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Sail your merchant ship between islands, delivering goods to earn the most gold! A game by an award-winning designer for 2-4 players.
Sail your merchant ship between islands, delivering goods to earn the most gold! A game by an award-winning designer for 2-4 players.
Sail your merchant ship between islands, delivering goods to earn the most gold! A game by an award-winning designer for 2-4 players.
772 backers pledged $24,225 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Matt Giochix is set to launch a crowd funding campaign for an Italian version of Tricky Tides. We anticipate having enough success through that to include the insert without issue.

      Surveys wont go out for a bit. Folks move and change addresses and I'd like to minimize changes.

      I'm headed to Dice Tower Con in Orlando tomorrow, and I'll be putting together an update for everything when I get back!

    2. Matt Lowder on

      Did the insert stretch goal get hit? When are surveys going out? If a few of us increase our funding input, can this stretch goal be hit? Been a while without an email. Thanks, guys!

    3. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Lindsey They haven't been. Letting that lag a bit until we get closer to somewhere around halfway through the production process. Just trying to minimize the number of required changes from people moving or pre-ordering more stuff.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lindsey Hasford on

      Have surveys been sent?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on


      Also, "Lasering Monsters" sounds like a cool board game in its own right.

    6. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Kevin I knowwwwwwww! We're working on final file prep. And I've begun lasering monsters. I'm super excited to get this game made, so I'm right there with ya.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on

      I know this isn't how Kickstarter works... But I kinda want it NOW!

    8. Teresa

      Really hope you can confirm soon about the insert (after the pre-orders). : D

    9. Steven Aramini Collaborator on

      Both Naomi and I want to thank you all so much for supporting this game and making it a reality! I can't wait to see the final product and you are the reason that it is happening. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoy playing Tricky Tides!

    10. Indigo

      Congrats on a successful campaign! Can’t wait to get this to my table :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Korey Kolberg

      So close to the insert goal...

    12. Lucas Caruana

      Funded! Congrats! @Andrew

    13. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Joan: That's a big possibility.

    14. Joan

      Any chance pre-orders can contribute to the insert goal? We’re so close, and it makes such a difference!

    15. Lucas Caruana

      We're down to the final minutes. We need 23 more deluxe backers to make it across the last stretch goal line. 🤞

    16. Sara Bear on

      @Andrew: Sweet! Thank you.

    17. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Sara: Solo play is indeed being worked on; Steven sent me first draft rules a few days ago!

    18. Sara Bear on

      The no exclusive thing, was a big positive for me. Also, while I am not counting on it, I heard a solo variant was being worked on. I have worked on a solo variant or two myself, so I could do that again if necessary.

      It looks like it will suit me better than Great Heartland did.

    19. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Mark T: Welcome to the crew! Thanks for setting sail with us!

    20. Mark Tietsort

      Done and Done... if its hard to get, then I have to have!!

    21. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Mark T: We'd like everyone, including those that miss backing the campaign, to have the best experience with Tricky Tides possible. For that reason, we aren't introducing any exclusives in the base game.

      The deluxe monsters and anchor tokens ARE an exclusive, only available through this Kickstarter, or at special events.

      There are currently a grand total of 100 games appearing in retail stores, so the games made as a result of this Kickstarter ALL would be pretty exclusive.

      @Lucas C: You and me both!

      @Sara B: Thanks for joining the crew!

    22. Sara Bear on

      Thanks guys. The shark will be fun with Get Bit, too. And maybe I could put a couple off the coast of Forbidden Island, waiting to snatch you when the island sinks . . The octopus will be awesome with Goonies . . .

      Of course, playing this game is the best use of them, and am looking forward to that. Jumping on board (because overboard has too some dangerous critters . . )

    23. Lucas Caruana

      I wish Kickstarter would let us edit our comments. :( I totally misread Sara's comment... until after I hit send.

    24. Mark Tietsort

      Are any of the stretch goals Kickstarter exclusives, or will all be the same in the retail version?

