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$15,007 pledged of $8,500 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$15,007 pledged of $8,500 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Kevin You got it! There will be no colors matching between ships and goods cubes.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray 3 days ago

      I see that the color palette isn't finalized... So I'm satisfied :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray 3 days ago

      I noticed that the yellow goods and yellow ship are identical in color. Is this just the prototype? Because I can imagine that making it hard to find the yellow ship... And making the goods and the player ships unique colors seems like an easy fix.

    4. Teresa
      6 days ago

      That´s a very nice SG, woot! I really like the idea of the cutouts : D

    5. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Woohoo! Yet another stretch goal met! You all are awesome!

      Next up, at $16K, the ship cards get upgraded to chipboard with cutouts for the goods in your cargo hold. Fancy!

    6. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 11

      @Dr. Ross I guess it depends on how well you can compartmentalize information about the cards in your hand(s). While you could certainly enjoy planning efficient map routes between the two "opponents" you'd lose out on a chunk of the game strategy experience by knowing what suits are/aren't available in each hand.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dr. David Ross
      on May 11

      Hi! I understand Steven is working on an officia solo variant (thank you, Steven!) but I was wondering if this game can be played by one person, two-handed? This usually works with most games, but there are some games where this won't work. Thank you in advance!!

    8. Angela M. on May 11

      I understand, that the tokens are exclusive to this campaign, thanks.
      I'm sorry, and I do not mean to complain, but shipping is does make a game much more expensive, so the decision to back it or not is certainly dependent on how much extra it would cost me. And I don't think it's worth the extra money to me at the moment. I would decide differently, if there was a solo-mode, however. So I'll wait for it to show up, just as long as it'll take.

    9. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 11

      The laser cut monsters and anchor tokens will certainly not be available, in case you were considering those.

    10. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 11

      No guarantee that it'll be available as an add-on, but if it is, we'd be happy to have your support!

    11. Angela M. on May 11

      I'll probably wait for you third campaign, then, and get Tricky Tide as an add-on then. :)

    12. Angela M. on May 11

      OK, thanks for the quick clarification.

    13. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 11

      @Angela, apologies for the confusion. I'll update to clarify:

      "Non-US backers add $5 shipping per additional copy (deluxe or standard) of Tricky Tides. No additional shipping charges for Honey Wars."

      Steven is currently working on an official solo play variant, but we don't expect it to be part of the current offering.

    14. Angela M. on May 11

      Sorry, it's Andrew...
      had been too concentrated on the game

    15. Angela M. on May 11

      Hi Steven, just hopped on with a 1$ pledge. The game looks fun and I love the artwork. But I have two questions.
      1. The game mechanic strongly calls for a solo mode. Did you ever consider that, or maybe plan to offer one as a stretchgoal? I think it would be possible to homebrew one in any case. But I'd certainly prefer a tested one, that might have the necessity of some extra itemn.
      2. question is about shipping. When choosing Set Sail! pledge, I'm asked to add 12$ for shipping, for the Deluxe pledge, it's 15$. On main page, however, it says I can add wooden Monster standees with no extra shipping. So I would effectively pay 3$ more, if I choose the Deluxe pledge (as opposed to the Set Sail pledge with one add-on). Is that a mistake of some kind, or did I misunderstand something?

    16. Teresa
      on May 11

      Has anybody played Honey Wars and can please give his/her impressions so that we can consider adding it on to reach more SGs? : D

    17. Steven Aramini Collaborator on May 10

      @Ryan – Thanks for the interview!

    18. Ryan Sanders on May 10

      If anyone would like to learn about the story behind Tricky Tides and also learn Steven’s favorite Event Card and favorite Sea Monster in the game - Check out this in-depth interview -

    19. Dan Letzring
      on May 10

      @andrew my guesses on the punchboard are either thicker punchboard or MORE punchboard = MORE monsters!!!

    20. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 9

      @Teresa There will be some simple graphics added, similar to the "Edge of the World" card shown in the What's in the Box section. Naomi will be knocking these out as we move through each stretch goal.

    21. Teresa
      on May 9

      Couldn´t some art be added to the event cards?

    22. Chris Romansky on May 9

      I'll guess that the ship cards will be upgraded to punchboard with square holes to hold the goods in place.

    23. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 9

      New stretch goal revealed! Also, the stretch goal after this one involves punchboard. Any guesses?

    24. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 9

      @Alessandro! Sorry I misunderstood. There is an additional $5 shipping charge for extra copies of Tricky Tides for non-US backers. I've added a note on the page.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Mongelli
      on May 9

      Thanks @Andrew J. Smith but how will it affect shipping costs? Do you have any estimate?

    26. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 9

      @Alessandro Simply add $25 to your pledge for each additional copy of the game.

    27. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Mongelli
      on May 9

      Any chance for a group pledge level to reduce shipping for non-US backers?

