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The only 100% rotationally symmetrical deck of playing cards ever designed.
The only 100% rotationally symmetrical deck of playing cards ever designed.
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Shipping almost complete + Porper clip news

Posted by David Goldklang (Creator)

Your order has been mailed, or will be soon!

Well, it's taken a bit longer than I had expected due to a number of factors, including custom packing different combinations of items and just the learning process of packing/shipping orders efficiently. The good news is that almost all of the kickstarter orders have now been shipped - I have a handful of them to still put together, mostly because there are a few more items I have to laser cut, but those orders will be completed and shipped very soon.

Porper clip delay + images

Unfortunately, I've received another batch of clips from Joe Porper that are not at an acceptable quality to send out to my backers. I'm working with him to resolve this as quickly as possible and get the clips to you at a quality that I'm completely satisfied with. I've taken a few photos of the rejected clips - you can see they look really great, except for the scratches (that are present on every single clip). I apologize for the continued delay but for those of you who ordered a clip, I've gone ahead and shipped out the other items in your order and I will pay for the added shipping cost of sending the clips separately once they are ready.

Also, if you have contacted me and are still waiting a response, I will get back to you shortly - I've been so busy with fulfilling the orders that I've fallen behind on correspondence a bit and am working to catch up now.

Thanks so much!


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    1. Bryant Durrell

      Checking in -- has everything been sent? I haven't seen mine yet but happy to be patient as needed.

    2. Joe Sparacino on

      Thank you for verifying the quality of the clips before shipping them out.

    3. Bryant Durrell

      Cool! I was just checking the comments this morning and it sounded like people were still getting their packages -- I look forward to getting mine.

      I didn't order a clip but I appreciate the attention to detail nonetheless. :)