      Thanks, Mark

    25. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Sara The deluxe adds the wood monsters and anchor tokens. The punchboard monsters and anchor tokens that are in the base game still come with it. So yes, you'd have two sets of monsters, one wooden, one punch board.

    26. Lucas Caruana

      @Sara upgrading adds the wooden tokens and monsters. (It's not two games)

    27. Sara Bear on

      Does the Deluxe add the wooden monsters in,so you get both versions, or do they replace the other ones? I am torn on which I prefer, so if Deluxe came with both, it would make jumping up from $1 easier. Part of it is, I love Nautical and ocean themes, and I could use the extra set with other games. The Sperm whale would be perfect for New Bedford.

    28. Ibrahim Rodríguez on

      Come on people! Few hours left, let's get that custom plastic insert! :D

    29. Lisa V on

      Thanks, guys! I've been excited about this game for so long, I'd hate to have to miss out now. But it will work out :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Fiona Wong on

      @Lisa, you're given 7 days to fix payment

    31. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Lisa V: Your pledge sticks around for quite some time. You'll be ok.
      @Kevin Ray: We don't have plans for the custom insert being available as a post-campaign add-on currently. We'd have to have a lot of demand for it to make it an affordable item.

    32. Lucas Caruana

      If half the current Set Sail Backer upgrade to the Deluxe Pledge (+$14) we'll have more than enough for insert stretch goal. Lets go backers. Heave-ho!

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on

      Any chance the insert will be available as an add-on item of the stretch goal isn't reached?

    34. Lisa V on

      @Andrew - Ok, thanks. If I just keep my pledge and the payment doesn't go through tonight, do you know how long I have to fix it before it is dropped completely?

    35. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Lisa The simplicity of the pledge levels doesn't really require a pledge manager. We will however be taking preorders on our website. The shipping costs won't be included however.

      Normal shipping will be appx $7 for the USA, $20 Worldwide. We'll be charging $3 USA , $15 Worldwide during our preorder period. This provides a bit of a price advantage to preorders, but you'll always get the best deal by being a backer.

    36. Lisa V on

      Will there be a pledgemananger or something after this campaign? I'm afraid I have to drop my pledge to 1 due to sudden expenses and I just don't have the funds... But I will in a few days! So what should I do if I really want this game?

    37. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      This is it folks! The final day! Let's get that last stretch goal knocked out!


    38. Löwenpower


    39. Löwenpower

      Happy to be aboard. :-)
      Way to sail for 25k!

      Only $3,653 with 28 hours to go...

    40. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on

      @Mike doable but a long shot. They're averaging about $31 per backer, so it would take ~126 more new backers or people upgrading from the $1 pledge. In 31 hours, that means 4 backers an hour. Doable but that's an awful lot to hope for.

    41. Teresa

      We got the upgrades ships, woot! ; )

    42. Mike Wokasch - Fairway 3 Games, LLC

      48 hours left to raise $5k for the insert.

      File this under: doable.

      Let's go new backers!

    43. Ross Updike on

      Just backed! Can't wait for this game. I love trick-taking, grew up on it. Looking forward to adding this mechanic into a pick-up & deliver game!

    44. Jonas Carlsson on

      Daddy's got a new ship to sail!

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on


    46. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on

      Woohoo! I feel pretty confident about getting those beautiful ships!

    47. Andrew J. Smith 2-time creator on

      @Adam Glad you're sailing with us! Welcome aboard!

    48. Steven Aramini Collaborator on

      @Tydel – At setup each player is given a secret monster sightings card that awards them at the end of the game based on all of the monsters they've sighted (collected) but no two cards are the same, so for you it might be whales that are the most valued sightings, but for an opponent it may be sharks, with whales scoring them less bonus gold than you. Each sightings card is a unique mix of rewarding values.

    49. Adam Singer on

      Been watching this one, decided to climb aboard!

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