wait!

    24. Andrew Loveday 7 days ago

      Wow ! Australian Pallets still in California..... like other backers here have said , weeks ago did you say that they already shipped the pallets to Australia? Can you please get your info right and in order and stop being misleading. So mad as to why Australian’s are treated like this.... Contacted VR distribution and they know nothing about the order.... doesn’t make me feel confident at all...

    25. Anna Schmitter
      7 days ago

      Since I have not received any shipping info yet, totally looking forward to receiving the game soon as well. So I guess I will get a tracking info soon?

    26. Ron James
      on March 12

      I agree with others, my sleeved cards do not fit inside the insert the way yours does in the picture above. The excess sleeve material must bend before they will fit. Also, I am not comfortable with the force needed to remove and insert the ships from the insert. So as much as you love these inserts, I chose to trash mine. The ships, character meeples, wooden counters and Icon Reference cards are all inside one of the Deluxe Components boxes, which goes inside the main box. The sleeved cards are kept in a larger Ziploc bag, and placed inside another small box to keep them mostly in one place and safe from the heavy metal doubloons that are also inside the main box.

    27. Hunter Mayer
      on March 12

      FOUND THE COINS! Thanks for the reminder. I totally missed them in opening of the box floating amongst the shipping flotsam.

      **The vertical video snark was much appreciated** ;)

    28. Jorge Esteban on March 12

      El mío todovia no ha llegado

    29. Colin Ramsey
      on March 12

      Got it all and I didn't order sleeves, any suggestions on which retail brand to grab that may fit? Or should I order some from you? Also, I have some questions about the rules for "Round End" and "Cleanup" phases. How do you keep track of you captain meeple on your boat placemat if he/she is on the island? Is the island only used once? Can you clarify these for me?

    30. Jose Morales on March 12

      Such a shame that the Overseers expansions wasn't ready, inevitable, that will make me hace time to get it hahaha. Thanks for all the work. Some advice for rotw shipping would be to send those pallets first, is difficult to see everyone getting their game and so many left behind by weeks. Other than that awesome work

    31. Missing avatar

      iR8roont on March 12

      Who looks for loose coins and bags when the game box and expansion box you take out is fully sealed?

    32. Pete Thane on March 12

      @Jonathan - Either late this week or early next week I would say if they only being picked up tomorrow in Spain. At least it will be here soon either way.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ian Hodges on March 12

      Hi, I'm in the US and have not received a tracking number or notice of shipment. I thought I had completed the survey before but honestly can't remember now. Should I just go back and resubmit the survey, or is there something else I should do to get my copy?

    34. Jonathan Reid
      on March 12

      Not the most coherent of updates. UK order here I take it that if I have not yet received the 3 games ordered that they will be delivered sometime this week?

    35. Brian Wise
      on March 12

      The insert in the picture has way more room for the cards than mine. My sleeves definitely did NOT fit and rather than trim all the card sleeves I opted to use an exacto knife to cut the card tray of the insert to be longer to fit the cards.

    36. Aaron D
      on March 12

      When do you expect the Aus/NZ orders to actually start shipping to backers? The last update said you were in contact with the Australian distributors and that some pallets were being sent to them and in this update it sounds like the pallets are still in California.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ashley Tarr on March 12

      It's almost like that insert in the video and the sleeves in your picture are entirely different than what was actually shipped out. Especially as far as the sleeves are concerned. Looking at the sleeved cards in your picture, I can understand why you might be a little baffled as to why people are complaining when the sleeved cards do still fit in the insert.

      But the sleeves you show aren't what we received. Either that or some of us received an insert that has a smaller section for the cards than there should be. When I sleeve my cards, it looks like there is around the same amount of extra sleeve as you've shown in the picture. However, even with that extra length, yours still fit in the insert. But for my insert, the cards themselves, unsleeved, barely fit in the insert to begin with. And when sleeved, that extra 6mm of overhang sticks out of the insert. They don't fit at all.

      I'm not really upset, I'm just going to trim the sleeves. But upon seeing the discrepancy between what you show and what I actually received, I thought it was relevant enough to mention.

    38. Dexter Frankenstein
      on March 12

      Even when you figure out the special angles to remove the ships from the insert, it feels poorly designed. If the ships are durable enough to be yanked out, it seems like they're also durable enough to have an insert that doesn't lock them in place.

      I'm also disappointed by the card well being so tight. I hope you guys continue to learn and adapt as you produce games with inserts in the future.

      Other than the insert, I think the production is stellar. Keep up the great work!

    39. Philip McCrary
      on March 12

      I have no idea if I have the box still... I missed the fact about the coins and now I think it's too late. My bad for missing them, but wow that was a poor packing decision!

    40. Thomas "El Capitán" Nedbal
      on March 12

      Everything OK ? So far nothing arrived in Nuremberg / Germany

    41. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!
      on March 12

      *far too tight

    42. Matthew Soffen
      on March 12

      I'm one of the people that almost missed one of the coins (I found it when emptying the "peanuts" from the box).

      It's now in with the deluxe tokens now :)

    43. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!
      on March 12

      Thanks for the update. The game looks fantastic, not played yet though.

      The insert is far to right and one of the masts of one ship almost got broken off and is a bit wobbly from taking it out of the inlay. If you want to get the minis out, take out the entire insert and push them out from underneath, so that you dont put pressure on the ships or their masts. Ive now binned the inlay and using card storage boxes from to store the ships in, which is a far safer solution.

    44. Missing avatar

      Oliver Diekhoff on March 12

      No problem that the rulebook comes later but could you give your backers a link to the language versions where they can download a PDF?

    45. Jonathan Springham on March 12

      Many thanks for the informative update, good to get some info on the Overseers expansion as well.

      Thank you!

    46. Sebastien on March 12

      French here too. So if we don't already have the game, we will soon receive a notification. Good. i was first surprised to see a 97% fulfillement (who want to be in the problematic rest?), but since it 's only for the first batch, it's cool.

    47. Missing avatar

      Florian Chalupka on March 12

      Can you make rulebooks in other languages available as PDF?

    48. Missing avatar

      Berton on March 12

      Thanks for clarifying all the things I have read in the comments section.

      I'm in France and I haven't received the game yet, so I was a little worried while waiting by reading all the feedback about taking the ship out and the sleeve insert problem.
      All in all though, everyone seems to be very happy about the material and the game itself (gameplay) and I think it's by far the most important topic ;)

      Excited to play it soon this week ! Finger crossed !

    49. Azrael
      on March 12

      I bought my sleeves separately, and I have two questions about them.
      1: When can I expect them to arrive?
      2. Am I still eligible to receive a free sleeve pack in the next project?