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pledged of 7.000 £pledged of 7.000 £ goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, April 15 2017 2:41 PM UTC +00:00


Ridgewood has sat as a restricted site, owned by a private organisation for some 20 years. Even local law enforcement are forbidden to step foot in the area.  

However in recent weeks, reports concerning the zone have flooded into the Special Task Force about missing persons, blood curdling sounds, and some witnesses claim they've encountered strange creatures lurking behind the perimeter fences.  

The last straw for the STF was that of a distraught mother, who claims their daughter somehow made it onto the other side of the restricted zone, whilst on a walk through the woods. She claims before she could act, her daughter was confronted and chased by a crazed man, and disappeared into the thick woods. Despite her frantic efforts, the mother claims she could find no way into the restricted zone herself, so has turned to the STF as a plea to find her daughter.  

You are Bodhi Dalton, one of four elite STF members. Your commander, Richard "Riddick" Purcell has recruited you into a black ops mission to infiltrate the Ridgewood site. You objective is to locate the young girl, and investigate the other reports from the area.


A Survival Horror video game for PC, the current version of Ridgewood is a total conversion modification of the game, "Killing Floor". The project began life as a simple modification, however during its development, the project became so vast, that it turned into its very own stand alone game.

However despite being its own entity, due to copyright laws, the current version of Ridgewood must, and will be released for free as per the EULA set out by Tripwire Interactive.

Nevertheless, the problem faced is that the project has now become so vast, it is demanding more time and effort to complete. Which the more that is demanded, the slower the completion process will be.  

Therefore that is why we have reached out on Kickstarter. The overall dream is to make Ridgewood its very own game. That means that we start from fresh on a new engine, with our own licence, with no limitations. However we know that in order to do that, we would require a fair amount of funds, funds that we do not have. 

That is why the decision was made to continue work on the total conversion edition of Ridgewood. The first chapter of the game is almost complete after 2 years of development. The story will continue for a further 3 chapters. Each chapter consists of 3+ hours of game play, bringing the total to 12 hours.

Development at this stage has taken 2 years due to massively altering the engine "Killing Floor" was originally designed on. In order to get the desired results we were looking for, everything has had to have an entire overhaul. Hence why the game is as close to stand alone as you can get. However now the majority of the hard work is over, the design aspect should flow at a much quicker pace. 

As mentioned, chapter 1 is almost ready for release. We had hoped to have the first version ready to go for this Kickstarter campaign, however development constraints have simply not allowed this to happen. A release however, is expected in the next few months. 

To get to the core of things, we are asking you to pledge to initially support the continued development of the Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood. We have set our goal as low as we can to ensure the Total Conversion Edition can be completed. 

However it is our dream that the Stretch Goals can be reached, and as such we can stop full time development on the Total Conversion Edition, and begin work on the Stand Alone Edition of Ridgewood. 

 We feel it is ironic that the game we have converted, was itself originally born a total conversion. We hope to emulate the success of "Killing Floor", and other games such as "Day Z", which is another great example of a game starting life as a Total Conversion. One thing "Killing Floor" and "Day Z" have in common, is that they were both supported by fantastic gamers, who had an undeterred faith that the developers would deliver on their promises. We too, hope that we can generate that faith. As we know what we have is really special, and we feel gamers around the world will feel the same. We just need that helping hand to get there, so please be that helping hand that reaches out and supports us to finish our journey.

Ridgewood is primarily a single player experience, however development for a multiplayer portion of the game has been started.  

For single player, a beautifully design story drives the campaign, which is supported by fantastic unique game play mechanics and features. Players will find themselves having to infiltrate the Ridgewood Restricted Zone in the dead of night, a torch your only beacon of light. As players progress, they will have to complete puzzles, collect key items and review a plethora of in game documents to uncover the true story of Ridgewood.  

Players have to think about their every move, as who knows what may lurk in the eerie forest surrounding them. Players will have to defend themselves from potential attackers by recovering weapons found on site. But don't be too trigger happy, ammunition is seriously scarce.  




For multiplayer, already designed are 3 different game modes which will see teams work together to escape, destroy and survive the cold, dark environment of Ridgewood.  

The first multiplayer game mode is named Exodus. In this mode, you and your team must decide and navigate through a complex set of routes to escape the area. Be careful though, as you can only take one route in each zone, and each of those routes has its ever hardening challenges that will try and stop you by any means necessary.  

The final 2 game modes have still not been finalised, therefore for the time being to avoid upset, we will not elaborate on what they may be.

Everything mentioned above is already in development, and the first versions are close to being released in the Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood.  


As mentioned above, this is a No Frills campaign. We don't believe in asking you to pledge £1000 for you to get a plastic toy and some paper work as a reward. We just want to make a game for you to enjoy, and we feel you just want that game to enjoy. Yes a figurine maybe cool, but it has no impact on the development of the game other than driving costs up, which we don't want to do. We want to keep costs at a minimal, and that is to give you the best value.  

The Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood will release for free for everyone, and if we are lucky and meet our stretch goals, then the Stand Alone Edition of Ridgewood will also release for free to those who have backed us in our Kickstarter Campaign. 

 All backers will also receive the official Ridgewood Guide which is packed with hints, tips and behind the scenes info on all things Ridgewood. 

Our initial goal is £7,000. This will ensure the completion of the Chapters for the single player campaign, and contribute towards multiplayer development for the Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood.  

For every + £100 we get, we can add more and more to the game, be this in single player content or multiplayer. And remember, everything new we add to the Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood, will be completely free for all to enjoy. We don't feel that is a bad deal considering you could pledge just £5, get an entire single player and multiplayer game, and all future content should there be any, entirely on the house.  

£100,000. Here is the biggie. In order to create a Stand Alone version of Ridgewood, we would require no less than one hundred thousand pounds. To start from the beginning, redevelop a new engine, redesign the game with improved features and graphics, redesign sound recordings and gain licences, would cost a fair amount of money. 100k is pocket change to huge organisations such as EA, Activision and Ubisoft. It wouldn't even cover the spa day costs to them. But to an independent developer such as us, 100k is a full game, extra content and is life changing.  

Anything additional over £100,000 means we can add more and more to the Stand Alone Edition of Ridgewood. How much more depends on you.


The Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood is almost ready for release now. So your wait is almost over to be entertained by the first enthralling chapter. Should we be successful with our campaign, you can expect the final chapters out later this year.  

If we reach our stretch goal and all signals are a go for the Stand Alone Edition of Ridgewood, you are looking at a release date of Fall 2018.  

We want to make it absolutely clear, you are not pledging to pay to play Ridgewood, be that the Total Conversion Edition or Stand Alone Edition. You are pledging to fund the development of the game. The Total Conversion Edition of Ridgewood will release for free to everyone, regardless if they have pledged or not. Backers will get first access to the Total Conversion Edition and its content, but the Total Conversion Edition will then release sometime after for everyone.  

If successful, backers will also get a free copy, and early access to the Stand Alone Edition of Ridgewood.

Risks and challenges

As with any project that is undertaken, there are always potential setbacks. Our biggest potential set back will be time. All it takes is one piece of code to fall out of shape and it could potentially delay other elements of the project by a day or so. All it takes is for this to happen a few times and the project could be set back days to weeks.

We will always take every care and measure to stop this from happening, but unfortunately, most of the time it is completely out of our control. Regardless, we will always push forward, and we are prepared to move mountains to get this project completed.

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