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The only 100% rotationally symmetrical deck of playing cards ever designed.
The only 100% rotationally symmetrical deck of playing cards ever designed.
742 backers pledged $27,553 to help bring this project to life.

Orders keep shipping + Polaris 2nd chance + LA backer party + Porper clips

Posted by David Goldklang (Creator)

Orders are shipping

Orders continue to ship out - I'm packing and shipping each one personally so it is a slow process, but your order will be in the mail soon if it isn't already. I dropped off several hundred packages at the nearby post office are a few photos:

Polaris - 2nd chance

If you wanted to back the Polaris project but were unable to because you missed the deadline, you can now sign up as a 2nd chance backer and still get the same price offered through the project. Details on the Polaris card deck are here: Polaris Kickstarter

Please click here to pre-order Polaris decks: 2nd chance backer order form

Backer Party Los Angeles

This is a reminder that the Los Angeles Vända backer party will take place this coming saturday, February 23rd from 6-9pm. Please see the previous update for details on how to RSVP if you haven't done so yet.

Porper Clip delay

Due to a quality issue, there has been a delay in delivery of the Porper gold clips. I actually received the entire order of clips earlier this month but the Logo had been etched incorrectly and there were some issues with scratching. I spoke with Joe and he confirmed that he'd been frustrated lately with the work by some of his 3rd party services and was seeking alternative options so I'm hoping the new batch will be up to the quality that I expect for my backers. I apologize for the delay and will keep you updated when I have more details - I think the clips should arrive within the next 2 weeks.

This entire fulfillment process has been very educational and I've figured out many ways to improve the efficiency for Polaris and other future projects. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while I'm working out all the issues involved in fulfilling a project of this size.



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    1. Finrodchen on

      Received the cards!!! It's so beautiful!!! Great job!!!

    2. Matthew Hinz on

      I live 2321 miles from Santa Cruz and still received my deck the day this was posted. Pretty nice surprise.

    3. Jerry Foster

      It will be very nice to receive these cards, i have two ordered. Keep up the great work.

    4. David Goldklang 14-time creator

      @Scott: There is no automated notification and I don't have time to send out tracking #s manually, but I'm hoping to get the rest of the orders in the mail by the end of next week (except the porper clip orders, which may take a little longer).

    5. Scott Friebel on

      Is there a notification when your order ships? Can't wait to get the deck!

    6. Kelsey Karin Hawley on

      Was surprised and happy to come home to a package of cards waiting for me tonight :) Perks of living closer to the post office of origin (Santa Cruz, CA)