    28. Oz Locke on May 9

      Good on you, @Andrew J. Smith! KS exclusives are a nightmare; they alienate future customers and retailers, often turn off potential backers, and reduce the likelihood of future retail sales as a lot of people would rather buy a used copy with exclusives than a new copy at retail without the exclusives*

      *I've been an highly active seller and buyer of used games for many years

    29. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 7

      @Bryan We'd like everyone, including those that miss backing the campaign, to have the best experience with Tricky Tides possible. The idea of a Tricky Tides fan missing out on content because they simply didn't hear about the campaign in time is worrisome.

      There's also a chance that this game isn't widely distributed or sold in stores (aside from those picked up by game stores during the campaign) so the games made as a result of this Kickstarter ALL would be exclusive. Thanks for your suggestion Bryan!

    30. Bryan Hughes
      on May 7

      One bit of feedback: you may want to consider adding at least one Kickstarter-exclusive card. Potential backers are ignoring the campaign since the KS version of the game is the same as the retail version.

    31. Eryck Tait on May 7

      @andrew Awesome, Thanks for the thorough reply!

    32. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 6

      @BoardGameRevolution/Eryck The prototypes were constructed using colors of cubes that were readily available. We will work with the game manufacturer to ensure a color blind accessible palette. This is not a stretch goal, this will simply happen as part of Tricky Tides being a quality product.

      We however, do not currently have that palette full established, as we'd have to ensure the printer can do pantone matching. When that palette is figured out, we'll get it posted.

      The goods will not be changed to custom shapes as they must be randomly drawn from the bag throughout the game. Options like stickered tokens simply do not fit the aesthetic of the game.

      If deemed necessary, we can add some icons to help sort goods on the islands so that our friends with color blindness have an easy time spotting what's what.

      @Trevor We've done a lot of work to get the shipping costs to a level that we think is very fair to you as a backer, and to us as creators to ensure that we aren't grossly under or overcharging.

    33. Missing avatar

      Trevor Harmel
      on May 6

      Would you guys look into improving the shipping prices via location rather then a blanket $12 outside of US?

    34. Teresa
      on May 6

      Oh! Instead of spices, textiles, etc., it could be shells, crabs, fish, starfish, urchins. conch seashells,... ; D

    35. Eryck Tait on May 6

      @bgrevolution would LOVE an SG that not only makes the game colorblind friendly but also adds a bit of theme to the components. Something other that colored cubes, maybe more specific things like spices, textiles, etc. Any plans for that?

    36. BoardGameRevolution
      on May 6

      Any chance for an update showing the changes to make the game color blind friendly?

    37. Lee Schmitz - Geek City USA
      on May 6

      Nice seeing this in action at ProtoATL!

    38. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 6

      Woohoo! You all are making things happen!

      The first stretch goal has been met, and we've just posted our next stretch goal:

      Linen Finish

      This upgrade to the card finish is just PERFECT for this game, as it complements the art style so well.

      Keep sharing this campaign, let's get this game upgraded some more!

    39. Eryck Tait on May 5

      First SG down!

    40. Steven Aramini Collaborator on May 4

      @Keith – Glad to have you aboard! Thanks so much for supporting it!

    41. Keith Matejka
      on May 4

      Excited to see this fund so fast!

    42. Eryck Tait on May 4

      Yeah game seems pretty full as is and I always prefer well-tested stretch goals and component improvements rather than just content for contents sake. Stoked to see what you guys have coming up!

    43. Steven Aramini Collaborator on May 4

      @Victor – We have not tested the game with extra suits and I’d like to be clear with all of our Kickstarter backers that we will not be including extra suits as part of this campaign. However, Andrew and I have had discussions about a future expansion set of monsters or possibly an additional suit to bring even more variety into game play and accommodate a higher player count. As you mentioned, this is both a fun conversation for our community to engage in, but more importantly as the game designer it is giving me great ideas of what monsters people would like to see if we get enough interest in the game to warrant a future expansion. I hope I didn’t mislead any backers into thinking a fifth suit would be announced during this campaign. Sadly, it will not, but we do have some fun stretch goals upcoming that I think you’ll still be excited about!

    44. Victor de Jong
      on May 4

      Fun as it is coming up with sea monsters (e.g. Charybdis), how will extra suits impact gameplay?

    45. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on May 4

      @Payet We've been asked about translations, including French, Italian and German. We'll be reaching out to some folks to see what we can do about making our final rule set available for download in those languages.

    46. Missing avatar

      Payet Matthias
      on May 4

      Is it possible to have a translation in french ? :)

    47. Steven Aramini Collaborator on May 4

      @Chris – How could you go wrong with a kraken? One of the all-time best legendary creatures.
      @Teresa – A giant manta ray would rock. I love that sea creature. Probably my second favorite, behind the octopus!
      @Eryck and @Ryan – The hippocampus harkens to many classic sea monster maps, so it would indeed be a perfect fit!

    48. Steven Aramini Collaborator on May 4

      Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone. I can't wait to see this game get made and for it to get onto your tables. You are all awesome people for supporting this project because, without you, this game would not exist!

    49. Eryck Tait on May 4

      Funded! Congrats!

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